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Britney: Partying Like a Mock Star

11/1/2007 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With reports that her new CD will debut at #1 next week -- and with the need for a babysitter no longer necessary -- Britney Spears partied the Halloween night away.

The mother-of-two donned one of her best whoretastic ensembles and hit up Heidi Klum's Halloween party -- sponsored by Captain Morgan. Ahoy, messy!

Partying with the popwreck were a motley crew, including cousin/assistant/professional BFF Alli, newfound Svengali/TMZ wannabe Sam Lufti and E!'s Jason Kennedy. Happy Halloween, Sean and Jayden!


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I guess K-Feds Nanny took the little boys out for trick or treating!! Such joy Brit COULD have had making or purchasing costumes for the boys, and taking them to a party She wanted to be a Mom so badly-----so she use to say!! This time is lost forever. You can never get it back. so sad. She just doesn't get it.

2493 days ago

death on a cracker    

jennifer2000, have you NOT read or heard ANYTHING this woman has been going through????? its not about people partying, its about someone who cant get custody of their children and OBVIOUSLY isn't trying very hard to change that... THAT is why its a travesty....a

and THIS is why brit fans are IDIOTS!

2493 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

awwwwww....... she still loves Kevin!! Tuff Shiz.... she was the 1 who text him saying she wanted a divorce, hell it was plastered all over NY the day she did it!!
She sure has a short term memory. I really don't like Kevin, but damn, Gina, if she had issues w/him, she should have been mature enough to sit down & talk to him. She put herself out there like that, now she doesn't like the consequences!!

2493 days ago

a guy    


2493 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

Brit is Awsome

2493 days ago


yuck. her friends are so lame.

2493 days ago

Dawn Day    

She's is a self centered no talent fat bitch that didn't deserve the beautiful experience of birthing two beautiful children.

Can't she SEE that she is depised??????? At first I felt bad, then I pityed her now I just can't stand the looks of her any more because she is making a TOTAL FOOL of herself. Her boys are better off without her!!! Some people don't deserve to have children and she is one of them!!!!!!!!!!!

2493 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

awww y'all are just pissed that Britney proved her career is far from dead and now TMZ is persona non grata for all their holier than thou bashing.

yah get what you sow chumps.

besides with only 3 visits a week who says it has to be halloween? if she had them would you be saying that about Kevin? No TMZ just takes pot shots but looks like brit is having the last laugh on you.

2493 days ago


Britney is officially the new Anna Nicole.

2493 days ago


anyone defending her going out last night is a piss poor parent that's jealous their ex went out partying and they were stuck home with their little mistakes. . .

2493 days ago


I think all the Britney supporters who are screaming that's she's being screwed by the system and not getting a fair shot need to take a long hard look at her actions over the past several days. She's wiggled her way out of a civil lawsuit and a criminal hit & run charge, she's lost her kids, she's been called a neglectful parent by a parenting coach, she's had a judge tell her she needs to realize the consequenses of her actions while basically calling her a media whore.

After ALL that she still goes out and parties like a teenager for Halloween like she doesn't have a care in the world and do you know why? Because she DOESN'T have a care in the world! She doesn't care about her kids, her family, the law, or anything but herself and she's sparing no expense making herself happy.

To quote TMZ - it's Brit's world. We just live in it.

Selfish bit*h.

2493 days ago

southern girl    

If Britney didn't have her kids the night of trick of treating, what's the harm in her attending a halloween party? People, trick or treating is from 6-8 and the judge set the days on when she could see her kids. She's wearing a costume, with all private areas covered, wasn't drinking, or doing anything crazy. It's a costume party! She is allowed to wear what she wants as does everyone and EVERY other celebrity (aka Paris). Instead of TMZ trashing Britney all of the time, they should divulge how and where they were privy to a PRIVATE report before the Judge or the concerned parties did. The judge is obviously biased and reads what he shouldn't and he's to be impartial. I would move to have him removed along with the monitor just for the leaks and rude comments alone. Instead of his "comments" about TMZ's investigative ability, he should be more focused on how this leak happened and continues to exist. The obvious conclusion is the leak is the monitor and/ or the judge. What is so strange is why didn't she remove the children as is her right if she thought the children were being mistreated?? People parent differently. I do NOT for one second believe KFed is with his kids 24/7, alone, without a nanny or bodyguard (courtesy of Britney). She's more along the lines of a very conservative mother/grandmother and doesn't approve of her wardrobe. Who the hell cares is she's on the phone? or changes her clothes?? Most stay at homes moms do talk on the phone at some point in the day. TMZ should be more "unbiased" in their reporting. I did detect a trace of bitterness in Britney having fun at your expense, aka this latest artice by you. What's the matter, can't take it?? I'm not for either party but I don't think Britney ever had a drug or alcohol problem, nor is she getting a fair shake. I think she dumped KFed's mooching and cheating behind and was heartbroken as I think she really loved the jerk. If she continues to pass her drug tests and attends her classes, she should definitely get her kids back 50/50. What she does on her own time without the kids is not our business. KFed is out a lot but I don't see the same or ANY coverage on him. KFed needs to get a job and realize that their kids need their mother, especially at their ages. I don't see nor did I see his great concern or desire to be with his other kids when Britney was footing the bill. How often does he seem them now?
I think you need to hear this....As a mother of young children, continue to pass your tests, smile and nod at the monitor and do everything they say so you can show them that they can't beat you. Then don't give KFed another dime!! Surprise us all and show us a "new Britney"! Wear the suits and pumps to court (go to every hearing!!!), get a limo so that TMZ can't fault you for their getting in your way, don't drive at all (get a driver until the court stuff is over), and go back to blonde! Paris has the short blonde do and you can go natural. Hang in there and you can do it!! Talk to the fans and pose for pics and sign autographs like the gracious southern girl you are!!

2493 days ago


They are all whores that will have a rotten downfall.

2493 days ago

Miss Penny Lane    

was there no consideration for trick-or-treating with her kids??? i don't even have kids of my own, but i haven't missed trick-or-treating with my nephews ONCE since the eldest was born 10 yrs ago. i am SO sick of her...

2493 days ago


I am going to confess something here. I am from a state where white trash runs rampant. This is what white trash does. They have children to soon with guys they either don't marry or get dumped right after baby. Then they go and party on Thur and Friday and Sat. nights while someone else takes care of the kids. It tragic but thats what happens all the time. The only diffrence is she has camera's in her face. It white trash america YA'll

2493 days ago
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