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Dog Chapman's Hate-Filled Tirade

10/31/2007 6:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The National Enquirer has obtained an explosive and shocking racist rant spewed by Duane Dog Chapman.


The Enquirer says they have two tapes of the Dog hurling insults at his son, Tucker, during an undated telephone conversation. It appears as if the Dog is concerned that Tucker's girlfriend, Monique Shinnery, who is black, will set him up because of the language the Dog uses.

In the nearly eight minute long tape posted on the Enquirer's website, Dog says the N word numerous times and demands that Tucker break up with Monique or he'll be fired from the family bail bond business.

Reps for the Dog and A&E were not immediately available for comment.


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that was insane. I didn't hear one iota of slander. He wasn't talking against black, mexicans or whatever. He said if he used it, he would get pulled because he's a white man using lingo that white men can't say...Come on people...Can anyone say double standard?

2501 days ago


I don't know about anywhere else, but my son has gone through certification for bail bondsman and "bounty hunting",,,, funny, but no where in those papers does it approve of having a criminal background,,,, go figure,,,, I guess he needs an A&E show to make it o.k.

2501 days ago

s hoffmann    

Listen, give it a rest. I'm so sick of people forgetting we do all in fact live in America and have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. WHY then is Dog being persecuted for something spoken in a private conversion? The guilty party here is DOGS SON TUCKER. Shame on you Tucker just because Daddy didnt give you a slice of his pie you do the ultimate sin and betray your own father. Ever listen to Rap music man the N word is stated constantly yet wow I dont hear or see any bleeding hearts whining about it instead the singers and writers of suh are catapulted into super stardom.

2500 days ago

mijo rodgers    

Dog made a mistake and he is going to pay for it. I think that his son should have not explotied him like he did. I know a lot of African Americans who loved his show and now they are upset. If he is a born again Christian why would he cuss like he does and his wife has a potty mouth as well.

2500 days ago


Say dog it's alright that you use the "n" word because you're one of the same people that this derogotory word has been use with. In fact I belive the "n", the s**m "n" without a soul" is an accurate description of yourself. I'm sure 30 million +, people would agree with me, that you're that "n" that you describe on the tape!!! I'm sure that you had been called the "n" word by all the good people that you've probably come in contact with in your past 50 or so years you've been on this earth, so it's OK for you to use the word, you have my permission. And brother you're looking for forgiveness from the Rev. Al, don't bother him he's to busy so I'll forgive you because you're my "n" and always will be my main "nig***" no matter what. Listen to what our role models teach our young people in America now! Your shame should run so deep that you or your family shouldn’t want to be on TV anymore. It’s the christen thing to do after all your human and you might make the same mistake again, with unfortunate results. You can walk away this time, and admit your mistake, next time you might not be as lucky, brother, dog. There are crazy people in every race and the fact that your bark is worse then your bite (you don’t carry a gun as America knows) I’ld give it some serious thought. Step away like a man who knows he ran his mouth to much this time, don’t go out like a chump begging for Forgiveness. Your still be my "n" even if you don't get any bigger (off the air)!!! Another fact is we don't mine each other using the "n" word amongst us, ( something as a people we need to work on) so it's alright that you use the word cause you and your family, are accustomed to being called "n"around there your homeoffice!! So Americas minorities needs to chill out because your a brother, ha ha!! Oh yer It's ok you and your family use the word in your houseoffice because all of you dogs, Chapman’s, are my main "N", as they say. I guess you must sport your sheet when the camera's off. Looks like your chicks have come home to roost, and blew your sheet off your a**. And as you know an a-hole is a a-hole. Your son did the right thing because his life would’ve been hell cause you would’ve disowned him and his family for being colorblind, look it how you acted with just the thought of him being with a person of color, mexican etc. Same with any of your daughters dating and marrying out of their Race. You need to face up to it you ‘re redneck racist and have been one for close to 50+ years now. Be a man an admit it and promise to work on it, it’ll be like removing that racist tattoo that you’ve had for 35+ yrs, that I’m sure you have somewhere on your body. Tough but you can do it, you can beg for all the minorities forgiveness after all look what’s on the table, Millions of $$$, and we both know you will kiss every minorities a** in this country for that kind of Cheese (dam u peoples slang, Money), like you black people say, you’ll still be my main Nig*** that hopefully won’t t get any bigger!!! I hope I didn’t hurt anybodies feelings especially yours cause you and I understand, your Black, and as you said “it‘s alright, it’s not your fault that you were born a minority and been called a nig*** your entire Life!!! Like they say it’s in the past and you shouldn’t dwell on it, and JUST GET OVER IT, because my generation didn’t make Slaves out of your people, your ancestors did, and it’s unfortunate that they treated your kin folk like they were less then third world trash. “Anit that right, My Nig***“, as our people say. I guess when you was “Born again” you was born without the reality that you are a “ S**m Nig*** without a Soul“ !!! I believe you made your mistake when you revealed the fact that you’re BLACK LIKE ME, I Know you remember the Movie, In fact you could Star in the remake of the movie BLACK LIKE ME, and think of the money the studio would save on the make-up since you’re Black and it’s alright, according to the audio tape your son made. I bet your family wasn’t shock to find out they were Black like you. It's really sad that you spit that kind of venom and I bet you do it around kids, as it was done around you when you was a child.

2500 days ago

mijo rodgers    

I think that his son sat him up.

2500 days ago

mijo rodgers    

Shame on the dog.

2500 days ago


I do not believe that Dog should not get punished for using the "n " word during a private phone call between him and his son. and to take his show off the air was just plain wrong you guys are not thinking about the public out here that would like to still watch his show not be puninshed from A & E from taking it off air............. I am all for the Dog you cannot tell me that you yourself have not used the " n " word wether you are a white / black .... stop all this and get the Dog The Bounty Hunter back up and running on A & E..

2500 days ago


hey Dog & Crew hang in there hopefully real soon A & E will get it together and realize that they are running their ratings in the ground by taking you off the air like they have get over it already....... i will no longer watch A & E channel until your show comes back on the air..... God Bless You Dog - Beth - Leland - Tim and families....

2500 days ago


dog is a racist piece of **** this is coming from a white woman thats married to a black man

1572 days ago

The Big M    

I don't see anything wrong with what he said. Many people say the "n" word, it's just something you say when you're irritated, I am slightly biggoted and I think anyone can be a ******, not just black people, most black people are cool, there's just a lot of them that are little thug gangbangers.
Dog is the ****!

1380 days ago


---who cares what an individual chooses to say on their PERSONAL phone --

Dear Dog, Please sue those ass holes for invading YOUR privacy if you havent already !!!


1320 days ago
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