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Dog Chapman's Hate-Filled Tirade

10/31/2007 6:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The National Enquirer has obtained an explosive and shocking racist rant spewed by Duane Dog Chapman.


The Enquirer says they have two tapes of the Dog hurling insults at his son, Tucker, during an undated telephone conversation. It appears as if the Dog is concerned that Tucker's girlfriend, Monique Shinnery, who is black, will set him up because of the language the Dog uses.

In the nearly eight minute long tape posted on the Enquirer's website, Dog says the N word numerous times and demands that Tucker break up with Monique or he'll be fired from the family bail bond business.

Reps for the Dog and A&E were not immediately available for comment.


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a black chick    

1st of all... it was a private conversation, 2nd of all... who cares if he said the "N" word just because he is a white guy, black people have made the word are household word, every suburban white kid in america is saying the word when they sing along with rap songs, and if they are in the car or the same room with a black person do they care if they say it in front of them, hell no they go right ahead and sing along... i don't hear anyone accusing them of being racist!
Look, if black people would just let the word go, and disreguard the word in its entirty then the word would soon become obsolete!! Black people have to the intitive in getting rid of this word. We also need to stop using it as a term of endearment i.e. "What's up my "N"!, the word was not created as a term of endearment but a term of inferiority. Its not white people thats insulting us, we're insulting ourselves and until Black people can see that this is going to keep ruining lives!
Granted Duane "Dog" Chapman was wrong in what he said, but he shouldn't be punished like this. He has done so much to change his life, with everything that has happened this past year this should not be the thing that brings him to his knees. Dog is a good person anyone could see that with the people he has help...Black, White, Hispanic, etc.
Leave the man alone, he has gone through enough as it is!!!!

2525 days ago


I can't say that any slur is right but concentrating on one racial slur from just one person is nonsense when our own government and people right here is the USA are biased, racist to the core themselves. We want nothing to offend us but no problem turning our backs on the things that matter. Take a long hard look in the mirror people. There are more important things out here happening than just someone stating what is construed as a racial slur. I am tired of this politically correct society crap when people are dieing overseas protecting your rights that you take for granted. So what if he said something out of line. Make him apologize and let it go. If you sweat the small stuff then the big stuff will get you in the end. Time to wake up America and see what is really going on around the world and right here in our own back yard.

2524 days ago

True Grit    

Well well, your mouth finally showed your true self, your colors if you will. I was not surprised after all his background is nothing but crime and criminal behavior.

Here it is in black and white:

On February 28, 1976 in Pampa, Texas Chapman was charged and convicted of DWI.

Also in Pampa, Texas on September 16, 1976 he was charged with Homicide. On August 18, 1977 he began serving a five-year sentence and paroled on January 31, 1979. His parole was terminated on December 20, 1980.

No mention is made in his Texas criminal record of arrest or convictions for armed robbery though Chapman claims to have been arrested 18 times for armed robbery. However, he does have two more DWI’s, Burglary, Possession of Burglar Tools, etc.

August 21, 2002 complaints were filed against Chapman for Obstructing a Peace Officer and Disorderly Conduct-Unreasonable Noise (case number 2002M 003004) in Adams County, Colorado court. On 12-12-02 the DA dismissed the obstructing complaint. He pled guilty to the disorderly and received a fine totaling $386.00, inclusive of court costs, etc.

On January 25, 2000 in the Denver County Court he was charged with Disturbing the Peace and Assault (case number 00GS933296); both cases dismissed on 5-15-02.

In the same court on 5-28-99 he was charged with a Seat Belt Violation (imagine that!). He pled guilty and paid a fine totaling $68.11, inclusive of court costs, etc.

On 3-5-98 he was charged with Threats To Person/Property (case number 98GS915487) and entered a not guilty plea. No disposition is listed.

On 10-09-97 Mr. Chapman was complained against for Disturbing The Peace and Assault. He pled not guilty. No disposition of the matter is listed.

In the same court on 8-25-99 he was charged with Violation of Court Orders (case number 99GS807757). He then posted a $500.00 bond and was released. On 9-10-99 he FAILED TO APPEAR! I don’t know the outcome of the case. It is listed that he pleaded not guilty and the case is closed without any additional information.

