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Jen, Liv and Uma Push Back at Paps

11/1/2007 5:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halloween is a day for the ghoulish and garish, but it was the paparazzi who were especially scary yesterday, pushing two of Hollywood's sweetest mommies -- Jennifer Garner and Liv Tyler -- to the edge in New York.

Garner was out for a walk with baby Violet on the Upper West Side, when a couple of photogs got right up in Violet's face, forcing Jen to give them a stern stiff arm.

Later on, Liv Tyler brought the kids home after a night of trick-or-treating in the West Village, only to find shooters crawling all over her stairs. After demanding that they scram, Liv was polite enough to thank them for not trespassing on her property.

But it was a couple of Uma Thurman's youngsters who truly knew what's what, feeding the flashers a series of raspberries before retreating into a Manhattan house, following the lead of Mama Uma.

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When ALL the celebrities give you the same treatment, the pap-madness will stop


2449 days ago

fha secure rates    

Jennifer garner is crazy!

2518 days ago

fha secure rates    

no they're just weird

2518 days ago

Goldie Hand    

somebody's gonna get hurt someday soon, and I dont think a photag will get a lot of sympathy

2518 days ago

Julie G.    

Paps - leave the kids alone to have their normal Halloween night! The kids have no choice of who their parents are. The parents - celebrities have the rights not wanted to have the publicity if they are with their children as the family quality time! It doesn't matter if we are not fan or fan of who ever celebrities are, They are human being in the basic sense. Paps- the more you do on them (celebrities with family thing) the more I am not interested in your work.

2518 days ago


Nasty paps! Now they are stalking CHILDREN!

These children are young. Why would those stupid paps do that?

TASER their butts if there are hounding your children. At least the children will get a laugh out of watching the funny men writhe on the pavement for their enjoyment.

2518 days ago


Jen's crazy because she wants to be able to go about a normal day without having cameras shoved in her face and her daughter's face? Get a grip, FHA.

2518 days ago

just wondering    

...good idea OCD...

2518 days ago


OCD I love your posts, that was a really funny mental visual. Seriously, these guys are taking their lives in their hands when they start messing with Mama Bears, that is a very dangerous creature. How freakin cowardly to prey on little kids and their moms anyway! I'm glad TMZ is reporting the other pap for getting in the baby's face. Has anyone spoken to doctors about whether the flash bulbs can damage the kids' retinas? not funny. I'm not the only one who has suggested a bunch of celebs should get together and hire paparazzi to stalk the paparazzi. Now that would be funny.

2518 days ago


Well done, Harvey Levin and your merry band of roaming gnomes! You managed to screw up these children's' good time Trick or Treating! You do realize that you are beginning to cross the line when it comes to shooting small children with your flashes in their little faces.

"Yes Laurie, Harvey Levin-Myers truly is the Boogeyman."

Lay off the kids. I personally don't enjoy looking at young kids being terrified by these thugs, especially when Liv and Uma live very private lives.

2518 days ago


OMG if only I were a celebrity mom. I'd lay some whoop ass on those paps. Alas, and thankfully, I'm just a regular ole mom. But I'm ready to strike!!! Hahaha.

I think the stars should unite and start some whoop ass of their own. They are, though, in increasing numbers lately, no? Awesome. GET OUTTA THE KIDS' FACES!!

2518 days ago


To be a celebrity means that you are going to have to deal with some cameras in your face but, that should not spill over to the kids, they deserve to just be able to grow up and be as "normal" as they can be. The photogs are crossing their boundaries. Not to mention how rude some of them are telling that woman not to block him with a balloon, what the??? In the mean time, you are blocking them from walking down the street.

2518 days ago


To #8 Leela

If I were these babies daddies, I'd be dressed up as King Kong, Daniel Boone and Freddy Krueger.

And I'd be mowing those suckers down. If I were them, I'd say since I was an actor, I was just getting into my role.

Next time one of my kids showed up, they'd either be high-tailing it for Wisconsin, or they'd be playing dead and hoping I didn't check to see if they were breathing or not. I'd still poke with them in the eyeballs with sharp sticks just to make sure.

Stupid paps.

2518 days ago


Oh but THEY want those cameras around when THEY (any of them) make a movie, "try to save the world", make a cd...etc... oh yeah ..they want the cameras then so they can been seen alll around the big ol world so they can pimp theirselves for a lot more green in their greedy a$$ hands and pockets.

2518 days ago


All I can say is, thankfully most of us are not in jobs where we'd get stalked on a regular basis. I wouldn't want to be followed around 24/7 just because my profession put me in the public eye. Neither do I think celebrities should be hounded, and definitely not the kids.

There really need to be laws dealing with this, giving celebrities a little bit of breathing room.

2518 days ago
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