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Celeb Sisters' Wildfire Rescue

10/27/2007 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shane and Sia Barbi, aka the Barbi Twins, are helping spread the word that there weren't only people displaced by the wildfires that swept through Southern California this week -- there were pets, too.
Barbi Twins
On their website,, the sisters have posted the contact information for dozens of animal shelters all across the area, as well as phone numbers for various VCA Animal Hospitals -- all of which are "no-kill" organizations. The cat in the above photo is actually a brown tabby the sisters found after the fire -- with no chip and no collar. All together now, "Awwwwwwww."

The models-turned-animal activists are coordinating some rescue efforts, calling for volunteers and the fostering of injured or lost animals. They are even working on a fundraiser tentatively scheduled for December 22. Shane tells TMZ, "People love animals like their family."

Check out their site for information on how you can help.


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Thank you for this great post.

A society is judged by how well it treats its least fortunate and its animals.

2496 days ago


Your a professional, but you call these girls 'bimbos'? I'm guessing that anyone who wants to help in this should be allowed to without someone like you calling them immature names, don't you agree? Our local humane society is a huge joke, so I wouldn't give them a ton of credit for what they do/don't do. I'm sure it's different all over, but speaking for my area....I'd rather those 'bimbos' had my pet.

2496 days ago


thank God there are people like these beautiful women helping animals! i'm a huge animal lover and if i lived in the area i would offer to foster an animal or help out in any way i can.

2496 days ago


nice press release girls, glad to know that you're not self-appointed posers using this tragedy to keep your name in the headlines.

2496 days ago

Al Gore Rhythm    


The problem with allowing anybody to help who wants to is that it not only creates chaos and confusion, it potentially (and usually does) worsen the crisis.

HSUS N-DART (National Disaster Area Rescue Team) is part of the Incident Command System (ICS), which means that their teams are requested and monitored by and coordinated with the local emergency management and animal services agencies. ICS centralizes all emergency efforts so that "everyone is on the same page". It also ascertains that all rescue teams do not impede other disaster management efforts nor endanger themselves or others (such as firefighters).

For those who would like to participate in animal rescue efforts in future disasters (and there will be disasters in the future), contact your local SPCA/Humane Society for information on how to join their team. To become part of HSUS N-DART, go to and click on the appropriate link on the left.

It is commendable on part of any and every person who wants to help. It's of crucial importance, however, that one's efforts to help don't hinder.

And yeah, I'll call the Barbi Twins "bimbos", because, like many celebrities, they seem to think that because they're celebrities, they know what they're doing. This article about them also seems to indicate they're taking credit for doing not much more than cutting and pasting information from other websites (such as sdhumane) to their own.

A recent study showed that people are LESS likely to support a cause endorsed by a celebrity. So please, celebrities--stay away!

2496 days ago


again, you immature putz with your 'professional' position, it's YOU that would scare me with your 'rescue' site that YOU'RE posting links, too, as well. I worked for our local humane society.....past tense...because of the way they handled things such as this. I saw too many family pets euthanized rather than any effort whatsoever to find their original get off your high horse and instead of sitting on here calling women 'bimbos'.....get out there and HELP........make any sense to you now?

2496 days ago


I have had dogs for 47 years and I have had great companionship from them. But come on people a dog is just a dog, it is an ANIMAL. Only in bleeding heart liberal California, I don;t even think it is part of the USA.


2496 days ago

kim suck    

who are these old ladies??

2496 days ago

kim suck    

wow!! good thing these phony losers are telling us this! if they weren't around who knows how many dogs and cats would be walking around looking for their masters! FREAK GIRLS!!! DIE!

2496 days ago

kim suck    

help me!!!

2496 days ago


Models turned activists?? Who would hire them as models?? Even with their obvious nose jobs, juvederm lips, and breast implants they don't look like models. Maybe they were Tyra's proteges at one time?

Anyway, I'm glad they are self-appointed activists.

2496 days ago


NOT First!!!!

2496 days ago

kim suck    

perve#9 well said!

2496 days ago


I love to read TMZ, if only to find out how many psyco, demented people are out there! The fact that anyone could find fault with what these girls are doing is so sick! They are helping poor animals that otherwise could starve to death or have no place to go after a devastating fire. And what do the girls looks have to do with this????? What is wrong with you sickos??? Get a life people - and get NORMAL. I have nothing but praise for these two girls - who cares what they look like, their hair color or their "cup" size doesnt mean a thing and what does THAT have to do with this story????? They have big hearts to help these poor creatures out and my heart goes out to the two of them and to these poor little creatures - all of them !!!!

2496 days ago


How come every time there is an article regarding something other than looks, looks are always brought up? Why can't you look at what people are trying to do instead of how they look?????? These women are obviously happy with how they look they are close to 45 so leave them the hell alone

2496 days ago
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