Again in the same court on 8-15-90 he was charged with Threats To Person/Property and Disturbance By Use Of Phone (case number 90GS012017). He requested a jury trial and the case eventually wound down to nothing.

From the court records Mr. Chapman has several listings under ‘height’ as being 5’0”, 5’2”, 5’5”, 5’7” and even one listing as 5’11”. His ‘weight’ is listed as ranging from 100 lbs. to 205 lbs. What is he, rubber man?

In the Jefferson County, Colorado Court on 12-21-97 Mr. Chapman was charged with Failure To Present Proof Of Insurance, Use Of Vehicle Without Registration and Driving With License Expired (case number 1997T 015610). On 7-29-98 he pled not guilty to the failure to present proof of insurance, then changed his plea to guilty and received a fine. He pled not guilty on the remaining two complaints and the DA ultimately dismissed them.

In Jefferson County, Colorado on 10-9-98 he was charged with Forcible Entry and Detainer (case number 1998C 011706). Not guilty plea entered and the case was dismissed by DA on 1-15-99.

In the Denver County Court on 5-18-88 he was charged with Threats To Person/Property (case number 88GS723787). Not guilty plea entered. No disposition listed.

In the same court on 10-10-88 complaints were filed for Disturbing The Peace, Disorderly Intoxification and IMPERSONATING AN OFFICER. All he received was a fine totaling $91.00.

Also in the Denver County Court on 9-12-88 a complaint was filed against him for Disturbing The Peace (case number 88GS883457). He entered a not guilty plea and the case was continued without a finding.

On 1-10-02 charges were filed against Beth Smith, a/k/a Alice E. Barmore, in the Jefferson County Court (case number 2002CR000080) for Extortion-Unlawful Act (2 counts), False Imprisonment (2 counts), Forgery-Check/Commercial Instrument and Obstructing Government Operations. Her co-defendant, Mary Angell, was also charged with the same complaints except for the obstruction charge and had an additional charge of Forgery 2.

All charges on Ms. Barmore were dismissed by the DA except for obstructing government operations (misdemeanor); she pled guilty and received a fine of $750.00 plus court costs and a $25.00 fee for to make the fine in installment payments. It is rumored part of the agreement with the DA was she would surrender her bail license in Colorado, much to the relief of real bail agents with whom she always argued with, swore at and threatened. She is perhaps the most despised person in the bail industry.

The charges against Ms. Angell were dismissed except for Forgery 2. She received a sentence of court fees and related costs totaling $155.00, one (1) year suspended jail sentence and fifty (50) hours of community service. It has been suggested she also h

2524 days ago


Seriously shocked....this is the same guy that prays before he goes after someone...Guess it's all for TV. I mean with a "wife" that looks like that guess we should of all known better.

2479 days ago


take agood lok around the majority of towns and crime and quality of life that is ugliness is usually where? so if that word truly belongs to a certain race then if the bling fits wear it afterall my taxes pay for it dog for prez...

2523 days ago


It cracks me up that Beth Chapman told Dog that he shamed the family. Apparently, her foul mouth is excuseable only because she never said the "n" word? She needs to sit down and THINK about how her language impacts her children! And then she might want to get a good woman to advise her about her wardrobe. If there has ever been anyone who could BENEFIT BIG TIME from breast reduction surgery, she is the one! She is a shame, man, truly! Such a pretty, pretty face... She could be gorgeous if she wasn't so big and so foul mouthed! She is as big a SHAME as he is.

They both need to do something about language and personal appearance. I'd like to see Dog get his show back and come back without the outdated hair and the feather garbage dripping off him, and I'd like to see her come back with a shape more like that of AnnaNicole Smith's. And, I'd like to see the whole crew come back determined not to use the "N" word OR THE "F" WORD! Learn another way to talk.

You know, you could sound pretty **bleep** scary screaming words that street people are not expecting to hear... That would really throw them off. Dog could say, "STOP RIGHT THERE, DIRTBAG, OR I'LL RIP YER HEAD OFF AND STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE! I'LL TEAR YOU A NEW ANAL ORIFICE SO FAST YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO TELL WHICH END IS UP! GET DOWN! GET DOWN! GET DOWN!

Clean up people! Please.

