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Britney and K-Fed's Custody Hearing -- Blow by Blow

10/30/2007 12:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the minute order from last Friday's hearing, giving a detailed account of what went down in court on Friday.

While the judge has yet to issue his ruling, the minute order indicates he was given the parenting coach's report to review. As we first reported, that report did not paint a flattering picture of Britney.

Stay tuned for the judge's report!


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I am still waiting to see this judge hit the wall. He saidshe was a drug user and ordered her to be tested. She was, and was negative. He did not order any testing for K-Fed and the internet is full of reports thathe uses funny cigarettes almost publicly.

When he is tested and is positive what excuse will that judge have for giving the kids to the drug user?

2517 days ago


Who cares about the obviously dysfunctional parents? Kevin is probably only a MARGINALLY better parent because he seems to recognize that it's about the kids now, and not himself. Britney hasn't realized that yet, though hopefully she will before it's too late.

The world is filled with parents far worse than these two. It's only because they are "celebrities", that we see this horror every day.

Britney, (not sure about K-fed yet), is obviously an alcoholic/addict, and people like this simply can't put anyone else first...even a child. Given the right treatment and recovery, either of them could be an adequate parent. Lord knows many children in this country have grown up and survived worse parenting!

2517 days ago


When will they make up and get back together?

2517 days ago


TMZ - there is absolutly NOT A THING in there about any negative reporting, or anything to do with the report - this is false reporting and you should be held accountable for it... please revise your post...

2517 days ago


Britney Spears, of her own free will, lives her life in the public eye. She not only plays to the media but she lays bare even the most "intimate" parts of her body, repeatedly.

She has shown the world that she lacks parenting skills, is careless, disregards the law and clearly has a bi-polar personality.

The courts have taken exteme precaution to keep private the hearings concerning the placement of the children and the reasons that custody has been denied her.

Personally, I think that all court proceedings pertaining to the minor children should be open and that the public has a right to hear the evidence for and against Spears. It's illogical that she should show us her vagina, disrobe to take a dip in the ocean with scores of paparzzi following and yet have court proceedings shrouded in secrecy.

And it's about time that someone steps in to protect Britney from herself. She is clearly unstable.

2517 days ago


IowaMom, sorry but you've it all wrong. Kevin would never be the better parent. Like Sunshine said when he is drug tested he'll have no chance in getting custody. He is a hard partying person who cares for nothing but Britneys money.
I'm no Brit fan but he did help screw her mind up. Britney is at least fighting for her children back. I do believe she would be the better parent.
The comment about Shar is dead on right. She is a nobody with no chance of having the money Britney has. Kevin doesn't seem to want or care for their children together. He wants SP and JJ because he knows the money he'd get. I see no chance of him ever taking Britney's children completely away from her. His rep has always been bad.
Alana, you made a good point but hey, Britney does have a chance. A better one than Kevin or Shar does. If it wasn't for Britney noone would know Kevin, and as for Shar she has no talent. At least Britney is making the money. She may screw up sometimes, but nobody is perfect.
Alana, I hope Britney does pull it together and get her life straight, and be a good mom for her children. The most important thing is the children.

2517 days ago


Rocky: BRILLIANT! observation. You nailed the whole Britney mess. I totally agree with you..well written!

2517 days ago

Vintage '51    

#18-AMEN to your comment Rocky.You have her pegged like a lot of other people!

2517 days ago


The fact that there is no information in the court docs that paints any sort of picture at all is testament that most responders do not read; just react to their own prejudices.

2517 days ago

Reality is....    

While I think that probably the best thing is for these boys to be taken away from BOTH parents,

#18.......they BOTH live in the public eye....he does too, how many photos can you find of him online partying it up with tramps in clubs and smoking pot? Is he any better? Also, all photos of the boys (while with him) are the boys with their NANNY. Have you ever seen HIM taking them for a walk? No, it's the nannies. I wonder how hands on he actually really is, because I can't see how hands on a person can be when they are jetsetting back and forth to Las Vegas to party all the time, leaving the kids with nannies.

Also, I have read (so take it lightly....because we can't believe everything that we read), that one of the reasons Britney put her house for sale was because she WANTED to move away from LA, to get the boys and herself out of that scene, and to give them a chance at a somewhat normal life. KFED refused to allow her to move away from the area with his children, so he nixed that plan.

What type of father would rather leave his kids in a pap filled lifestyle than let the mother move them out of the area. He could visit, he flies all over the place for much less than his children.

That shows me that he is more interested in hurting her and keeping them there, rather than the safety and well being of his kids.

2517 days ago

Reality is....    

I am still not sure why this judge is ordering Britney to do these things but not Kevin Federline?

Wouldn't it be more prudent to know what is going on with BOTH of them from the get go? Shouldn't "what's good for the goose, be good for the gander", and HE be tested for drugs as well? HE should have a parenting coach and someone watching him with the boys too?

How do we KNOW that the boys are safe and sound under his roof?

I think they BOTH should have supervised visitation meetings with professionals, to see how they act with the children. I think they BOTH should undergo a psychological evaluation with a professional, and I think they BOTH should have to undergo drug testing.

If I were in her shoes, you can guarantee I would have my lawyers saying that he was a drug user too, and that we don't know how he acts behind closed doors....

2517 days ago


Get the Facts..TMZ has nothing and TMZ is responsible for putting K-Fed in print with his lies about Britney.

K-Fed smoking pot on video...ignored by TMZ

K-Fed the dumped ex claims Brit is habitual drug and alcohol user..alll drug tests clean. K-Fed lied and TMZ printed it.

K-Fed claims through new girlfriend the ex-playmate that Britney breatfeeds while drunk.....He waited a year to make this claim because it took a year for him to make it up. If true then K-Fed endangered the kids while keeping quiet. K-Fed lied and TMZ printed.

K-Fed informed Britney that his pot smoking would show up in a hair analysis for drugs so she shaved her head. Mind Games because as a chemist I can tell who smoked it verses who was in the house where others smoked it. K-Fed lied to Brit but TMZ did not print

K-Fed is trying to get as much of her money as he can with lies and slander of Britney. TMZ only prints what will help K-Fed steal her money.

Britney needs to designate one of her houses as the kids house. Both parents will move in and out when it is their turn to have custody. Brit will pay all house and child expense and K-Fed will have no child care expense and therefore get no child support payments. I bet he is out of the picture within 30 days of that happening.

2517 days ago

This is sad    

I never cared for Britany or K-Fed, but now I actually feel sorry for them. Especially, Britany.

My goodness I can't imagine what it is like to have you animals constantly lurking and stalking and prying into my personal and subsequently making a profit out of making a joke out of serious issues.


First you make a story out of the fact she doesn't wear underwear ... get a life
Second you lurk around print stories in hopes that she commits suicide
And now you will try anything to contribute to a young mother losing her children.

Wow ! What is your job.... to report or to be EXTREMELY BIASES and destroyed someones life. YOU SHOULD FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF at least your getting paid right!


2517 days ago


"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." - Mother Theresa

2517 days ago


She is crazy in the head!

2517 days ago
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