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Nick Hogan Rocks Hot Rod Show While Charges Loom

11/1/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan made a very public appearance with fast cars at the big SEMA car show in Las Vegas yesterday, just one day before Florida authorities say his criminal case could be moving forward -- and a short time later, Polaroid, the sponsor of his drift car, dropped him from its roster.

While his pal John Graziano, the former Marine who was critically injured in the souped-up car Hogan crashed on August 26, remains in a coma in Florida, Hogan spent the day kibbitzing with fans in the NOPI Drift Racing Booth at the show.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the case against Hogan could go to the State Attorney as soon as today.

Meanwhile, Nick's dad, Hulk Hogan, spent Tuesday night partying at the Playboy Club in The Palms Hotel.


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#59 I absolutely agree with your comments. TMZ reporting has shown numerous driving violatoins, a total disregard for the law, and he continues to have a licence and no apparent consequences for his actions?? I truly do not understand how his blatant disregard for safety and total lack of concern for a "friend" that he has destroyed thru careless and reckless driving can be tolerated by his family. His behavious is OPPOSITE of all things that the racing world hold individuals accountable for driving conduct on the PUBLIC roads.

I am outraged at the double standard from the law enforcement, the lack of responsibility by this punk, or his family........and that people continue to support such low life trailor trash by watching VH1. I personally turned the chanell off several months ago.......altho I was not a Hogan fan and did not watch the Hogan show......I will not support any aspect of VH1 when this is the type of show/people being glorified.

2550 days ago


Good point "just me" We need to throw the book at this kid. 25 to life even. eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Maybe even the electric chair. Yea Yea.

2550 days ago


Well, I am still upset on how this "CHILD" can avoid justice and be at these car shows that he loves,But I feel better knowing that Polariod dropped his sorry ass. I feel that t is because we all banded together and sent emails and calls about our disgust with them sponsoring this "CHILD". Now I have called and emailed NOPI and told them that they should drop their sponsorship of this "CHILD" or they will loss me and thousand others as a patron to the NOPI shows which I must say I do love to attend. Everyone should do the same. We may not be well off like this "CHILD" but when companies gain to loss money they change their minds at times,. Look at POLARIOD.... Now I will byuy their products again.

2550 days ago


My thoughts are with John and his family, but I blame him and Nick both. John wasn't abducted or in any way, shape or form taken by surprise or ignorant to what was going on. They made a poor and dangerous race on a public road and endanger others. Nick should be punished severely for all of his bs, but it's wrong to act like John was forced into this and did nothing wrong.

2550 days ago

just wondering    

.." geez"...thankfully "sign" straightened it all out for u!!! hahaha...I got what u were saying!!!

2550 days ago

Boo Hoo    

This kid just doesn't get it. How doesn't he realize how offensive and cold his actions are? Really, hanging out at racetracks and blogging about his race car career after he put someone in a coma for street racing and speeding. What the hell is the matter with this kid and his parents?

2550 days ago

big joe    


2550 days ago


He's avoiding justice because his old man is Hulk Hogan, pure and simple. The cops love the big idiot.

2550 days ago

just wondering    

..opi..hopefully the public pressure in FLD will FORCE the police to do the right thing!!!!!!

2550 days ago


Nick can't become a hermit just to please you people. I'm sure he has issues having to deal with the fact that his bad judgement caused the injuries to his friend. Nick is responsible for the crash, but he still has to live his life. I know John can't go on "living his life" but Nick can't just curl up & die for you people. He has to deal with this his own way and will never please everyone.

PS. I could be wrong and I'm sure someone will correct me if I am, but I thought I read somewhere that John was not wearing a seat belt. No excuse for Nick's bad judgement, but a seat belt may have made a difference. Just a thought.

2550 days ago


Not an ounce of remorse. I will be glad when the law catches up with him and WINS!!!

2550 days ago


To Poster #3:

Good job reconsidering your opinion of Nick Hogan. He may or not be mentally retarded, but he sure acts like it. I hope they throw the book at him.

2550 days ago

just wondering    

...#86....I think the majority r just saying that there has been NO JUSTICE ...NO CONSEQUENCE for his actions...what he did is illegal !!!

2550 days ago


Anonymous is not so anonymous ... must be a Hogan, or more someone paid by a Hogan since this person can spell "anonymous."

FYI - It's not the fact that Nick is out of his house, it's that he says John "just hurt his head, that's all," continues racing, blogs about racing on MySpace and addresses his "friend" as an afterthought, and has yet to issue a single statement taking responsibility and expressing deep remorse that no human being with feelings should ever recover from.

2550 days ago


I cannot beleive the Hulk won some "Father of the Year" award...what a crock...his daughter looks and acts like a whore and his son nearly killed someone...some great dad!

2550 days ago
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