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Copperfield Lures Woman Via Voicemail

10/29/2007 11:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Copperfield's been using his Vegas show not just to amaze and mystify, but to pick up chicks! And now TMZ has a voicemail from David himself, inviting one of the women attendees to his island in the Bahamas.

A female audience member at one of the magician's Las Vegas shows supplied TMZ with one of her answering machine messages, where Copperfield says he's "got a very interesting opportunity for you ... if you're available to come to the island ... we'll just have some fun."

TMZ also interviewed another woman at the same show, who said Copperfield invited her and a friend to the Bahamas as well -- but she decided it would be too "creepy" to go.


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Being a creepy guy is not illegal. Using your profession to pick up women is not illegal (most guys who can do it one way or another do it, the new girl in the office or whatever).
This sounds to me like some woman got an invitation to the Bahamas and thought it meant "romance" with a celebrity. When she found out she was just another pick up from the audience she got mad and smelled money.
Celebrity or rich men need to be careful about this kind of thing. I really doubt Copperfield sexually assauted this woman. He can get anything he wants without ever leaving his job.
Women should realize that if they accept an all expenses paid invitation into a man's territory (especially a foreign country geez) that they may be expected to grant sexual favors.
Lots of women would have been happy with the free vacation and a chance to screw a celebrity.

2549 days ago


Sexual assault IS illegal, THAT is what the grand jury is meeting about.

2549 days ago


This is absolutely shocking! I have never heard of any thing so depraved, so diabolical, so cravenly criminal as asking a girl for a date via voice mail. This simply can not go on.

2549 days ago


Uh, the accuser DOES have bruises, she went immediately to the hospital after CREEP let her go and fly back to the states. She also took photos of the crime scene with her cell phone camera.

2549 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

First.....If he had heard you speak he would have POOF made you disapear.....What an anoying voice. Also, NO ONE FORCED you to fill out the form, you wanted too. Admit it! You like David, that's why you were at his show.....He does this.....He has done this for years.......He does focus on "someone" in the audience....It is suppose to be mysterious and aluring.......Get over YOURself and just remember...YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO GO.......IT WAS YOUR CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2549 days ago


David Copperfield dates supermodels, so that girl you interviewed is delusional if she thinks he actually has an interest in her. She's really not very attractive at all.

2549 days ago

Jon Patterson    

football players, baseball players, all celebrities do what this guy did but because the media hasn't had anything previously to pin on him they are all out for blood.

they are vultures that make us see what they want us to see, while they hide what should be most important to us.

down with corporate media!

RON PAUL For president 2008!

2549 days ago


If D.C. is so innocent, why threaten the alleged victim?
Since D.C. OWNS the island, the police are not just down the road.
We all know about Bahamian justice on the main island, look at the Anna Nicole fodder.
Rape is about power and control over another person. Not about the physical attractiveness or lack thereof.
You people that think a victim deserves to be raped because she went on a date (his house) are unwell.

2549 days ago


LMAO property. Anyway it seems to me that the voicemail prooves that he isn't a rapist. Surely it clearly lists his intention and obviously he aint looking for a girlfriend. But if you don't want to go don't go. The End.

2549 days ago


I saw this women ansering last sunday on the same blog. It seems to me TMZ contacted them to make the story last longer. I wonder how much they paid them?

2549 days ago

JD Guess    

I have been around David Copperfield a number of times and he always treats fans and those that attend his shows with the utmost respect. I don't get it, if certain women are asked their favorite things, such as flowers, etc, they do not have to provide the information. David's life is on the road, and has been nearly his entire life. He is actually terribly shy around most women, so I'm sure knowing something about them to have something to talk about is actually helpful should he choose to ever get to know someone beyond the one-time meet. I can understand how someone may find this odd and out of the ordinary, but people also must understand what it's like to be on the road your entire life. They don't know life the average person, so they may do things that the average person doesn't do, but there honestly is no harm. I have no doubt that David will never be convicted of anything along these lines. The media is as it always is, a complete circus of bogus information stretched as far as they see fit, reporting information whether it is accurate or not. I understand that is basically what the media is, so you can't really blame them, they just report what they hear. (tabloid gossip in many cases, but not all) You can certainly blame those "unidentified" sources however, especially if they are truly in fact "officials", and they have no backbone of their own. It's easy to stay hidden and to make accusations. If there were anything solid, people would make formal statements... quite publically, rather than leaks of information hear and there. I personally hope David sues the accuser for every penny he can squeeze out of them, if for nothing more than defamation. In our society, it is sadly normal to believe in the worst of people rather than the good. I'll just leave it at that and when all of this finally unfolds you will hopefully think back to this little post and say, "wow, that guy really was right".

