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Paris Goes Postal

Caught on Tape

11/1/2007 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't piss off Paris Hilton! She'll get you!

TMZ obtained this exclusive surveillance video of Paris gettin' royally miffed in a Toronto porn shop, after spying a cardboard cutout of herself -- hawking her sex tape!

Watch the entire clip here, showing a skeleton-hoodied Hilton demanding to talk to a manager, threatening to sue -- and then ripping down a display before leaving the store.

Hilton's manager tells TMZ that the store voluntarily gave her the cutouts.


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What's Up With That?    

TMZ-YOU GUYS KIND OF SUCK, you really do.

I am not a fan of Paris, but give me a break. Words are powerful, and your choice of words in the title of Paris Goes 'Postal' is exaggerated and simply just sensationalism.

I watched the video and she used some profanity (not that big of a deal, particulary under the circustances) but my perception of her behavior was that she conducted herself quite collectedly, strongly, and was assertive, and good for her, and even entered the store in disguise to not draw unwanted attention to herself (unlike Brit The Brat). At least she's actively practicing damage control to her reputation and trying to go in a more positive direction as she moves forward in life.

If this is your idea of going 'postal', you have no clue of what acting 'postal' looks and sounds like (ask my ex...ha!).

Your reputation is not that great, and this is a good example of why. Your credibility would take a hike for the better if you'd tone it down and stay within something closer to reality; was it just a slow news day for you?

I've seen this a lot on your site, and it's the first time I've commented about it , not that my opinion will make make diddley-squat difference to you, but there's strength if numbers. If anyone else thinks the same, please speak-up.

2544 days ago


If Paris were truly upset about the sex tape, then:

1. She wouldn't be using that tape to claw her way to the top of the "celebutard" heap.

2. She would be more careful about wearing undies and showing her girly bits for fun and attention all over the world.

3. The songs you sing, the videos, the emcee events are all the same. You're selling sex. It's all you have going for you.

Actions speak loudly, Paris.

2544 days ago


To # 118 and 119 "Justin"

Maybe I can speak in your language, although I'm not sure......

You stupid, you crasy. I see you profile many time.

We not buying because you big joke.

There. How's that?

2544 days ago

The Duke    

Ms. Hilton neither 'ripped' down the cut-outs of herself or had a 'tantrum'. She simply took the cutouts down from the wall. The choice of adjectives in this article makes all the difference, eh? Also, if she was having a 'tantrum', I would expect her to be screaming and crying or yelling. She is doing none of those things. She asked that the display be taken down as the store cannot use her copyrighted image and threatened to call her lawyer. So whats the big deal here?

2544 days ago


Look at the guy with her. He is laughing while holding his camera.She calls the paps,Spurs(post 110) has it right.This video is nothing more than some bad acting.This is a preview of what to expect in her upcoming movie.

2544 days ago


What's Up With That-

Threatening people is not the same as being "assertive". Let me explain something to you-what you see as "collectedly, strongly and assertive" behavior I find to be quite the contrary-that is to say, I found her behaviour to be arrogant, disdainful, oppressive and completely disrespectful. As for painting the disguise as a tactful manouver so as not "to draw unattention", I see it a different way because

1. It failed

2. If you REALLY DON'T WANT ATTENTION-then just have your lawyer make a phone call.

As always, her antics continue to cement her as a reprehensible and repulsive individual with deep character flaws and until people stop validating this conduct by paying her, she will continue to unleash her scourge upon the earth.

2544 days ago

Richard O'Rielly    

I don't know what word to use; stupidity or hypocrisy. She wants her pictures taken down because she doesn't want such but she doesn't mind about the tapes which obviously must be in the store since her pictures/posters were there. She signed a contract for the distribution of her tape; you could get a tape of Paris, having sex, from that porn store (probably) but you're not allowed to see her pictures there? Weird. What boggles my mind even more is that she was disgusted at her pictures being displayed there, LOL; she really is crazy.

2544 days ago


Maybe sales were down and she was trying to get her videos put in the top slot again.

It does tend to draw attention BACK TO the video itself, doesn't it?

The Halloween costume is just adding a little theatrical flair. If she didn't want anyone to know who she was, she wouldn't have gone in person.

If she were truly indignant, she would have marched right up there, shown her face and got down to business.

She obviously knew there were cameras in there, hence the "disguise". Then why show her face to make SURE they knew who they were dealing with. It just seems odd, doesn't it?

2544 days ago


Paris, you made your bed and now you're going to have to lay in it. Everyone makes mistakes, but sex is a sacred thing, and shouldn't be shared with anyone other then your husband. Go to church and get some morals, and just another thought, what were you doing in a porn shop anyways, if that place is so disgusting?

2544 days ago

What's Up With That?    

...can't believe I'm defending her...I need to get a life...but the tape is out there and she has no control over that, and was trying to get them to remove the cardboard cut-out of her off display, which they weren't legally enitightled to display - good for her - at least she's actively trying to control what she can that's in her best interest (unlike Brit The Brat).

2544 days ago


It is NOT Paris!

2544 days ago


She made a mistake, haven't we all? At least she's trying to clean up her own mess.....I agree with What's Up With That?

2544 days ago

What's Up With That?    

"THE REALITY": Thanks for straightening me out via your "REALITY", but then reality is a matter of perception.

2544 days ago


Good for her!!

Reguardless of what she has done in the past, enough is enough, leave her alone, instead of following Paris's life let's concentrate on the things that are going on in our own backyard.
In case TMZ forgot we are at WAR, Cali just almost burnt to the ground, each day a child is killed by a gun... there are more important thing to talk or think about.

2544 days ago


The world knows she's a whore. It's a bit too late and completely pathetic for slutty Hilton to be worrying about her image.

2544 days ago
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