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Nick Hogan Rocks Hot Rod Show While Charges Loom

11/1/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan made a very public appearance with fast cars at the big SEMA car show in Las Vegas yesterday, just one day before Florida authorities say his criminal case could be moving forward -- and a short time later, Polaroid, the sponsor of his drift car, dropped him from its roster.

While his pal John Graziano, the former Marine who was critically injured in the souped-up car Hogan crashed on August 26, remains in a coma in Florida, Hogan spent the day kibbitzing with fans in the NOPI Drift Racing Booth at the show.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the case against Hogan could go to the State Attorney as soon as today.

Meanwhile, Nick's dad, Hulk Hogan, spent Tuesday night partying at the Playboy Club in The Palms Hotel.


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What a disgusting PUTZ!!!!!!!!! You unremorseful punk!!! I would hide my face in shame!!
What comes around goes around JERK!!

2525 days ago


So, let me get this straight. Dog is about to lose his show because of what he said in a private conversation, but this douchebag nearly kills someone and he's out partying it up in Vegas?

Talk about a load his mama should have swallowed.

This loser needs real time in a real jail. Then we'll see how much he feels like doing Vegas. Hulk should be ashamed, but he's not any smarter than his idiot son. Let's hope his defense bankrupts their worthless family and they end up in the trailer park they belong in.

2525 days ago


To be fair, the kid wasn't wearing a seatbelt. That's why Nick could walk away from the accident, because he was wearing a seat belt.

2525 days ago


Well, we all know how to contact NOPI. I say it's time to let them know how we feel about Nick.

2525 days ago


Please say this is because he was contractually obligated to be there. Otherwise, he has no conscience, no soul and no hope of ever being a decent human being.

2525 days ago


I don't give a s*** if he was wearing a seat belt or not. If he was not driving like an a** neither of them would be in the situation they are in now.

2525 days ago


I'm glad to read that Poloraid made the RIGHT decision in yanking its sponsorship of the irresponsible young Mr. Hogan.

Its too bad that the State of Florida (so far) continues to let him drive, while his friend is a vegetable for the rest of his life. Oh right, how stupid of me, according to good ole Nick, he bumped his head. Silly me!

I don't wish harm on anyone, but sitting here looking at this picture of Nick, being all carefree, like he doesn't have a care in the world just makes me want to take a 2X4 and smash his face....

Well at least Poloroid dropped him, hopefully Florida will file criminal charges against Nick, wish he'd be charged as an adult but I know Hulkster's money will continue to buy Nick out of trouble.

Yeah Dog gets crucified for private comments (which were disgusting, don't get me wrong) however Nick basically kills someone and its like "oh well!"

2525 days ago


Well, Princess Diana is DEAD because she couldn't be bothered to put on a seat belt. There is such a thing as PERSONAL responsibility for your actions as well.

2525 days ago


Judgement day will come for this schmuck. Because you know that's what he is. He's trash, and he thinks that because he's the crotchfruit of a quazi celebrity he'll get away with killing someone and be able to continue on being the same ol' jakazz loser. Right now he should be hiding in hole somewhere and begging G-O-D to forgive him. But nope, instead what is he doing? He's out pimpin', trying to continue being a wanna be playa. He will pay, oh yes, he will. Wait for it.

2525 days ago

death on a cracker    

this is like an alcoholic doing a beer commercial...

1. never give a 16 year old a racing machine

2. the cops are just as much to blame for their lack of "duty" because he is a "celebrity" or whatever you want to call him.

3. he never ever have the opportunity to race ever again.

4. put his ass in prison and fork all hospital bills to the hogan family.

2525 days ago


#54, WHAT????

2525 days ago


Im sure the whole hogan family is truly sad and hurt from this whole accident. Condeming all of the Hogan's is truly wrong. If this was your son and he was in trouble for what Nick is you would be doing exactly what the Hogan family is doing. I know I would because no matter what your kids do you are still their parents and you will always love them no matter what they do. I watch Hogan knows best and I happen to love the Hulk, Linda and Brooke they are down to earth and loving people to me. So stop judging them and stop being jealous.. God bless you all Pamela

2525 days ago


This guy should be in prison. He should be in prison for life. He thinks he is so cool but he is not, same with his sister. I can't understand why he is free. He pretty much killed one of our soldiers AT HOME!!!!! it is so sad.

2525 days ago


I think i'm going out tonight and get me a BRAND NEW POLAROID camera, with accessories, to celebrate what they've done!

2525 days ago

death on a cracker    

Well, Princess Diana is DEAD because she couldn't be bothered to put on a seat belt. There is such a thing as PERSONAL responsibility for your actions as well.

i also agree with this statement.

there is personal responsibility to this that lay in the hands of his "friend".

2525 days ago
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