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Jaleel White

Still Urkel Lurking

10/29/2007 12:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who knew '90s star Jaleel White still had game? White was spotted over the weekend at club Pure in Las Vegas, and get this, he was surrounded by hot chicks! Did he do that?

Jaleel White
For a guy who couldn't get the girl back in the day, he sure doesn't seem to be having any trouble nowadays. Now if only he could find a gig...


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Don't get me wrong, there may be an issue of aggression, but nonetheless someone has to be receptive to him, and not just white women.
As JaimeNTexas put it..."..couldn't get a sista with that Urkel game.." Then I remember that I've not seen him anywhere associated with a black woman.

Oh well I guess it doesn't matter, the man sure seems like he's happy.

2460 days ago


#1- you all are haters saying rude things about these two girls..being that they are in a club in Vegas...ANYBODY that has been to Vegas would know their outfits are FAR from hookerish.... they look pretty tame compared to what Vegas brings out. They are both cute and you all sound like fatso's sitting around on their computer hating on cute girls

#2- your comments about Jaleel being a has been are really rude and undeserved. He has been successfully writing screen plays for movies for some time now. Just because somebody is no longer the star of a show does not make them a has been. Further more..he drives a Bentley and has a fabulous house in LA..which I would dare to say is MUCH more successful than the losers posting their rude comments. Get a life, and another donute..and quit being so hard on people!!

2460 days ago


Why does it always turn in to a race issue? I have seen Jaleel around LA with black women plenty of times...who cares who he takes pictures with? And as for the comment about a black woman wouldn't want him? COMEDY!!! I have seen white AND black women throwing themselves at him so nice try!!! He is definately not gay....just another rumor.

2460 days ago

Monica Lewinsky's Ex-Boyfriend's Wife for President    

Thanks DSGW25 - aka JALEEL - for filling us in on what you've been doing with your life (NOT) and what you're driving (HELL TO THE NOT) and where you live (ABSOLUTELY NOT!)

2459 days ago


Jaleel really does drive a Bentley the 2 door coupe I have valet parked it for him several times when he comes in to eat at Houstons. He seems like a really nice guy I doubt he is wasting his time posing as alias on

2459 days ago


find a gig??? that kid is urkel forever....

2459 days ago


1. #18 - Jaleel isn't gay. Just because an actor isn't flaunting like Colin Farrell screwing anything with female parts, everyone thinks he's gay.
2. Jaleel is actually a very private person and isn't looking for publicity.
3. Jaleel is a very nice person and probably took the picture because the girls asked to have a picture with him. If so, they asked for whatever feedback people have to say about them.

2459 days ago


i thought jaleel said he is married with child.jaleel you lied to your fans,from now on i do not belive in what you say.jaleel ,you said you are married with child,then how come you are with other women and not your wife.i say BOYCOTT FROM WATCHING FAMILY MATTERS on abc family and every movie he is/was in and now i really hate you so much i really wish you were dead(remember the rumor that he killed himself).jaleel,you are not the only one black actors i despise,taye diggs and cuba gooding,jr also married, are seen with other women besides their wives. I HATE YOU,JALEEL AHMED WHITE,IIIIIIIIII HAAAAAAATE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!

2459 days ago


eeeew,is it me or someone doctored this picture,jaleel looks uuuuuuuuuugly! also jaleel,if YOU are a private person then why did you come out in public and let people talk about you like a dog(by the way jaleel look like an uuuuuugly DOG in this picture)you are a has been to come out in public and i now agree to the person who spread rumors last year about killing yourself .i wish you were dead because i saw this picture of you with two women,YOU ARE UUUUUUGLY MAN!!!!! UG-LY!!!!!!

2459 days ago


10..ROTFLMAO@ these chicks being nice girls...Twin Groupies...I'm mad they rockin the same dress. Hangin on a brother that ain't seen a small or big screen in like 10 years. What exactly is he doing with himself besides living off Family Matter's royalties.

2459 days ago


Along time ago I heard he was gay and dating Penny from the Magic.

2459 days ago


Why woul he worry about gigs, he's got child actor money from re-runs...

2459 days ago

i win    

the "hot girl" on the right needs to stop drinking.. her FUPA is showing.

2459 days ago


The girl on the left works in my office and the 2 girls do not even know each other. Funny that they were wearing similar dresses though...Also the girl on the left is married and her husband was with her in the club!

2459 days ago


This is what I call coming together. Keep up with the good living. Say you folk out there I have been waiting for this. A white girl bring a black man home to meet poor old racist mom and dad. Say you can hate and hating only make your children cross over even faster. Say ask some of the K's who had to take off the white sheet because they got mix feeling. You know what I'm talking about it not pure white in the family it beginning to be mix now. So if you think talking racist about one another is hurting, take a look around. I bet you got one in your family calling you mom, dad, grandmom or granddad. I'm loving it. Say you're the ones always coming up with names. What will be the new names for our mix children it want be the N word anymore. Can we stop hating all just get along. Have a toast, it on me

2459 days ago
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