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Dog Begs for The Rev

10/31/2007 7:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DOG CHAPMAN, AL SHARPTONTMZ has learned that Dog the Bounty Hunter has already contacted Rev. Al Sharpton, hoping to explain the racist telephone call Dog made to his son.

We're told The Rev, who is currently preaching in Daytona Beach, Fla., and hasn't heard the tape, is considering having a dialog with Chapman, but will not make his decision until he has a chance to listen.

UPDATE: TMZ has received the following statement from The Rev:
"Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network and the organization's Decency Initiative are unequivocally against the use of the "N" word in any context. While people have the freedom to express themselves in any matter in private, when those private conversations become public, it becomes our responsibility to state, as we always have, that we condemn the use of this word as racist and derogatory. Dog the Bounty Hunter has reached out to Reverend Sharpton who is traveling to promote his March on the U.S. Justice Department on November 16th against Hate Crimes and Racial Attacks and therefore Rev. Sharpton has not had a chance to hear the audio of the remarks. However, until he does hear the audio, National Action Network maintains that is against the use of the "N" word."

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By the way A&E has suspended his show as of this evening Oct. 31, 07 until further investigation. I don't watch anyway because long before this I saw he was a hypocrite. I am white by the way. He has no business telling an adult son who to date....he is not a good man. He had no problem dating the woman who's his wife now who was barely out of her teens when he was 20 years older or having several children out of wedlock.

Do as I say not as I do must be his motto...

2514 days ago


Why should a person be penalised for private thoughts and conversations? I don't know this guy and would not watch his show, but even if he is a bigot in his heart, that should not be a litmus test for employment. He is not a legislator who is trying to enact discriminatory laws against any group. He is allowed to have whaterver opinions he wants in private. The PC police is out of contorl. What's next for employment applications: check yes or no if you have ever had a racist thouht? People have a right to use whatever language they wish in private conversation. Even if the private conversation becomes public, the speaker ows no one an apology. And once again, why is Al Sharpton the high priest here? Somebody needs to pull the curtain behind this grand wizard.

2514 days ago

kim suck    

GO to HELL AL Sharpton!!!!!!!! you PRIC* smelly man! AL you have no right to call yourself Afro-American since your ashamed of yours and have it like a chicks! PU**!

2513 days ago


Oh God now the"great" Rev. is going to jump on this boat and make a big show out of it. He's nothing but an entertainer and I can't stand him

2513 days ago

fha secure rates    

Rev says Dog is gay

2513 days ago


Al Sharpton makes me sick. He has no right to "dog" the Dog or anybody else just for saying the N word. All the N's say the N word anyway. Grow up peopleeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

2513 days ago

que ni da pisla    

ok Al baby lets hear what your racist opinion is on this.....lets shoot hang and drown every white person that says the "N" word and let all these rappers/ganstas that say the "N" word in every song and all of the slang names they use for one another and whites and hispanics and asians go right on doing their thing just because they are african americans.

2513 days ago


Screw calling Al Sharpton. Who is he supposed to be? He is a bigger racist than anyone. Who do the black people go to whenever they may or may not disrespect white people. Give me a break. Screw him and I wish he would just go and die.

2513 days ago

Montana Hank    

Rev Al Sharpton is a very sad man. Is he really a reverand? The only time you ever hear of him is when he's complaining about what some white person said about god forbid a black person. Of course he always wants the white person fired . An apology is never good enough. But in his mind black people can say whatever they like. Nothing should ever be done to them. Sharpton makes me sick!!! Shame on A&E for suspending Dogs show. Let the people decide. I know people will still watch. Just because Sharpton starts yelling and throwing a fit everyone caves to him. A&E GET A BACKBONE!!!!!!!!

2513 days ago

Heth Weinstein    

Doggie, why'd you do it? Oww oww Owwwoooooooh!

You must have a self-sabatoge streak. I mean, your on a reality tv show of all things and you can't figure out that microphones and cameras are easily hidden?

2513 days ago


First of all, to white folks, celebrity and non-celebrity......AL SHARPTON IS NOT THE SPOKESPERSON FOR ALL BLACK PEOPLE. For me, the damage is already done. I won't dislike you, but in the back of my mind I'll always wonder what you think. I don't deal with Dog on a daily I really don't give a damn. Al Sharpton is an awesome dude. He walked with MLK and is one of the few early civil rights leaders we have left. So I can understand that sentiment. It just bothers me that white people feel as though when they have caused some kind of major traumatic event and Al Sharpton is the GO TO GUY

2513 days ago


Ok, first of all,
those who say that Dogs show should be taken off the air ... know damn well the've said the "N" word too, pffft that Reverand Al Sharpton said it also? WTF is the world coming too.
i've been watching every damn episode and im gunna be pissed off if it gets taken off the air. The show is sucessful .... retards all your gunna do is have less ratings cuz u taken it off. I will stop watching A&E if it gets taken off.
This whole idea is riddulous, we all know dog is a outspoken former Hells Angels type guy what do you expect?! furthermore, he helps people out.
and i also think it is Totally riddulous that people make a big deal over the "n" word being used?!!? get over it... Black people use it everyday. and dont gimme some crap about ohh its different cuz were black and we changed the meaning.... no your ignorant.

Either dont use the word at all, or use it... do you see any other race using racist words towards each other other they blacks? nope didnt think so...


2513 days ago


Why apologize to a RACIST? Sharpton and Jackson are hypocrites.

2513 days ago

Andy Dufresne    

Plain and simple, when youre apologizing profusely, then usually youre guilty. Those who are guilty of no wrongdoing, have nothing to apologize for...And running to Al Sharpton trying to explain himself, really leaves no doubt....Guilty people apologize, I dont know too many people who apologize for being innocent..

No matter where the tape comes in, dude admits that he tosses that "term" around..If he doesnt toss that term around, then he wouldnt have to be explaining himself to ol Al Sharpton..Ol Al's work seems to be getting easier when they just fall into his lap like this.. lol

2513 days ago


We are all humans and as being a human we say things in the fit of anger. Sometimes it's to late to take the words back.

I'm sure Dog will make a public announment about the incident. Lets not be too fast to judge him.

2513 days ago
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