2549 days ago


even if he didn't rape anyone, he sure does have a weird and creepy way to get dates.


2549 days ago


Interesting that TMZ won't post my comments...criticizing their "coverage'.

2549 days ago

Linda Bailey    

Years ago when he was dating Claudia Schiffer, I had read that she was paid to be his "girlfriend" for several years. I have not heard of him being linked to anyone since Claudia. I wonder why..........and why does he zero in on ladies in the audience........are the famous women onto him? Not that there is anything wrong with him dating a non famous person. It's just starting to sound very questionable to me.

2549 days ago


This crap on TMZ is getting WAY out of hand.
Every stooge girl who wants her 15 minutes of sadly attempted being given total credibility by this site. LOOK at who they are!
And what are they saying?? NOTHING!!
EXCEPT...they all WILLINGLY went backstage to see David...and WILLINGLY gave him their phone numbers. what end?
You don't give your home phone number to someone unless you WANT them to call you!
Then...there's the VOICEMAIL!
EEWWW!!! Let's make something sordid out of that.
Didn't know it was an offense for...a single guy (celebrity or not) to leave a message for a SINGLE gal. Where's the crime in that? don't wanna call back...DON'T call back.
You don't wanna go to an island...DON'T go.
That's your FREE choice.
But it appears like a lot of sour grape chicks...lining up to bad mouth Copperfield...after a stunningly successful and squeaky clean career.
And what are they saying? " Another Woman Creeped Out".
THERE'S an earthshaking...late breaking news item!
You want to talk about CREEPY??!
Have you taken a good look at Harvey Levin lately??
He's not bringing home any prizes.
Not to mention his high school level...reporter wannabe...crackpot
"staff". They all look like they're still taking their Flinstone vitamins for Christ's sake.
For them to repeatedly continue to make accusations... and report every and any stupid little if it's relevant NEWS is pathetic and inexcusable.
But then...they have the AUDACITY to take a POLL and ask the question..."Do you think David is guilty of committing a crime???"
It's inflammatory and probably legally actionable.
All of this...when there has been no hardcore EVIDENCE...or PROOF of a crime being committed.
Yet TMZ has been judge and jury...continuing to hammer away with these heavy handed accusations.
Whatever happened to "Innocent until proven Guilty"?
Aren't you supposed to be a lawyer, Harvey?
You should know better.
I certainly hope YOU have a good lawyer...because if I were Copperfield...and I was innocent...I would come after you with BOTH guns BLAZING! You've contributed nothing but slander and career ruining assertions.
By the way...did anyone ever consider that David Copperfield travels and does shows... like 50 weeks out of the year.. all over the WORLD?
Maybe interviewing attractive young women..WITH his staff's help...for future shows as not so HORRIBLE.
Have you ever BEEN to a Las Vegas show??
You don't see many middle aged...overweight heifers...stomping around on stage.
Mostly...GORGEOUS women.
Is it a crime for him to be attracted to gorgeous women?
Last time I looked...most single celebrities and rock stars...used their personality and meet women. That's kinda one of the perks.
Again...everyone has the option to PASS or PLAY.
If you're not interested...ya don't go backstage. If you don't want him to call...DON'T give him your HOME PHONE NUMBER.
It's up to you girls! FREE CHOICE.
Regarding the Bahamas...well...he just happens to OWN some of the islands in the Bahamas.
Tell me how many of YOU could make that claim? Pretty AMAZING accomplishment, I'd say.
A single guy inviting a SINGLE gal to an NOT a crime.
As they are consenting adults...whatever transpires between THEIR business. Not yours or mine.
IF there was any crime committed...of COURSE...he should be prosecuted.
But let's all wait and see...instead of convicting him without hearing any evidence...or at least having heard HIS side of the story.
Did you EVER hear anything remotely bad about his career or image prior to this Washington State woman coming out of the closet MONTHS after the alleged occurrence?
I find it all very suspicious.
Of course...that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

2549 days ago
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