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Justin's Hump Day

10/29/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake must be moving -- because the boy is packing! JT was sporting some major freight during a recent concert in Australia. He's bringing sexyfront!
Justin Timberlake
While hottie Timberlake busted a few thrusting moves with a lucky backup dancer, concertgoers hoped he'd bust his zipper. He didn't. Damn! Further proof that Justin is a huge talent.


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just wondering    

...that dancer looks like the one who use to tour with Britney..

2549 days ago

It won't be long before this idiot is gone,

2549 days ago


Did a 13 yr old girl write this story? JT is not packing anything except ego. TMZ can write all the flattering stories they want about JT, it won't change my opinion.

2549 days ago


He is one of the most arrogent people out there and why do all these women that date him turn into crazy bitches once they've been with him for a little bit. Look at Camron D. she was a sweetheart then she dated Justin and she got all crazy they broke up and now she's back to normal. I think that if he didn't have money you people wouldn't love him so much.

2549 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

I thought stuffing your pants with tube socks went out in the '80s.

2549 days ago


I think he's gay!..

2549 days ago

nunya biz    

Concertgoers hoped it would break. Would a man go see Justin perform? Probably not. Maybe just mostly women who say this picture and hoped the zipper would break. Don't say something about Perez Hilton. Women also exist in this world. Dumbass!

2549 days ago

nunya biz    

Rico is he's gay why is it that he has a boner with a female dancer? He's straight and your saying he hasa thing for men. If your straight would you also have things for men?? Either your jealous or hoping he is gay. Sorry to pop your bubble but he hasa boner with a female dancer. That makes him not gay. He also has a!

2549 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Is he grooving on the dancer or himself here?

2549 days ago


Ah, lighten up people. It was a dance routine....Justin is a good singer and entertainer. Why all the hate??

2549 days ago


TMZ is becoming nothing but trailer trash news......almost soft porn.

I thought educated/intelligent people worked here.

Keep it clean for kids/teens that read this crap.

2549 days ago

name withheld    

OHh, thanks a lot! Butterflies?...yeah

Pleasant visuals follow

2549 days ago

el polacko    

calm down, 'somebody" !! a padded crotch does not a boner make. and even if it were, a 20-something can get a boner from staring at a wall so the fact that he's performing with a female dancer at the moment says nothing at all about his sexual orientation. considering how many performers are actually gay, it would be no big suprise if he is too .. but does that matter ? he's not likely to be doing either you or me anytime soon.

2549 days ago


You know what my holiday wish is...I wish deeply that Justin Timberlake would find it in his heart to forgive Britney and go back to her. Truth be known..I believe the girl has always loved Justin and always will. Justin go back to Britney. Forgive her for whatever happened.

Here's the way it works Justin...girls are taught to save themselves for their true love...that's it...they're not taught beyond that. I'm guessing that once she slept with you(Justin) that she expected everything would be like a happily ever after fairy tale. When she wasn't showered like a princess like she thought by you. She acted out like many, many girls do...she tried to make you jealous by cheating. However, having 4 bro' don't handle that well..once they've been cheated on..they have a virtual impossible time forgiving. FORGIVE HER JUSTIN..COME ON! A million girls have acted out like this because they are young and that is their way of trying to make you treat her like the fairy tale they've been told would be their entire life. I can promise meant nothing to her...she was just trying to get you spend more time with only her.

Hey...let's all pray for it and see if it happens...believe in the power of works.

2549 days ago

el polacko    

*note to "barfly" and those who share the sentiments : if the whole world is made "child-safe" it will be one boring, infantile world. my guess is that most 'kids' today could probably tell you a few things.. i highly doubt that a little talk about justin's padded crotch is going to rot their little brains or turn them into drooling sex maniacs .. besides, if they have hit puberty, they already ARE sex maniacs !! haha

2549 days ago
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