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Britney and K-Fed's Custody Hearing -- Blow by Blow

10/30/2007 12:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the minute order from last Friday's hearing, giving a detailed account of what went down in court on Friday.

While the judge has yet to issue his ruling, the minute order indicates he was given the parenting coach's report to review. As we first reported, that report did not paint a flattering picture of Britney.

Stay tuned for the judge's report!


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How do you do this TMZ.....y'all are like the world's greatest P.I.s LOL

2547 days ago


I hope for the sake of her kids, the judge does not give her anymore vistation, or custody. She is loony, and a danger to the boys.

2547 days ago



2547 days ago

Alana Joy    

Why am I not surprised? Dont get me wrong, the girl IS a mess: but can she really get a fair shot at this point? I wonder....

2547 days ago


Alana Joy, you are sooooooooo right!

2547 days ago


Ah, to make a buck of some family's misfortunes...go TMZ! You go boy!

2547 days ago


The PDF link is broken.

2547 days ago


The paperwork doesn't shed a positive or negative light. It doesn't really report anything except for people getting sworn in and blah, blah, blah

2547 days ago


Misfortunes? LOL. We're just getting to the bottom of what a drunk, child-abusing whore has actually done.

2547 days ago

rock I.Q    

I cant stand k-feds golddigger face and everytime they put this gossip leaker on here. I think of him holding onto the celebrity Fame train. I hope that train pulls out of the station fast so his dirtball A** falls under the tracks.

If her Lawyers did their Job she probably will get her custody back to 50/50.
Im not saying she wouldn't benefit from additional parenting classes, a few good nannies and some much needed therapy.

I just can not get over this k-fed and cant help to think , we are missing something, when it comes to this hanger on, he just looks like a trashbag sleezeball and I know his day is coming soon.

2547 days ago

a guy    

Alana, it has nothing about being given a fair shot. SHE WAS GIVEN A FAIR SHOT FROM THE BEGINNING, BUT SHE BLEW IT. They repeatedly kept giving her rope, but she kept hanging her self. She always had a fair shot.

2547 days ago


To tell you the truth, I'm so sick of hearing about this little tramp. I feel for her children and that is all.

2547 days ago

Alana Joy    

I dont know if being thrown into a world you dont understand before you are old enough to grasp what it means for the rest of your life is "always having a fair shot". Yes they gave her rope: just enough to hang herself with. K-Fed tried to make an album and a name for himself off of riding her coat-tails. Even Shar Jackson. Who the hell knew who her z-List ass was before K-Fed married her? Sad but true she was set up for failure from day one because the very people who are the only ones who can save her now (her parents) were too ignorant (or greedy) to look into the future a bit when making some decisions for her when she first started all this and was a kid. And I'm not even a Britney fan, but how can these points NOT be considered? I wanna see her sober up, lose the weight, and flick off the world by getting it together and being successful in SPITE of what was stacked against her. Unfortunately, I dont know if thats gunna happen at this point. She might be too fargone.

2547 days ago


Wow, I wonder whose blood sweat and tears caught Kevin's child support up and kept Shar Jackson from filing against they are thickest of friends now...Watch out Shar, dont get rich and famous, big boy may come after you?????

2547 days ago


Brit has only been effing up acting crazy for a year.
K-pax was partying the whole time she was preggers BOTH times.
Why does this make him a better parent?
I'm sure if everything he did was photographed, he'd have NO CHANCE at getting those babies.
He's doing this for the sake of HIMSELF.
Neither one deserves the kids, but Alana Joy is right. Can Britney even get a fair shot?

2547 days ago
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