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Paris Goes Postal

Caught on Tape

11/1/2007 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't piss off Paris Hilton! She'll get you!

TMZ obtained this exclusive surveillance video of Paris gettin' royally miffed in a Toronto porn shop, after spying a cardboard cutout of herself -- hawking her sex tape!

Watch the entire clip here, showing a skeleton-hoodied Hilton demanding to talk to a manager, threatening to sue -- and then ripping down a display before leaving the store.

Hilton's manager tells TMZ that the store voluntarily gave her the cutouts.


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I don't see her "going ballistic" but she sure looks ridiculous. Like one store in Canada matters considering everyone knows what trash she is.

2546 days ago


sounds ike # 5 did fall for the tricks

2546 days ago


"ummm, I like totally want those posters down now!"

"you can't use my image in a porn store. that's disgusting!"

Paris Dear, you taped your disgusting self with an equally disgusting douche doing the nasty. Of course your image is in a porn store!

2546 days ago


Ditto, Paris Hilton is such a whore. I think the word that rhymes with hunt is more "fitting" but didn't know if my comment would be posted.

2546 days ago


Why is she allowed to do this?

2546 days ago


Sadly, our "wonky" eyed daughter is a drunken coke whore. She is an embarrassment to our entire family.
We prayed she would die while incarcerated.

Rick Hilton

2546 days ago

just wondering    

..lw..I missed that!! hahahahhaaha

2546 days ago


why was she going in that porn store anyway.......oh thats right thats the only kinda movies she watches caz she understands the plot

2546 days ago


what was skelawhore doing there in the first place

2546 days ago


#16 rick hilton lol , your mistake deal with it lol

2546 days ago


Most likeley, they are not legally allowed to display her picture when advertising the video.

So Paris has every right to be pissed off. It's an old tape and they're hawking it by showing her recent pictures which are copyrighted.

I can't blame her for being mad about it.

2546 days ago


She signed off on the old video because she legally could do nothing else,since her old BF was in the video and he published it.

But she did not sign off on having her recent pics displayed. That's why she was pissed. - and yes, she has every right to be.

Of course, taking on some stupid porn shop is a waste of time.

2546 days ago


15. If you pay attention to the audio:

Paris asks "Is there a manager here?"

Employee responds "WHY? ARE WE BEING ROBBED?"

F-cking Classic!

Posted at 10:24PM on Nov 1st 2007 by lw

Thanks for the laugh "lw" - i too found that question hillarious!!!

2546 days ago


What a psycho nutcase. She signed the release to sell the tape (so she could make money off of it; let her explain that one). At that time, she has NO say in how it's promoted or sold. She could have said no, but little miss Media Whore Princess decided it would be good for her "image". Well, her media whoring keeps catching up with her; she can't have it both ways. I guess in pair-ASS's "princess" world, signing your name to something means absolutely nothing.

What was this dumbass slut doing in a Toronto Porno shop in the first place?

2546 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

"Trying to improve my image" You sold it along with your parents blessings......Some things you gotta live with and grow from.....You have made a pretty penny from these porn flicks.....You want them, you'll have to pay BUT they will be FOREVER OUT THERE!
Your children will know and see them some day......Choices that you made will affect your ENTIRE life................................

2546 days ago
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