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Dog Chapman's Hate-Filled Tirade

10/31/2007 6:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The National Enquirer has obtained an explosive and shocking racist rant spewed by Duane Dog Chapman.


The Enquirer says they have two tapes of the Dog hurling insults at his son, Tucker, during an undated telephone conversation. It appears as if the Dog is concerned that Tucker's girlfriend, Monique Shinnery, who is black, will set him up because of the language the Dog uses.

In the nearly eight minute long tape posted on the Enquirer's website, Dog says the N word numerous times and demands that Tucker break up with Monique or he'll be fired from the family bail bond business.

Reps for the Dog and A&E were not immediately available for comment.


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Hey Dog
Just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR SHOW.I wish people would stop hating and get a life.I am a black woman and i don't see anything you did wrong. I rented all your movies and i am watching them now.I am justing waiting for you to come back on the air. People stop hating!!! Any one can be the n word. Get a life!!! Dog and Beth are good people in my eye sight. ( Their whole family )
Love You Guys !!!

2494 days ago


you know the KKK runs through out my family and I am racist to a point but you have good and bad in everybody thats what makes life go around so yea if the tape is real then so be it DOG is a little bit racist get over it. I even have black friends that are racist against their own race just live with it and the recording of the phone convesation is against the privacy law so leave it alone

2491 days ago

avid dogwatcher    

I think everyone is over-reacting we all say things we don't mean when we are fired up or angry ..... We are all HUMAN! After all the good Dog has done for everyone he tries to help people and get them to straighten up their lives he feels for people YES what he said was wrong and how would people react if he said his son's girlfriend was a cracker ?? They would laugh it wouldn't be a big deal. To me personally the "N" word isn't a reference to african americans it means IGNORANT a white guy could be called the "N" word as well because I could name MANY IGNORANT WHITE PEOPLE I KNOW more than any of my african american friends.......I think everyone needs to move on to the real issues in the world not what "celebrity's are saying, wearing, and how they breathe, What is the big facination anyways??? They are on tv so what get a camcorder and you can be on tv too!!!! really !!it's just another job/ form of art and expression of self.

2491 days ago


I loved Dog's show and want it back on. He was speaking privately to his son. His son is a traitor. I do hope Dog cleans up his language.

2533 days ago


This is ridiculous. He's no more guilty than any other person, be it black, white, hispanic or asian. We all have stereotypes, the only difference is that he is in the public eye. Personally, what he or any other person says or does in his private life behind closed doors is their business not the general public. On top of that what type of son would sit there and record a conversation of that nature and then release it if he didn't have ulterior motives. And as far as the woman that he insulted goes, from what I've heard from other web sites when she says suing him is not about money it's about clearing her name so she can hold her head up, I only have one thing to say to her is that if it isn't about money then you shouldn't be suing for damages. She's a big girl who can I'm sure approach him and tell him how she feels in person. If I had a penny for every time someone used racial language or committed slander I'd be a very financially set person.

2533 days ago


why is it you only hear dogs voice and not tuckers, if this is an actual phone call between father and son you should be able to hear both parties involved. you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that .

2533 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Research shows racism on all sides is more alive and well than ever,
and it is not only whites and blacks disrespecting each other.

2533 days ago


Well I think Dog should have thought twice before he used the"n" word.... as a woman of color..I do take offense, because he was speaking of the young woman as a RISK only because she was black and it's obvious that he associates the two...being black =n*** to Dog.......I'm glad that A&E recognizes the need to take a Bigot off the air! WAY TO GO A&E!!!!!!!!!

2532 days ago


I think that it was wrong for him to say what he did BUT I also think it was wrong for his son to sell it. It was a private conversation between father and son, it should have remained that way.
ALL my love to DOG, Beth, Leland and Tim as well as thier familys

Hang in there Guys!!!!!

2532 days ago


Dogs the man! I'm totally on his side due to the fact he was making a valid point as to the way things are around the work place. It's pretty bad that his own blood would record and sell something like this to the public. Sounds to me like he didn't like the girl because of other reasons, not because of her race. I would love to hear the entire phone conversation. Dog was set up!

2532 days ago


The dawg was probably entertainment for some and I had no opinion of him one way or the other. He was a "Supposed Success Story". A once bad guy, ex-con, drug abuser, minor molestor. Now born again christian but oops, the truth comes out. He's a con man, had us all fooled.......Stop feeling sorry for him, he's still working his con game and he'll recover just fine. There's still enough sympathizers and bigots just like him in the world to keep him afloat for a long time.

2532 days ago

christy love    

Everybody is going on about Dog The Bounty Hunter Whites and Black both we all make mistakes and say things we should not say Quite being His Judge because God will judge him when the time is rigth you might not agree with what he said but he is not putting all of you down the put his sons girlfreind down not all of you. God please the Chapman Family and keep do your job and hope your show comes back on the air soon.

2532 days ago

Mike Smith    

Dog thought he was having a personal conversation with his son. He still lives in America and has the right to free speech, whether you agree with him or not. He wasn't voicing this opinion on his TV show, it was a PRIVATE conversation. I personally don't use that languagew and choose not to converse with people that do, however, I have said things to the peole I'm close to and expected them to stay private. We all have and wil continue to.

2487 days ago

wes ridgway    

as a black man and a fan of the show i was dissapointed with what i heard however after listening to the tape and reading it io can see where he comes from in his apology dog did make a hell of a stupid mistake but in these days we the black people should be willing to stand up and recognise that we have played a part in this we use the word as a everday part of our speech its used in the movies on tv with no back lash from anyone yet a white man high profile says the word in a private conversation with his son we become morally outraged pathetic we need to set an example for ourselves and show if its not ok for the likes of dog chapman to say it then it shhould not be ok for us to say it either i have heard worse from chaperell on tv than what dog said but is anything said or done about his comments no its said as part of his comedy show so america we need to realise no one is perfect and we need to stop using the word full stop it cant be one way traffic we can use it but you cant hell no i dont like it being used on me so why should we be able to use it on others a& e should reinstate the show with dog making an apology at the strt of the show forgiveness has to be given for an act of stupidity but blame lies on us all

2532 days ago


All I got to say is............ What makes not 1 but 2 sons betray their father? Clearly there is something wrong in Dogville. Everything is not pure and lily white like white america perceives him to be.

2532 days ago
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