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Cardinal Sin? NFL Star Hit with Paternity Suit!

10/26/2007 9:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former Raiderette cheerleader says Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. is the father of her unborn child -- and she's filed suit!
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According to the court documents obtained by TMZ, Angela Nazario claims she and Fitzgerald had a sexual relationship which resulted in Nazario's pregnancy. She says she is due in January. While Fitzgerald cops to hooking up with Nazario, he is asking that a DNA paternity test be taken after the child is born. Eddie Murphy, is that you?

Nazario is seeking child support from Fitzgerald, which he says he'll provide, if he's determined to be the father. A source close to Nazario says he has asked her to "hide" out in a small Arizona town, and asked her to have an abortion. Fitzgerald also allegedly tried to bribe her with offers of houses and cars, and when she declined, he told her "I don't need this all over the news like Matt Leinart." Oops.

Calls to Fitzgerald's attorney were not immediately returned.

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Wow........what exciting "breaking" news. Yawn.

2556 days ago

DA's leak    

Yellow journalism is a pejorative reference to journalism that features scandal-mongering, sensationalism, jingoism or other unethical or unprofessional practices by news media organizations or journalists.

2556 days ago

mad as hell    

these women need to sit down and shut uo i'm so sick of these women trying to go for a man's money especially these football players don't yall now that yall ain't the only ones in there lives some of yall women are so stupid you deserve to get your feelings hurt she just want a man to be her baby daddy and she chose him because he is a football player.

2556 days ago

cant believe im on tmz    

hey baby, can i leave it inside.... oooohh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

2556 days ago



2556 days ago

Fathers get the shaft    

Re: "5. What an ass. I can't believe it when men tell women to get abortions. At least he didn't threaten her or anything like that.
Posted at 9:13PM on Oct 26th 2007 by cher"

I bet you can believe it whenever women decide, on their own, to have the fetus killed and either don't tell the father about the pregnancy or if she informs [the F A T H E R] has an abortion even though the father wants to have the child.

Men can't win in this feminazi culture.

2556 days ago


another one bites the dust.. he must be following in Diddy steps!


2556 days ago


WOW how so many people are quick to put this man down. He is right to ask for the DNA test. There are people that do some crazy stuff when they know they can get money out of you

2556 days ago


so sick of EBONICS! " my baby daddy", "that what she do", "let me aks you a quesion", F'n sick of it!

2556 days ago

mr DJ    

She got him, She is 37 he is 24. Yep he probably hit, but she is a seasoned veteran. he got caught in her web. now he has to pay, If its his.

2556 days ago

Joe Valenzuela    


2556 days ago


A one night stand with a whore has just cost you dearly. Hopefully, a child is the only unwanted thing that you ended up with. If she jumped into bed with you that easily, just think of how many men and women you had by proxy.

2556 days ago


forget the condom, don't have sex. come on people, that is what happens when you have sex. BABIES. Hello!

2556 days ago


OH...I'm supposed to CARE!!!?? Please forgive me.

2556 days ago

mr DJ    

any pics of this chic?

2556 days ago
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