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Britney: Partying Like a Mock Star

11/1/2007 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With reports that her new CD will debut at #1 next week -- and with the need for a babysitter no longer necessary -- Britney Spears partied the Halloween night away.

The mother-of-two donned one of her best whoretastic ensembles and hit up Heidi Klum's Halloween party -- sponsored by Captain Morgan. Ahoy, messy!

Partying with the popwreck were a motley crew, including cousin/assistant/professional BFF Alli, newfound Svengali/TMZ wannabe Sam Lufti and E!'s Jason Kennedy. Happy Halloween, Sean and Jayden!


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All you idiots that stick up for Britney - "Oh, it is not her day for the kids" or "Oh, she is just having fun". When you have kids - your kids have fun before you do and Halloween is supposed to be for kids - how old is Britney now? Let me see - maturity wise and mentally - about 12 years old! Your kids come FIRST when you have them. It is not fund time for ME, ME, ME which is what Britney wants. I hope she NEVER gets them back. I am firmly convinced she does not want these children. How can you put down KFed? Sure he is a moocher, sure he is taking the money but he is making darn sure the kids are taken care of and I bet either the Nanny or her Mom took them out trick or treating !!! She is the MOST self-center, ego-driven bimbo I have EVER heard of !! She will regret it, if she EVER matures and grows up, but it will be too late then.

2510 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

I'm not a fan


TMZ doesn't report the whole story - they said brit stopped by a record store to see her new CD go on the shelf BUT WHAT YOU DIDNT SEE HERE BUT ON ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT WAS THE VIDEO OF THE TONS OF PEOPLE LINED UP OUTSIDE TO BUY IT.

Guess what folks she has fans - they just don't come to TMZ

2510 days ago


Is that Ricardo VinASS in the front?

2510 days ago

Always Curious    

She still owes two months back rent on her trailer space.

2510 days ago


why not to party? she get rid of her children and she's happy...

2510 days ago


Looks like a lame high school party to me. That is one fugly dude there in the middle! Everyone looks like total losers!

2510 days ago


she was free to party....without the nuisance of her boys....shame on you,brit!

2510 days ago


Britney - Mother of the Year.

2508 days ago


One day, in the not-too-distant future, her kids are going to look at all this on the internet and - well - it won't be pretty. The judge should end the madness and strip her of her parental rights. Kevin & Shar should get re-married and raise their collective brood.

2508 days ago


Oh - and she should be sterilized so that no more children are damaged by her. She is an absolute and complete disgrace - a pox on motherhood. How ANYONE can spend 700,000 a MONTH is sick beyond belief. Oh - I forgot - she does give 500.00 to charity. I am sick to the point of gagging on this skanky bch. Will she EVER wash her hair?? She looks like she smells. Even her poor mothyer has given up on her and jopined campo Kevin, and good for her. Maybe now her kids are getting the sleep and stability they need. They always looked drugged and tired with her.

2508 days ago


Parents all over the world give up their children for one reason or another. Britney is still a child. 10 or 12 years down the road she and her children will reconnect. It's sad but it's her business.Most likely her children will be able to understand their moms behavior. Then they can all start partyin'.

2507 days ago

tax junkie    

GO HOME!!!! Stay There...or suck Ass!!!! and nobody likes you need to get more plastic surgery and lose have to also get a brain...youare dumb...we all see how not smart you are ...did you even get a deploma???? didnt think so..Good job Brit...also high 5 for saving and investing...doing great......NOT you suck ass

2507 days ago



2507 days ago

Rock-n-roll Mommy    

Brit is a tabloid genious! What better way to get press, attention, and promotion for her upcoming album than making a spectacle of herself? Don't care if she's crazy--still like her!

2507 days ago


I saw a full front photo of Brit's costume & it has to be the most unflattering tasteless ugly piece of trashy looking get up I've ever seen on a woman in my lefe. Is she trying to be sexy? Well, in an attempt to out sex everyone else the effect is the opposite. With her stomach & belly button being the main attraction in this weird design she looks like she's on her third precgnancy. She needs some fashion advice in a bad way, but I doubtr she'll listen to anyone who would like to make her dress more modest or less like a $20.00 hooker. No wait, a $20.00 hooker usually doesn't have on something with half their boobs and all of an ugly stomach scooped out. At least I've never seen that before even on Halloween & with all the slut outfits on display.

2507 days ago
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