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Gyllenspoon: Couple or Couple of Fakers?

10/30/2007 5:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officially divorced Reese Witherspoon and a beardalicious Jake Gyllenhaal are rumored to be a couple and have avoided being seen together at all costs, but "friends" don't sit on the beach sharing drinks and feeding each other, do they? Deny that!

Some critics say the pair are merely stringing the media along in an attempt to drum up publicity for their new movie, "Rendition," but that strategy went out the window after the whole "Gigli" disaster of 2003.

Is their relationship the real deal? Watch the video and decide for yourself.


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laughin' in Malibu    


2548 days ago


Your comments: How did we manage to go years without seeing this woman with her
husband and in the span of two weeks we have four separate instances
of them demonstrating their love. Fauxmance for sure. He REALLY
NEEDS people to stop saying he is gay. He gets outed by Ted C. every
week not to mention the NYPost, The NY Daily News and every blogger on
the block. Jake really needs a woman right now and Reese really needs
to appear young, hip and desirable. This relationship is too
convenient for me to believe.

2548 days ago


I think their relationship is very real. Reese is a Southern girl and most likely waited until her divorce was final (last week, in fact) before openly dating. That is true Southern etiquette. Not everyone follows it but if you were raised in an affluential family as Reese was you follow proper etiquette and show respect for your family.

2548 days ago


I think Reese is SOOOOOOOO UGLY..She has a horse face like Heidi the loser Montag. Maybe she should have learned how to please her man and he wouldn't have cheated on her......he is clearly gay too.

2548 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Give them the biggest gift ever.......Leave them alone!

2548 days ago


They are just having fun - a physical relationship mainly & why not.

2548 days ago


Some of you are really idiots. The fact that you are so obsessed with the crap that Ted C. and gossipers tell you shows how dumb you are. If you believe everything you read you are fools. As for Jake and Reese, they look very good together. They are both talented actors and I wish them happiness if they are truly together. People need to leave them alone already. Your sick obession with outing Jake is quite scary. Even if he is gay or bi, its not like it makes any difference in your lives. Grow up and get your own life.

2548 days ago


TMZ - you simply must stalk their every move - more & more & more needed.

2548 days ago

R.I.P. Britney    

Hey AUNT do you know how Ryan treated her?
Her and Jake make a cute couple. Someday, I would love to see some celebrities cozying up to some of us "normal muggles"!

2548 days ago


They are a couple of radical liberal democrats - so both are air heads with no means of ever being of real interest.

2548 days ago


You know...they are famous, therefore they are going to be in the public eye. They chose that lifestyle so if the paps want to bug them then they deserve it. I just don't understand people trying to hide their love, however, I don't think they are a couple...I think he's gay and she needs someone. Being "southern" has nothing to do with this. People can be southern and do crazy and bad things too. I don't think she's a "good girl." Please!!!!!

2548 days ago


I don't under stand why it's gotta be true LOVE or true LIES.... Why can't they just be hanging out, getting to know each other and having a good time. They are both single, and they are both human. Why do you media people always jump to these people who barely know each other being so "In Love" when they are just trying to see what happens and are perfectly happy being "In Like"?

Chill out guys.

2548 days ago


Obviously some of you are on this sight so your just as nosey...maybe some people should get a life and stop others to get one. As for Reese and Jake...does it really matter??????

2548 days ago


I'm so sick of these two fame whores already. Worst couple ever IMO. The only remotely interesting thing about this is that it's a total sham to keep them "relevant".

2548 days ago


and a great kisser!

2548 days ago
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