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Dog Chapman's Hate-Filled Tirade

10/31/2007 6:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The National Enquirer has obtained an explosive and shocking racist rant spewed by Duane Dog Chapman.


The Enquirer says they have two tapes of the Dog hurling insults at his son, Tucker, during an undated telephone conversation. It appears as if the Dog is concerned that Tucker's girlfriend, Monique Shinnery, who is black, will set him up because of the language the Dog uses.

In the nearly eight minute long tape posted on the Enquirer's website, Dog says the N word numerous times and demands that Tucker break up with Monique or he'll be fired from the family bail bond business.

Reps for the Dog and A&E were not immediately available for comment.


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An old friend    

Well, I know Dog personally and I'm not at all surprised. I've told him many times before, "watch what you say because someday it's going to bite you in the ass". And for those of you who are wondering... Yes, he has had an issue with Crystal Meth; we both have. I've gone to treatment and suggested he did also, but still Dog is Dog. It still amazes me how far he's come along in life especially with his addiction without seeking help for it. God bless you, old friend.

2518 days ago


All the good he has ever done just went down the drain-what an ugly man.

2518 days ago

shocked in Hawaii    

He speaks of God often...where is God's love here? And his wife, what a jezebel spirit she has...he is not the head of his household as God calls him to be with a wife like that, she does not submit to him as God calls her to...they are both, to a point, biggots on top of sad to hear that...well, let God judge them and allow the forgive from all of us to begin (in His name) so that that our hearts can heal and the judgement from God fall upon them!

2518 days ago


this minor.. leave it alone..

2518 days ago

new york sam    

i think dog was trying to clean up his comments but by using the word in the first place he spoke from the heart . He is truly a RACIST

2518 days ago

MIKE S    

HE MUST BE Hanging out with CHRIS ROCK

2518 days ago



2518 days ago

Mr. O.    

Well not only does he look like he needs a shower, now he's gotta wash his MOUTH out with soap!

2518 days ago

Fooled me    

i agree the portion they played was hyped up by TMZ i mean he may have used some offensive language but havent we all, and all i heard was a man afraid of losin what he has built up for himself TMZ messed up by not showing the whole tape

2518 days ago


screw Al Sharpton... that guy needs a life AND a real job

2518 days ago


Wow!! I watch Dog every Tuesday. I am very offended but I know that reporters like to just tell the bad part of the stories. I agree that what he said was terrible regardless of the story behind it, but isn't it illegal to record conversations without all parties being aware of it? So the real question is how did someone get this tape of this alleged conversation?

2518 days ago


So I guess none of the crew from A&E ever knew he was such a racist bigot? They spend a lot of time with him, he's admitted to using the language often.....helloo????? It's disgusting how money over rides values these days.

2518 days ago


Dani--it had to be the son taping--who else? Tucker, having dated the girl for a while would have to know the reaction he'd get talking about her.

Bert--no way Dog knew he was being taped, and lastly

What the hell--I always thought that given his TV income it was incomprehensible he didn't get some teeth to fill in the gaps. Unlike the trademark mullet, I don't think toothless should have been part of his persona!

2518 days ago


He likes people to think he's white, isn't he Native American? You would never know from the way he's hides it. Anyway, it's all over for him. He's the biggest FAKE! He's tries to come across as a loving father, meanwhile he's imposing his own hateful beliefs onto his children.

2518 days ago

College Grad    

Well....paging the Grim Reaper on Dog's career in 3..2..1. I'm not the biggest fans of Al and Jesse, but i can guarantee you they will be on your tv screens for the next 2 weeks protesting against Dog. Aww Tisk Tisk, just a bit of advice Dog..INSTEAD OF WORRYING ABOUT SOMEBODY CATCHING YOU USING THE "N" WORD, WHY NOT JUST NOT SAY IT AT ALL, THAT MAKES MORE SENSE HUH! LMAO

2518 days ago
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