2523 days ago



2523 days ago


Hey, you creep, there is nothing on the site about DOG CHAPMAN and his situation and so your post is not appropriate here.

2522 days ago


I am sick to death of anyone, black or white, excusing Chapman. He is a low-life liar who hates black people. He is not a crime-fighter, either. He is in the BAIL BONDS business and his job is to get the BAD guys OUT of jail and BACK onto the streets. To hell with the safety of you, and your kids, and your property. And to hell with the law. He does everything he can to protect the creeps. Haven't you seen him pour drugs and paraphenalia inot the gutters so that the creeps won't have to pay for their crimes? Dog and Beth Chapman, ALL THE CHAPMANS are phony and millions have fallen for it! BE WISE! SCRUTINIZE (not a dogism)! The ONLY time DOG goes to get those (other) BAD GUYS off the street is when they screw up AGAIN and put HIS money at risk. To hell with John Q. DOG, The BAIL BONDSMAN, is no role model for kids as he tries to imply by going to schools and calling himself "Uncle Dog".

He claims to be a native American whose Mom "cooked on rocks out in the back yard" and then you hear him say that he was raised in the city and "could go to sleep with the sound of dogs howling and sirens blowing" like it's music to his ears. Make up your mind, Dog. Phoney, Baloney! Beth, Leland, and Tim too. Dog's true feelings came out when he was talking (privately) to his son, Tucker. And that's anotehr thing... Do you think Chapman ever paid child support? Bet he didn't. I think all his kids and ex-wives ought to get together and file a suit against him for what he owes them.

2522 days ago

Deb B.    

i just dont understand this. dog had a PRIVATE conversation with his son and yes he used the n word. how can a&e take his show off the air. he didn't used the word on a&e network. i would be able to understand a&e taking his show off their lineup if he had, but he didn't. everybody uses racial slurs now and then. the blacks use them against the whites all the time. maybe the whites should have a civil rights group of their own with dog chapman as our leader just like al sharpton is the leader in the civil rights of blacks and take some of the african american shows and comedies off the air when the word honky or cracker is used. maybe they should have taken the jeffersons off the air because george always used the word honky.

2519 days ago

Kimberly Clark    

Some people don't want to watch a racist on TV, they don't care whether he said it on the air or in private. You can't unring a bell. We know something about him we didn't know before. I'm glad his show is canceled, and I think the only people that still support him are racists too. If you don't like it blame your dead friend Ronald Reagan, this is trickle down economics. It's all about money, the sponsors who pay for the show don't want their products associated with this guy. Reaganomics in action. I'm just assuming most racists are Republicans.

2518 days ago

Thelma Cain    

I myself have no problem with DOG.After all we all have freedom of speech & DOG is just using his part of his speech freedom.I may not agree with him using the "N" word but it is his choose to say what he feels.I will be glad when his show comes back on TV I will watch his shows cause of what he does & what he stands for.He has gotten a bad person off the streets thatr no one else had ever done.Andrew Luster is in prison thanks to DOG & his Crew.DOG is one of my HEROS then & now & he will always be to me.

2472 days ago


creep indeed i am ill creep up and show all reality it is al about how we must never forget how whites ruined lives and will always be to blame about why crime drugs babies havin babies its all our fault yep guess we should accept the fact that freedom didnt change athig it just cost more tax money for welfare nothing will change unless people who are offended by the n word shape up and stop useing the race card please show me something different that goes for all yousuccesful parents that pay for there own baby formula ok he had arite and if she was white the n word would have been used no one owns that word get it

2516 days ago

Donald Haynes    

COME ON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. So What If He Said the N word? I mean YES it can be taken offenensive But he is not the only one to say anything like that. There are people on tv who have said WORSE then that and in worse ways and are still on the air. And yet He makes the comment about not wanting them saying it to be taken Offensively and Yet Thats exactly what happens. That Makes NO sense to me. and I dont see any reason why it is caused need for the cancelation of a great Reality show about a Man and his family who actually are Doing Somethin about Criminals and actually trying to help most of them. But sure Go ahead and Punish a good guy for actually making sense about being Cautious.

2514 days ago

Stephanie H    

If Don Imus can come back, why can't Dog?
Bring Dog back to A&E. He's a hero, not a racist.

2513 days ago
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