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Dog Begs for The Rev

10/31/2007 7:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DOG CHAPMAN, AL SHARPTONTMZ has learned that Dog the Bounty Hunter has already contacted Rev. Al Sharpton, hoping to explain the racist telephone call Dog made to his son.

We're told The Rev, who is currently preaching in Daytona Beach, Fla., and hasn't heard the tape, is considering having a dialog with Chapman, but will not make his decision until he has a chance to listen.

UPDATE: TMZ has received the following statement from The Rev:
"Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network and the organization's Decency Initiative are unequivocally against the use of the "N" word in any context. While people have the freedom to express themselves in any matter in private, when those private conversations become public, it becomes our responsibility to state, as we always have, that we condemn the use of this word as racist and derogatory. Dog the Bounty Hunter has reached out to Reverend Sharpton who is traveling to promote his March on the U.S. Justice Department on November 16th against Hate Crimes and Racial Attacks and therefore Rev. Sharpton has not had a chance to hear the audio of the remarks. However, until he does hear the audio, National Action Network maintains that is against the use of the "N" word."

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LOL....yeah!!!!!!!! Haven't heard a good Sharpton ranting in a while.....calling on good ole' Al's opinion on racial matters.....Pot calling the kettle black (pardon the pun).....Just slap Dog's a$$ like you would a real dog and let it go. Obviously, he has a dirtbag son who released this. Welcome to Britney's world.....people stoop lower and lower as the days go by

2519 days ago


Dog rules - he is a man of the street & that is how an artist talks - the fat low IQ Sharpton is the pimp & STD ridden racist here.

2519 days ago


,/'i see your tru colors shining thru,/'
did he say "we use the word Nygger in our house all the time"???
Now he can take his scary looking Lion king azz somewhere!

2519 days ago


Oh come on. Who hasn't said the N word sometime or another. Anybody remember that LA Cop who claimed to have never said that word before. Dog was having a private conversation with his son. And somebody taped it. Wonder who it was? He was obviously correct with what he was talking about.

We have the right of freedom of speech, you may not like what people have to say but you have the right to say it. I am shocked he called Al Sharpton though, that guy is an idiot. Dog shouldnt have to apologize to anyone. Our society has become so sensitive to words and trying to be politically correct, that people can not even express themselves the way they want to. Yeah its ufortunate he said the N word, but big deal, black people say it all the time...oh but its ok since they are black. Stupid!

2519 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Sharpton can kiss my a$$!!! Who cares what that racist thinks and says? People ought to stop being afraid of him. His the King Racist!!

2519 days ago


There should be a Dog & Sharpton choice - who is the real racist & sexist dog - fat Al wins hands down - the most hated man in the USA next to Orenthal.

2519 days ago


private conversation.. leave it

2519 days ago


Why would any educated person need to throw out the "N" word? I forgot, this man is an uneducated fool.

2519 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Funny, I heard him say on the tape that they use the "N" word all the time around there. That was his words not mine. He is a fake and a fraud. He exploits the underprivledged for personal gain. He himself is a convicted felon ("murderer") with a bigger rap sheet than most of the people he picks up for petty crimes and drugs. I never liked him and I am not one bit surprised by this.

2519 days ago



And where is the Brit gas station & Starbucks story - kind of like my scene - career & Golds & home & Starbucks & running & hiking & meditation & driving NOT.

2519 days ago


Who gives a danm what that racist sharpton thinks. hes the worst racist there is!

2519 days ago


I hope the Rev. refuses to talk to him. The dog deserves to lose his show.

2519 days ago


I don't care what anyone says, if we can all get passed Britney and her terrible behavior we can certainly forgive Dog Chapman. He not only puts crimials away, he trys to help them. Have you seen that show? Dog Chapman is a good guy, no matter what!!

2519 days ago


dog can do anything he wants in my book. and beth too. i like them both.
hey dog, give racist al n jesse the boot.

2519 days ago


oh please.. why should anyone have to explain themselves to Al Sharpton who is THE BIGGEST BIGGOT in the united states.. Please..


2519 days ago
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