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Babwa Complains to TMZ -- You're Mean!

10/29/2007 5:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Walters was lampooned in an appearance on TMZ TV on Friday night -- and she was not happy about it!

On this morning's "The View," Barbara took a moment to gripe about it, after being filmed during her visit to L.A. last week -- calling TMZ "so mean" and "vicious."

Was TMZ TV too hard on Babs? Watch the piece that aired on Friday and vote.


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Oh Please Barbara Walters has been in the "business" for about a 100 years! You know she has to have a thicker skin than that. I can't stand her she's a phony bitch!

2551 days ago


TMZ was unfunny and showed zero respect for a older woman who wanted her space.

2551 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

TMZ people act 12 yrs old - so what else is new. Babwa was nice - she should have said what she really means! Babwa "TMZ is such a bunch of funkin idoits - I hope I never have to go back to LA again"

2551 days ago


does TMZ do anything without distorting it???? I think not. When you start messing with little ole ladies like truly are pathetic in my opinion.

2551 days ago


Hey TMZ - lose the annoying pop ups! And it's cruel that the 'close' doesn't work.

So we all just click and swear at you til the ad disappears.

Now watch your audience disappear!!!!!!!!!!!

2551 days ago


#3, it's not about how long she's been in the business, I may or may not care for her style of reporting, but she's had a serous career for decades, TMZ is a wobbly little pimple-faced teenager (going nowhere) in the journalism world. They should make fun of only things more on their level, like Brit, Paris, etc.

2551 days ago


Shocking that the view ring-leader has an opinion of what IS mean! LOL ROFL - Hilarious! This was not mean - the view is mean!

2551 days ago


Not that TMZ is going to care any, In a way I'm glad that other celebrities are starting to say. look enough is enough. You don't need to chase down my every move. CALIF NEEDS PAPZ LAWS...they gone toooooooo far..!!

2551 days ago


wHITE JANE PITTMAN should be happy to still be alive, not to mention canceled from television. She received some free publicity.

2551 days ago



They were just having fun, no reason for you to go on and on and on and on over it on that yapping program your on.

You went on and on Barb. Just all of you do on that stupid over the top show were all you women screech at each other and interrup each other. Each of you talk over one another on tv. Ugh! Awful show - so TMZ was just having fun.

NOW GET OVER IT. Plus get rid of that horrible show! Sorry, I'm NOT being mean. The show stinks! And this isn't TMZ talking.

2551 days ago

Enough is Enough    

I don't find anything the least bit "funny" when paps or anyone else makes fun of someone's speech impediment......TMZ is acting rather ridiculous in poking fun at celebs lately.

2551 days ago

fuck you tmz    

barbra sucks at life i hope she gets run over by brit spears

2551 days ago


Yeah, I think TMZ should have backed off on this one. Barbara's days of being made fun of should be over now. She's paid her dues and now you should leave her alone and focus on the celebs who are begging for the negative attention. Barbara's like our own grandmas and I don't think any of us would want to see our grandmas being made fun of. Leave her alone, guys, and go after the ones who really deserve it. God knows there are enough of them out there.

2551 days ago

Puter Boi    

TMZ is mean and vicious...and one day their hounding of public people will result in a death.

Then TMZ will whine about the big bad media hounding their asses. I can't wait to seen Harvey Levin in jail house orange.

In the to the word "smarmy" is a picture of Harvey Levin.

2551 days ago


Barbara's got some nerve calling TMZ mean considering
how evil she was to Hugh Hefner's girlfriends when they
appeared on her show-
which by the way, still sucks, even
after Rosie left.
Woopie should stick to movies and keep
her racist opinions to herself.
How dare her justify Vic's abuse and murdering of animals!

2551 days ago
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