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Paris Goes Postal

Caught on Tape

11/1/2007 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't piss off Paris Hilton! She'll get you!

TMZ obtained this exclusive surveillance video of Paris gettin' royally miffed in a Toronto porn shop, after spying a cardboard cutout of herself -- hawking her sex tape!

Watch the entire clip here, showing a skeleton-hoodied Hilton demanding to talk to a manager, threatening to sue -- and then ripping down a display before leaving the store.

Hilton's manager tells TMZ that the store voluntarily gave her the cutouts.


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Amy Silverman    

Shut up you skank whore you made the porno and it made you "a celb" sorta-a trashy whorthless one but it made it. You are no socialite-the Real Hiltons and anyone with class avoids you like the herpies plague you carry

2527 days ago


Who does this psycho self entitled narcissitic freak think she is? Contrary to what the voices in your head may have told you, you are not the president! You are the epitome of low class immoral disgust. You can't even be categorized as homo Sapien. What happened to the prison crocodile tears of how much you've changed? Its sad and embarassing. White trash w/ money. You sold your soul to the devil for a small fortune, so shut up and enjoy it!

2527 days ago


Serious - I am still in semi stupor shock over " Sperm slurping Gutter Puppy myself"
It would be insulting if it wasn't so...... accurate. LOL

There is nothing on TV tonight that comes close to Ms. Hilton in her Halloween Porn Spectacular. I can't get over that she is actually indignant..............................................
She's the one who stars in the footage and she is Indignant?LOL
The Skeleton costume is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
I kinda get the feeling the clerk would rather be held up, than deal with her. ROFLMAO
The best part is that this is technically a real event....... Not a soundstage. That poor clerk.

2527 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Way to be an Ugly American, Parisite! Apologies to Canada, but it sure does smell better here without her skanky ass around. Maybe she's trying to get those pesky STDs taken care of in your health care system.

2527 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Wheres the footage of when she was back in the video booths? Why was she even there? Oh, I know. She was doing a field check because shes going to buy and tear down some of those places to build that half-way house she was telling everyone that the changed Paris was going to build, huh?

2527 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Gee 'alexb' (or whatever fake ass name you are using this time), you're so convincing! I'm going to rush over to one of your b.s. sites, waste my time, lose my identity, and any on-line security I ever had. Of all the spammers, you are Definitely the most annoying!!! Take your p.o.s. site(s) and shove it!!!!

2527 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Wow, alexbi, thanks for the heads up. I'm going to the site and signing up right after I vacuum my pickup truck. I'm even gonna get one of those pine tree air freshener thingies and hang it from my AM radio button. I can't wait to tell the boy's that I'm taking Paris Hilton out!

2527 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

'Don't taze me, bro' that's awesome you got a date/rental from a sham web site. Just be sure to run a virus scan on your computer and body after it is all done! Either one is sure to infect you! Hope the tree smells nice and impresses her. At least it will cover up the smell of your new found friend. Be careful! Cheers!!!

2527 days ago


Hilton could have had the original tape banned from being sold. She declined, and has cashed in on the notoriety of that tape ever since. TMZ was right. Her sleazy swearing and low-class antics in this store fit her to a T. By the way, the video doesn't show everything she did in that store. And her "manager" acted like a creep.

2527 days ago


To Koofus...


2527 days ago


Way to go!! She wont let them profit off of her cardboard cutout, but she'll let them video tape her being a nut and then let them sell that video for a profit to the news. SWEET! Looks like they made out either way.

2527 days ago


being a nut or getting a nut???

2527 days ago




2527 days ago


stupid is as stupid does.

2526 days ago


I don't blame her...........everybody wants to run her down and everything but she is a piece of gold to everyone who wants to use her image.........Way to go Paris!

2526 days ago
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