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Britney Not Ready for Her Closeup

10/29/2007 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears must sit for a deposition in her ongoing custody battle, but it will not be videotaped.
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L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon has just released his order from last Friday, rejecting the request of Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, to tape the depo.

The judge did require the depo to go full steam ahead. Britney has avoided sitting for her depo for months. But the heat is on.


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Sanityrules, first off Ive seen the media keep their fair distance when if ever Kevin is with his sons. They never endanger them as they do with Britney. Why don't the papz rush at the nannies as they do with Britney?

2517 days ago


When will you people quit defending this loonytune?? She is a mental media whore. Think of the kids for once in your lives.

2517 days ago


No one likes to see an unemployeed father, so of course they'll pity Kevin and take her money for his drug use. Someone has to support his drug habits. Coming next...........kevin pays his nanny to put corn rows in his kids hair.

2517 days ago


Come on Brit get your bearings together,you can make it in life but just change your ways and start throwing away all that is habit forming...forget men for awhile and look inside yourself.Men like to drag women down,just look at the Fed now,he was no good for you from the beginning...Your a beautiful young woman so show the world YOU CAN DO IT.........


2517 days ago


Is K-fed also giving a deposition.??? Because I would love to hear about his DRUG USE, And Maybe find out Once and for all if he is USING Sean's n Jayden's child support money to Pay his OTHER 2 kids support.
And TMZ you always talk about what K-FED'S Lawyer says..What about what they say ABOUT k-FED, I'm sure Britney side isn't painting him a SAINT too.
P.S. Britney laters should get on YouTube and use Shar's interview with Perez Hilton . See if Judge Ito 2 will Open his eyes, I'm Actually Sick of the JUDGE ITO 2

2517 days ago


IF Spears was neglecting or ignoring her children in front of the court ordered monitor she has the power to terminate visitation! Anyone consider that and the fact that despite reports of neglecting and ignoring the children...she hasn't done so!

Body language experts are controversial in the fact that it has been proven that it is subjective and interpretive.

2517 days ago


Um yea, sanityrules... my goodness, from all the "info" you have, you must know these people personally, yes?! Because if you were to open your eyes, you would realize that there are two sides to every story, that the media is a bunch of BS who are only showing what they choose to show.... therefore it is entirely possible that Kevin is not spending quality time with them either, not only that... but these gossip sites post what they want you to see. So if they don't feel like posting pics of Kevin out, then they won't. This site is clearly out for Britney. So while you see tons of pics of her out with the kids it's because they stalk the girl. And it's true that you don't often see pics up close in Kevin's face, with the boys.... it's different when it comes to Britney as far as the paps go... and I don't care about the whole calling paps thing, even if it happened before... it doesn't mean that it happens or happened all the time either. But this is beyond that. It's about those kids. The media, is making it worse for these boys as well by reporting on ridiculous, awful things. I don't know what kind of mother Britney really is... I have NOT seen enough evidence no matter how much these gossip sites post about her... to tell me that she is the devil or that she is such an awful mother and that she does not deserve her children. I also don't know Kevin personally or what kind of father he really is either. I have my instincts and suspicions from things that have been actually proven, talked about by these people... but that doesn't mean it's truth either and I won't shove it in anyone's face, either. I'll take someone's "truth" when they are actually personally involved in these people's lives.

So in terms of opening your eyes... there is so much that you don't know, that I don't know, so there should be no real, pointed judgement passed. It is true that a lot of people on these boards jump to conclusions and go to the extreme. And it sickens me how soon people are to say from "WE LOVE BRIT-BRIT SHE IS PERFECT" to "THAT CRAZY SKANK SHOULD BE LOCKED AWAY". TMZ is just fueling this madness by posting this nit picky insulting crap, and by stalking her.

2517 days ago


If Britany says under oath that K-fed is a user and the other people who say he is using while the primary custodian of the children say the same thing under oath then he has to be tested. When he shows up positive where does tht leave the judge. He took the kids away from her and she is testing negative, he gave them to the drug user.

The only option left is to give them to the state.

If this happens does he have to answer to anyone for his decisions?

Look out judge, your one sided decision is about to blow up in your face. K-Fed should have been tested all along.

2517 days ago

Team Britney ? Sounds like a team that could only compete in the Special Olympics

2517 days ago

Team Britney ? Sounds like a team that could only compete in the Special Olympics

2517 days ago

just wondering    

...BLINKING...Judge Ito 2...GOOD CALL!!!!!!! hahahahaha...TRUE...this judge sure likes to ACT like he doesn't like all the fuss....yeah right....would love ot be sitting at his dining room table at night with the family!!!

2517 days ago


Oh come one! Couldn't they just videotape it at any of the local gas stations?

We watched her spraying the photogs and running over their feet, why doesn't she want us to see what she has to say about her kids? Might be a nice change not to see her face through a car window.

2517 days ago

thats right    

#32 Men dont like to being women down women bring themselves down, this piece of crap has so much money she could of got those kids back along time ago but she did nothing but rise around stopping at gas stations. The monitor even said she ignors those boys so why should the judge give them to a mother who could care less about them. tHESE ARE THE BEST YEARS FOR THEM BOYS, SHE IS SUPPOSE TO BE TEACHING THEM WRONG AND RIGHT, THESE ABC'S AND everything else a mother is suppose to teach her children when they are at that age. But this jerk does nothing but stick those kids in the back of her car riseing around haveing pictures taken of them. Kfed is not the best person in the world but he stays out of the spot light, and he does what he has to do for his boys, even shar jackson said if nothing else he is a good father. And that says alot coming from a woman he hurt so bad. Remember everyone told her to leave Kenin along time ago, she got prenant to keep him and it back fired and she has knowone to blame but herself.

2517 days ago


I think Britney should give her deposition, and I hope that they ask her about K-Fed's fathering skills, and she can explain how K-Fed was rarely around after their first son was born, and that she was left all alone at home with the baby to take care of the baby, as well as heal from a cesearian section. Maybe she will reveal that K-Fed was gone for days on end to Vegas with his friend, drinking, and doing drugs, and gambling way her money. Maybe she can reaveal alot more about K-fed ike how he lied to her when they first met, and told her that he did not have a girlfriend, and also that Shar's baby was not his child. She can also reveal that he was a deadbeat dad, who never paid child support for his two children with Shar.

2517 days ago


Kevin hasn't been tested and won't be tested b/c he is the plaintiff in the matter. If she did a cross complaint and made those allegations against him, then it would be heard... but apparently, she hasn't. In all honestly, in family law, that is unusual. She must really have a strong connection for this guy still if he is willing to go through all these hoops, and she is not going on the offensive. Not that it is right to drag each other down into the mud, but all she is doing is defending, and not going after him at all. So even if you truly dislike this girl, you have to applaud her for not doing what most families and parents do to each other...

2517 days ago
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