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Cardinal Sin? NFL Star Hit with Paternity Suit!

10/26/2007 9:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former Raiderette cheerleader says Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. is the father of her unborn child -- and she's filed suit!
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According to the court documents obtained by TMZ, Angela Nazario claims she and Fitzgerald had a sexual relationship which resulted in Nazario's pregnancy. She says she is due in January. While Fitzgerald cops to hooking up with Nazario, he is asking that a DNA paternity test be taken after the child is born. Eddie Murphy, is that you?

Nazario is seeking child support from Fitzgerald, which he says he'll provide, if he's determined to be the father. A source close to Nazario says he has asked her to "hide" out in a small Arizona town, and asked her to have an abortion. Fitzgerald also allegedly tried to bribe her with offers of houses and cars, and when she declined, he told her "I don't need this all over the news like Matt Leinart." Oops.

Calls to Fitzgerald's attorney were not immediately returned.

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Rocco and David    

She's just another gold digger. She saw the gravy train and jumped on.

These gold diggin hoochie make me sick. The child is the loser here - mom wants me to get dad's money, and dad doesn't want me at all.

2523 days ago


Women who lie about using birth control and get pregnant to trap someone shouldn't get a penny -- just the kid.

What women do for money at the expenses of a child! And I'm a woman.

2523 days ago

Lenn K.    

Larry, here a few questions for you. One, did you have sexual intercourse, two- did you use protection and three did she? These are the questions you should think about before you think about it. Stop having sex out of wedlock and stop having sex with anyone that not your wife!!!

2523 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Can't say I'm surprised. Same sorta thing happened to Scott Proctor, pitcher for the Skankees last year. Got girl, Tiffany, who worked for the YES network pregnant. Lost his wife, kids and most of his money. Heard he got her pregnant again this year. What kind of idiot doesn't use a condom?

2523 days ago


Of course, I can't say if he is the father one way or another (I wasn't in the bedroom with them), but I'm glad that, at least NOW, someone's doing the right thing by taking a paternity test on a baby and not waiting til the child's twelve.

2523 days ago

He's Boring now    

Any organization that has Dennis Green's fingerprints on it, whether currently or recenlty seems to suffer with Morality problems.

Hope that jerk never coaches or manages again at any Level. He has no respect for women and it runs throughout the Organizations he is involved with---players, office people, maybe even the groundskeepers.

2523 days ago

---Rexx---having some fun by having sex with debbie love ya baby    

wow thats a big hit

2522 days ago


They call him bat- bat masterson!!!!!

2522 days ago

yadda yadda yadda    

While I can't speak for all moms that have children with a person with an exceptionally high income, I can speak for my situation. I have 2 children with a former professional sports figure. We dated for about 7 to 9 months off and on. I was on the pill AND we used a condom. But, I still got pregnant (go figure) and I was not ready to have a child at the time. I too was asked to have an abortion....and was "offered" $10,000 to do so. That was not something I could do to myself. I had the children, paternity was established, a court order was given......now, years later, he has decided to stop paying support because he "can't afford it". He filed a motion with the courts to lower his child support payments, but since he never showed up to the hearings, the case was dropped by the judge. In addition to this, he sold our family home (a 1300 sq ft home that I was paying HIM $2,000 a month for rent!) and we were forced to move.....all against a court order prohibiting him from selling the home. He took the money from the sale of the house and ran....went into hiding. We can not find him ANYWHERE yet I have seen him on the internet at functions looking like he doesn't have a care in the world. He has moved ALL money or assest OUT of his name to avoid support. The sad part about this is that one of our children has a lifelong illness which requires 24 hour care....and I am the one to do this. This prevents me from working a "real job" to make ends meet. All I have asked is for the security of a roof over the kids heads....a rental or whatever! Yet.....he doesn't help out with anything emotionally or financially now. He has stuck his head in the sand and hopes that when he comes back up, everything will be gone. By no means were we living the "high life".....we were "getting by"....and now, we are facing homelessness. So while there are a few of you that think the "moms" are "golddiggers", yes....there may be some....but then there are a few of us that are just trying to get by and yet, we can't. I honestly don't care is you are working at Mickey D's or you're the head of a company or a professional sports player, you need to take care of your children. It does take 2 to tango and it takes both parents to help these children that were created. I'd also like to point out the fact that this woman that is pregnant right now is asking for support before the child is born....that is totally correct.....due to the fact that the father has a higher income that most, there is also the fact that the legal proceedings will take a LOT longer than most. IF the ball gets rolling now before the baby is born, everything will work out faster and she can POSSIBLY start to get child support by the time the child is 6 months old. I do wish her the best.....whether or not she is what most would call a "golddigger", there is still a child that is being born that has NEEDS to be met. THAT is the ONLY person that matters in this entire situation....the CHILD.

2522 days ago

Rocco and David    

I still say she's a golddigger regardless of the less than 1% who are not. She knew exactly what the hell she was doing - having a baby to get $$$$. There should be some kind of law against this entrapment.

2522 days ago

Travis Henry    

Former Raider cheerleader I guess is a term that can be used loosely...I think this cougar was last a Raiderette when the team was still in LA, meaning in the last millennium. Kinda telling that that's still her claim to fame, at 37.

Well, five more to go in another four states to catch the real Travis Henry!

2522 days ago

Please Ignore Parasite Hilton    

I'm a woman and I'm sick of gold-digging skanks like this giving us all a bad name and scarring perfectly good men for life!!!...Larry seems to be a very nice person and, I for one, don't believe that this is exactly the way things went down...This so-called "friend", aka Angela Nazario, is just trying to drag his name through the mudd ...I hope she finds out real soon that Karma is a bitch, too!!!!

2522 days ago


OMG!!! Another innocent child gets to call a man his/her "sperm donor" b/c his/her stupid ass mom decided to put herself in a babymama position b/c of her own greed.

2522 days ago


It's too easy to trick these men. They never learn. They are probably spreading STD's.

2522 days ago


That's what his stupid ass gets! No sympathy here, big guy. Pay the lady!

2522 days ago
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