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O'Reilly In Am-Bush League of His Own with Rosie

10/30/2007 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bill O'Reilly hasn't been able to get Rosie O'Donnell on his show, so he brought the show to her!

The FOX News host sent a cameraman and a producer to a Long Island book signing O'Donnell was doing this weekend, to ask Rosie why she wouldn't come on his program. She told O'Reilly's people, "If Bill wants me, he should phone me himself. He's a big boy."

But then the conversation turned to 9/11 and how Bill feels that Rosie mangled the truth by claiming it was "an inside job." Rosie responded, "I didn't say that, he's quoting the wrong people." Someone on TV got something wrong?! Get out!

As the conversation became more heated, one of Rosie's handlers started to shove the camera guy, but Rosie told him not to because, "That's what they want."

The whole incident subsided, and on last night's show, O'Reilly reiterated his invitation for Rosie to appear. He shouldn't hold his breath!


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Bite Me !    

Rosie's broke and tried to sell her book to her metal and stupid fan.
She is fat & liar, American don't want to hear her B_Sh*t .

2552 days ago


Why doesn’t O’Reilly report on something current, lets say, THE WAR and our loved loves not coming home.

I caught the last few minutes of his show last night while channel surfing and saw the Rosie coverage. If he hates her so much and her ideas then shut up about her.

I gave up on "Oh Really?" when he “went down” on his producer claiming the producer stopped giving him phone sex. Can’t stand that man.

2552 days ago

death on a cracker    

go to youtube and type in 911 inside job... there are plenty of facts that do support an inside job... for instance... the plane that hit the pentigon... where did it go? the hole isnt big enough for an entire plane yet... its not on the lawn...

wake up America... do some research on the subject... you dont HAVE to just listen to the news and believe it.. ask questions and research yourself... you may be suprised that your government isnt as honest as they would have you believe.

2552 days ago


LOL Bill thinks Rosie is "bitterly anti-American and grossly irresponsible in her public statements"? I wonder if he feels the same way about Ann Coulter? I never see him bashing her on his program.

2552 days ago


it's damn true...Lets hope someone like you does not reproduce.

2552 days ago


Bill O'Reilly is an idiot! He said Rosie never answered a question. Hello, they asked her if she regretted saying that 9/11 was an inside job and she said never never said that. That is asked and answered to me. Rosie at least had the balls to speak out about the criminal President we have, long before many others. She is more American then those who sit by and say nothing.

2552 days ago

truth seeker    

911 was a inside job.

The 9-11 news special you never saw.

Keith Olbermann Rocks, Bill O'Reilly sucks.

2552 days ago


I think it's great that she is getting called out onto the carpet...she refuses to go head to head with anyone in a debate because she knows they will check their facts, prove their point, and rip her to shreds. FYI - O'Reilly does this to a lot of people that have gone out on a limb with extreme theories, statements, etc. I find it very amusing.

All the wacko conspiracy people need to get their heads out of their asses and start thinking for themselves rather than listening to the drivel that so many are spoon feeding them. There is absolutely no evidence to support that theory.

2552 days ago

Julie G.    

I don't care about Rosie!! It is not all about 9/11 on Rosie's thoughts. All of her friends like Sean Penn supported her theories saying as like" America did on purpose to kill those people" . And Rosie made all the noises against her co stars, and Donald Trump, and more people to get her attention. George Bush has had nothing to do with 9/11. Why did President Clintion did not do much about U.S.S Cole Ship Bombing, during when he was commander of chief. Same thing! I come from lots military families especially on my husband's side. Everyone says in military when something goes wrong, people blame on Commander of Chief, the President. In fact, Congress blocks and blocked out all the agreements on both times of President Clinton and President Bush. We shall blame on the Congress for being so slow response, and won't sit together like being adults to work out and help each other as together as the community. Agendas have been sitting out for the whole 4 years, waiting out for next President to take care of. Finally to say, Can we let the people who died from 9/11 rest in peace, no reason for us to argue or exploit about it.!

2552 days ago

El Scorcho    

Doesn't Bill O'Reilly have something better to do, like sexually harass an intern?

2552 days ago


#26 - Where did the plane that hit the Pentagon go? You have to be kidding disintigrated....I know plenty of people that witnessed it hitting the Pentagon.

2552 days ago


Bill isn't scared of anything! He demands answers! Answers that people like you and others are scared to be confronted with. 911 an inside job? OMG!! Tmz is one site i trust like the O'reilly factor. They get the job done and alway's have the fact's. If they make a mistake...they fess up to it. Unlike some people...LMAO!! Kisses 2 Bill and TMZ...WOOT!!

2552 days ago


Blow hard spin doctors like Bill "Big mouth bully" O'Reilly are popular because there are alot of sheep in this country who cannot think for themselves.

2552 days ago


Morons who say O' Reilly is desperate for ratings need to remove the stick out of their ass and smell it.
Secondly, Rosie is a traitor. Air-drop her to Iraq or Afghanistan. No one will miss her.

2552 days ago



2552 days ago
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