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Brit & K-Fed Learn Them Some More Parentology

10/30/2007 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and K-FedAs they wait for the commissioner's decision in their bitter custody battle, Britney Spears met with K-Fed again on Monday -- for a parenting session.

Britney arrived at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills this morning for her court-ordered counseling session with Kevin Federline. This appears to be only the second meeting between the two and a parenting coach since their highly publicized split. We're told the session lasted a few hours. Brit then left and we're told she headed for Manhattan Beach to go house hunting.

A ruling from Commissioner Scott Gordon regarding possible reinstatement of 50/50 custody is expected as early as tomorrow.


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just wondering    

...WHY????????????????...don't they just set-up shop in a mansion and have a B- wing, K-fed wing, L-awyers win, J-udges wing, PAID watch W;ing?????...

2520 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#14 Britney has a beautiful mansion in Kentwood, Louisiana. You must know a lot about trailer parks. Do you live in one?
I wish people would stop bashing Britney. It just reflects on your own stupidity.

2520 days ago


Here we go. It's kinda funny Judge Ito 2 decides to leave his ruling for the same day as her CD. Everybody looking for that 15 mins of fame.
Hey TMZ how is it that you know what went on in the Hotel room when I thought, Isnt that suppose to be confidental.??
I can't believe the Court doesn't look into WHO is leaking the information out to you guys.

2520 days ago


i guess it a slow news day...
k-dud need to learn how not to father, and asked why he didnt go for the kids he had with his exes, his reply was: they didnt have no money. and i wouldnt bein payin folks off to lie about Britney, the mo monee de better.....

2520 days ago

I don't get the whole Paris thing    

I'm not saying Britney is a saint by any means, but you haters need to get a life. Britney is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't!

2520 days ago

What is wrong with you TMZ    

BRITNEY supports her whole family, KFED, her children too, KFED's other kids and Shar Jackson.. Yes he wants more money. He looses in ALIMONY in November.

Why are these the ONLY 2 of ALL of his kids he's seeking custody of?

2520 days ago

I don't get the whole Paris thing    

#22 B2, Kevin is not seeking custody of his other 2 because Shar doesn't do the things Brtiney does and she doesn't have the $$$ Britney does. That one is a no brainer!

2520 days ago

just wondering    

...KRISTI...di u add up the combined wealth and success of the 5....JEALOUSLY gets u know where!!!!....

2520 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

K-Prick is a money grubbing, nasty, deadbeat. He's been after Britney's money since the day they met. Baby makin' Shar with her 4 illegit kids (2 of them K-Pricks) is in on the scam, too. The more money K-Prick gets, the more he can give Shar. Don't forget Britney's mom. She has always been supported by Britney and now she's writing a book on "Good Parenting" which I think is a hoot . If Lynne Spears had been a good, caring mother, instead of a stage mother, Britney wouldn't be in this situation.
I think Britney is having a delayed teen-age rebellion. Everyone it seems is after her money, including her's and K-Prick's lawyers. You and I would be depressed, like Britney, if that is all everyone sees in me - just my money. K-Prick and her mother have stolen enough of her money. Stop riding on Britney's coat tails and get jobs, you greedy dirtbags.

2520 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

No hair Kevin with earrings (that Britney bought) is really creepy looking. I really, really hope that Dipstick K-Dud is pounded to the floor at the next Hearing.

2520 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Just plain boringggggggggggggggg

2520 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#2 Kristi - You have some mental health problems, don't you?

2520 days ago


The judge is crazy if he allows 50/50 custody. Britney needs to go take care of herself before she can ever think about taking care of her two children for even a short amount of time. She needs to be educated in life, and know what is appropriate for a mother of two young children. She is supposed to be there role model.... she isn't doing that well so far....

2520 days ago


I would trust K-Fed with my kids before I would even consider Britney to even look at them.

It's tragic that those poor kids have her as a mother.

Can't somebody who's fit to be even near a child have them? Then they'd at least make it to their next birthday.

2520 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

It's hard to be a mother when you are stalked 24/7. Why don't you stalk K-Fed, TMZ? I know that the big house, with pool, (that Britney paid for) is far from the Hollywood scene. With gas prices being so high, the paparazzi doesn't .want to spend money on a nobody like K-Dud.

2520 days ago
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