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Brit & K-Fed Learn Them Some More Parentology

10/30/2007 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and K-FedAs they wait for the commissioner's decision in their bitter custody battle, Britney Spears met with K-Fed again on Monday -- for a parenting session.

Britney arrived at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills this morning for her court-ordered counseling session with Kevin Federline. This appears to be only the second meeting between the two and a parenting coach since their highly publicized split. We're told the session lasted a few hours. Brit then left and we're told she headed for Manhattan Beach to go house hunting.

A ruling from Commissioner Scott Gordon regarding possible reinstatement of 50/50 custody is expected as early as tomorrow.


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#14 said it right... "there goes my neighborhood!"

2515 days ago

just me    

Yikes! Did TMZ just say something about a "possible reinstatement of 50/50 custody" ruling from the judge? Now there is a sudden quantum leap from the cynical opinionated guile this buttwipe rag has been spewing.

2515 days ago


this is so ridiculous, i am embarrssed to even be writing.
i just haven't seen anyone talk about gender. If K-Fed were acting this way, they would yank the kids right away. how many times are they going to give this unstable woman a chance. There is such a double standard. Keep the kids safe, she has got serious psychological problems, i am a psychotherapist i know the signs (as does most of the world!) Can't have it both ways women.

2515 days ago


the kids dont need that nutbag for a mother. i never thought i'd say this, but Kfed is proving to be the responsible parent. He's smart having the nanny walk them so that the paps dont go crazy with the pics. Brit is out of her mind and has no business with parenting.

2515 days ago

Syl C.    

According to the current coach BB doesn't even pay attention to the kids, all she does is talk on the phone and change her clothes. The only reason she wants them back is so she won't have to pay K-Fed more child support. BB needs to get back to her partying and the pap, not the kids. Hopefully, K-Fed will retain custody so Shar Jackson can keep her mother role /relationship full time to these two children . The biological mother has nothing to offer but gifts and problems. .

2515 days ago


I'm so glad britt gets her boy's back

2515 days ago


I don't think Kevin expected to get the kids full time lol and it's a lot of pressure to have them and not be able to hit Vegas or the clubs.
I am sure he working to resolve this A$AP
He is the lessor loser parent, But not by much.
Play the game and get it together Brit, Stop being so stubborn.

2515 days ago


Gee, what a difference !! No paps creating a ruckus Monday? No shots of Brit coming and going?? Why do you idiots think that is? Perhaps it's cuz, as has been reported over and over, she didn't tell them where she'd be!!! How else can you account for them not being there like last week? Maybe the counselor suggested to her that it wasn't a good idea after last week's fiasco, and asked her not to let them know this time. If you have any other suggestion for the difference from last time and this, let's hear it. So far, TMZ is the only one to have even reported on the meeting, no pix anywhere. Hmmmm. Not even her own personal paps at x-17 knew about this. Interesting.

2515 days ago


Britney hasn't done anyting since leaving rehab early this year that merits taking custody away from her. She really isn't as bad as people make her out to be.
It's all in people's heads and the negative way tmz c.s. write about her.

2515 days ago


I'm from Fresno so Im rooting for my homie K-Fed. That rich skank lured him away from a pregnant woman and dazzled him with all that money, but he came to and left and has all four of his kids now. He and Shar are happy together again (as seen from the boys birthday party). He had a lot of patience with Brit from what I saw in the chaotic videos. She is as dumb as a post. She thinks back to the future and time travel is all real. K-Fed is the better parent

2515 days ago


A moment of silence for Manhattan Beach

2515 days ago


Congratulations toToni (#27) for pointing out what now looks to be so true:

"K-Prick...[has] been after Britney's money since the day they met. Baby makin' Shar with her 4 illegit kids (2 of them K-Pricks) is in on the scam, too. The more money K-Prick gets, the more he can give Shar."

I agree with Toni. When K-Freak and Shar saw country bumpkin Brit, their eyes must have lit up like slot machines.

He married her, got her into drugs, and then said and did things to cause her breakdown.

2515 days ago


I don't understand the Court's reasoning for K-Fed retaining custody either? He doesn't even have a job. And why isn't he forced to perform weekly drug tests, too? He always looks high to me. Shouldn't the kids be in the State's foster care system or with a responsible relative?

2515 days ago


We have seen and heard enough about Brittney.
Thanks for not talking about this slut anymore.

2515 days ago


No doubt Britney picked out the Four Seasons. Why not go to one of their homes instead? Oh, of course not--it wouldn't be public enough and the paparazzi wouldn't be able to get as many pictures as Britney always seems to expose herself for. Kevin Federline deserves more child support and full custody for the toddler boys--he so far seems to care more about the boys and his actions show it. Maybe if Britney gets her new house (she already has three) she will stay in this one and not come out for awhile.

2515 days ago
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