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Former Manager to Brit: Gimme More Money!

11/1/2007 7:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jonny Wright -- manager of such high-powered acts as Justin Timberlake, the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC -- is suing his most famous client, Britney Spears, claiming she hasn't forked over commissions owed him from when she was actually famous for her performing.
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Wright Entertainment Group (WEG) managed Spears until February 2003, but were supposed to keep receiving commissions until February 2008 for deals they negotiated on Brit's behalf. Now WEG claims, that Spears stopped paying in December 2006. Oops!

The lawsuit, filed in Florida by attorney Clay Townsend on Monday, alludes to Spears' erratic behavior of late, saying WEG made a concerted effort to work with "the various business managers hired and fired by Spears."

WEG is seeking unspecified damages and attorney fees.


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Her real comeback tour when she is in her 30's is going to be amazing. She will launch it with a book detailing all of the strife of the previous years, except the ones she can't remember because of the drug and alcohol binges. She will have a husband from outstide the industry and all of her interviews will be about how she was young and naive. How she can't believe she did that but thanks to her husband and some religious type guru (oh, oh, maybe Tom Cruise) and she is back to normal.

It's going to be great.

2526 days ago


To the comment "She chose Kevin" I really think Britney has some serious low self esteem issues going on to chose such a low life as Kevin. Yes, she's rich and famous, but that doesn't change "the person" she was. Maybe she felt like by chosing someone who is a flat out nobody, then he would truly "need" her. She was obviously searching for someone who makes her feel "needed" even if it was in a financial sense.

All of this stems from her family history and the household she grew up in. I'm sure it's not a rosey as the publicists would have you believe.

The girl I'm sure grew up with all kinds of "man" issues. It's a known fact her dad is an alcoholic (recovered), but no telling what she saw as a child.

2526 days ago


Britney, You hang in's gonna be OK!....nothing wrong with your ex to have his time with being the nanny....most people do not understand....i do...i raised 3 sons by myself...a daughter also all by the same absent gambling biological father of that they are 21 and over who do they respect? yep, their absent father (now dead) and i get the finger thrown in my do yourself a favor and enjoy your years of the blink of an eye it is all gone....your ex did a dirty deed and i feel him and shar were both in on the fact that you were vulnerable and she allowed him to pursue you so she herself could also be on your payroll....and the humans on here have to realize that your sons are Mr. Kevin Federline's sons where is his job performance at to support those babes? Hey Brit, get a court order on him to go to work. Luv ya, DENI

2526 days ago


To #19, oh please. More excuses for Britney's behavior. I'm sure everyone of the people in prison had lousy childhoods but that doesn't get them off the hook for what they did. It's time for her to grow up..she has children of her own now and what kind of memories or issues is she leaving them? She is old enough to at least have the sense to see a GOOD THERAPIST and stop making excuses. She is her own worst enemy because people like you let her...just like all the other little "yes" people that she prefers to hook up, none of which are doing her any favors. As for lowlife Kevin, I think for Brit it was a step UP! She is a pig plain and simple and you can't blame him for that.

2526 days ago


It's reported KLAZYASS has made 0 since they seperated. And made 0 during the divorce. I'm so happy she got rid of him and now look what he's doing, leaching off Britney while he acts so in love being a father all the while nannies take over. hmmmm

2526 days ago


I can only imagine where those babies will be in 16 years. Working at Burger King and turning their checks into daddy for his living expense.

2526 days ago


she probably takes "presciption drugs" for anxiety and diet pills to stay "thin" for hollywood
and to fullfill the obligation of popstar to everyone. watch nanny 911 on tv and see how people act under a microscope and then watch as they think thay are not being watched, pretty interesting. this is her life..... candid camera -remember?!!!

2526 days ago


#23. If the kids stay with Brit, they will be on drugs and in jail!

2526 days ago

"Cool beans." 'Hot Rod' (2007) Take her to the cleaners. =]

2526 days ago


I'm going to join the LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE bandwagon.

2526 days ago


Everyone wants a piece!

2526 days ago

When will people stop exploiting this young woman?

It seems it is now becoming a crime to be famous in America.

The media exploit you by publishing trash about you to sell their products and get rich.

Then the paparazzis hound you to take your photos and sell and get rich.

Then comes the gold diggers who make claims against you to exploit your weak moments.

Britney , you should start blasting these buffoons with counter lawsuits.

Yes, fight back, baby and don't let them push you up the wall and steal all of your money, you got it? Fight., fight, fight and keep fighting, baby.

2526 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

More wonderful Phishing by our friend 'alexb' ( or is ist Bbby, or Dans). Do we have to press 1 for English before you steal all of our info? How's your other fake sites like WealthyRomance going? Make much money ripping people off there too? Obviously, someone who can barely write in English is going to hook us all up with rich/famous folk! How Wonderful!!! Be sure to leave all your credit card and personal info with them! You can trust them, they're such good friends! Where's your sites based at? China? I hear Chinese spam sites are Totally Trustworthy! Your new friend, 667

2526 days ago


can i sue her too? lol

2526 days ago
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