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Gyllenspoon: Couple or Couple of Fakers?

10/30/2007 5:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officially divorced Reese Witherspoon and a beardalicious Jake Gyllenhaal are rumored to be a couple and have avoided being seen together at all costs, but "friends" don't sit on the beach sharing drinks and feeding each other, do they? Deny that!

Some critics say the pair are merely stringing the media along in an attempt to drum up publicity for their new movie, "Rendition," but that strategy went out the window after the whole "Gigli" disaster of 2003.

Is their relationship the real deal? Watch the video and decide for yourself.


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I don't believe Southern propriety has ever kept Reese Witherspoon from doing anything that she wanted to do. If she really had Southern values she would have paid attention to her marriage and went places with her husband instead of focusing only on her career and getting ahead. I think she treated him like yesterday's trash.

2548 days ago


Fluffy - exactly. I am familiar with her family as I am from Nashville. I would have to agree that she was waiting until her divorce was finalized before being public. Not every actor or actress in Hollywood is tasteless and tacky, a la, Angelina Jolie.

2548 days ago

who dat    

I don't believe we choose our sexual preferences. We are born this way. Obviously, things in life can alter to an extent how we feel. What bothers me is deception. Jake in my opinion is gay. Unfortunately, his "people" are giving him bad advice (his attempt to fool fool the public) Judging by this poll, they are doing a good job fooling a large percentage. Or maybe those who voted, are naturally confused.

2548 days ago


#27...WELL SAID!!!!

2548 days ago


WHO CARES who is with who? This kinda of stuff makes me ill...why do you people care? If they like/love eachother, what is it to you??? And PLEASE WHOEVER KEEPS DOING THAT COMBINED NAME THING...STOP!!!! It is SO lame and it makes me wanna kick someone when I see them...Gyllenspoon??? come on...UGH!! Leave all these people alone!!!!!! You people are psycho!

2548 days ago


Americas sweethearts are all sluts. Reese just got divorced and she's already moved on to the next man. these Hollywood ladies are so afraid of being alone. I mean, really ... where are her children? A few
weeks ago I read her interview in one of the mags and she says she
likes to get tipsy during the day. just where are the kids
when she's drinking and sluttin around?

2548 days ago


All of you nutbags think everyone is gay.

2548 days ago


They look like friends. They're two fine actors, and if they're having a little romance, they're handling it in a dignified way. It's amazing that their behavior has become so unusual in Hollywood that it provokes comments.

No need to stalk them on our behalf. Stick with Britney and LLo.

2548 days ago


Funny, think people don't choose their sexual orientation; yet, you seem to have chosen Jake's. In your opinion he's gay? But then you act as if it's a fact and judge him for what you perceive as hiding his sexuality. What is the relevance of your opinion to whether he really is or not?

2548 days ago


Someone sounds a little psycho herself......

2548 days ago


Well we know who the people are who say they are fakers, (it doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess). they go on every board saying Jake is gay so as not to lose face on there stupid blog. Jake and Reese look great and you should just leave them alone know.

2548 days ago


Jake is gay. They are just playing it up for the cameras because their movie isn't doing well. They kinda remind me of Heidi and Spencer.

2548 days ago

alex milstein    


Your folks must surely be proud of you for your rugged determination to find out just whether Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllehall are indeed a couple.

I mean, you could have become doctors, teachers, research scientists or philanthropists - to name a few - but you knew what was really important to society.

I hope you find the answer to that burning Reese/Jake question soon.

Good luck.

2548 days ago


#27 - huh? southern properiety means bare-foot in the kitchen waiting on her
pot-smoking husband? man, the south has to come into 2007, stuck back in the 1950's.

2548 days ago


Interesting that this video shows up AFTER several gossip sites comment about Jake and Reese never being seen together even though they're a couple. Besides entertainment functions and now this video, have they ever been seen in public such as at a restaurant, club, bar or even walking down the street together?

2548 days ago
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