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Britney: Partying Like a Mock Star

11/1/2007 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With reports that her new CD will debut at #1 next week -- and with the need for a babysitter no longer necessary -- Britney Spears partied the Halloween night away.

The mother-of-two donned one of her best whoretastic ensembles and hit up Heidi Klum's Halloween party -- sponsored by Captain Morgan. Ahoy, messy!

Partying with the popwreck were a motley crew, including cousin/assistant/professional BFF Alli, newfound Svengali/TMZ wannabe Sam Lufti and E!'s Jason Kennedy. Happy Halloween, Sean and Jayden!


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Motley crew is right. These people look like they all belong on the F-list... Hangers on and druggies along with fatty Britney boombalattie...

2459 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Why should she take her kids trick or treating? So the buggerazzi could ruin her kids halloween by trapping them and photographing them until they can't see? keep neighbors from giving them candy because they don't want the buggerazzi in their front yard?

Brits made plenty of mistakes but this isn't one of them.

2459 days ago


Ok, her visitation is supposedly Tuesday and Thursday. There's nothing that says that she can't ask Kevin for her to accompany them while they're trick or treating. Ok, BritFans, you could say she asked and got denied, but... she looks too dang happy for that to have happened.

Brit, drop the fight. Your boys deserve better.

2459 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

What a sorry bunch of white trash losers floating around the biggest turd in the bowl!

2459 days ago

a guy    

#31, are you from the southeast also? BECAUSE I CAN TOTALLY RELATE. I HATE WHITE TRASH FEMALES TOO! I do so wish they would all be shipped to Iraq and be dealt with by the HUSBANDS THEY ARE CHEATING ON.

2459 days ago


#26 Lysette...took the words right out of my mouth! I'll give her 18 months and she'll be the one 6ft under... so sad everything she worked so hard for is being flushed down the toilet. Who cares if your number one in the charts when your showing the whole world that you don't care you will lose all respect.

2459 days ago

Democrats are evil    

I've said it before, it is obvious that this rich girl is tired of her children and doesn't want them anymore. This Halloween , she chose to party with wanna be's rather than spending it with her two kids trick or treating. A real quality mother here. But isn't the united States filled with this type of ungrateful human trash? They are the one's buying her music.

2459 days ago


Britney's blood is on no one's hands, but her own. She's not a kid. She's a grown woman and mother of two (twice married and twice divorced). She has cast aside anyone -- including her own family -- who dares to question her. Whatever comes her way is exactly what she brought on herself. Her kids deserve tears if compassion; she deserves whatever she gets.

2459 days ago


Whats wrong with you???
Of course she will partying on helloween ...Her kids are coming on saturday !!!!

2459 days ago


Oh my God....Britney of all people partied on Halloween night.....! Now let's be fair and report on the other 40 million that partied last night....

2459 days ago


She did have the kids on Halloween. Took them trick or treating for an hour, they probably spent the night so she had some nannies or bodyguards watch the kids while she went whoring around.

2459 days ago

Gimme a break    

Southern Girl, tima, etc. You are a bunch of dimwits. No reasonable or sane person can defend Brit's behavior. For someone who claims they're trying to get their kids back, she seems to be doing everything humanly possible to prevent it.

What good is a #1 album, fame and fortune if you've had your kids taken away from you? She shouldn't confuse all of the interest as proof that the world is on her side. It's more like a car wreck - everyone looks out of curiosity. Seriously, I look daily just to see what outrageous thing she's done next. It's like watching a B movie - it's so bad you can't stop watching.

2459 days ago

a guy    

#50, Tima, can I call you Tima? That answer would be "Y E S"

2459 days ago

what ?    

LOL ... Brit .. just tell the judge you dont want the babies ... you arent going to take care of them and that's it .. instead of wasting your time trying to pretend you care.. move on already .

2459 days ago


Britney Spears, whose first four studio albums hit No. 1 on the charts, will Britney's album reach no.1? ---->

2459 days ago
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