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Rev. Al to Dog Chapman -- March With Me!

11/1/2007 1:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a letter that Reverend Al Sharpton has sent to Duane "Dog" Chapman, after Dog contacted him yesterday. Here's the full text:

Dear Mr. Chapman:

I received your call while on the road promoting a March I am leading on the United States Justice Department on November 16th in Washington, DC, against hate crimes and racial attacks around the country. The revelation of your conversation came at a time that is most frightening to a lot of people because we are in a state of crisis with the proliferation of racial attacks, hate crimes, and bias incidents in the United States and abroad. In fact, Abraham H. Foxman, the Executive Director of the Anti-Defamation League and I released an unprecedented joint statement today because of this climate. Even more concerning to me though is that the Justice Department and the federal government have failed to intervene in cases all over the country of racial bigotry and hate which is the reason we are having our march on Nov. 16th in front of the Justice Department.

As a minister I would be inclined to meet with you despite the racist and grotesque things I heard you say, but I am not willing to rearrange my schedule around the country building up for this march to do so. If you wish to meet with me somewhere on the road that is fine, but be assured that I will not sanitize the kind of hate language that leads to the hate action that has left so many people vulnerable in America today. The company that airs the show has the right to take steps by any means when there is a public display of a character of bigotry. We did not call on your company's action but we will not call against your company's action, because what was said in private is now public, and they have a right to deal with their public perception.

If you are sincere that this does not reflect you, you should not only meet with us, but you should march with us on November 16th and call on the government of the United States to protect people, that unlike you don't have publicist, don't have lawyers, and don't have any protection. They used to have the protection of the United States government.

In Progress,
Reverend Al Sharpton
President of National Action Network

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It was a private conversation! Can you imagine what you would hear people say in a private conversation? I'm sure there are alot worse things said everyday but not everybody gets to hear them. I'm sure Sharpton has said a few choice words before. No one is perfect.

2498 days ago


I'm so sick of hearing about what the whites say, how about what blacks say. Do you hear white singers saying the N word in their songs? NO! Do you hear it in the rappers songs YES along with bit** and ho and N word and everything else under the sun. Why don't they get in trouble and have to apologize Sharpton. Sounds like a one way street to me. So quit your whining and start practicing what you preach!!!!!!!!!!!

2498 days ago


I totally agree with Carol it was a private conversation that should of stayed that way. Duane Chapman's son is just a spoiled little brat who wasn't getting his way so he turned on his father. Shame on him. Case closed No one should have to apologize again and again or go on some march with Al Sharpton. I've heard some african americans saying worse than the N word. I do not agree that it should be used by anyone ever. The hate has to stop somewhere.

2496 days ago


#30 You're making an assumpation that Carol is white! How do you know she is? You, like a lot of others, either didn't hear the part where this"perfectly innocent little angel", threaten to bodily harm on his family; or more likely that you just don't care!!!! He said the N word--so find a big tall tree and a short piece of rope. You are just as bigoted as the next person after your comment to a perfect stranger. There are a lot of black people who are in support of Dog. You do not speak for all black people. Not all white people support him either. I did hear the part about her threats on his family, and I too would defend my family. That is why he fired his son. He knew she would be coming around the business. It's his business, he started it and therefore has every right to say who should or shouldn't be allowed there. Irregardless, it was a private issue and should have remained that way.

2488 days ago


Dog enough is enough you are more a man than all those hippocrates.
you have apologized on Larry King Live and the Hannity show. Walk proud and tall all these people are blowing things way out of porportion. Time heals and all you need to do is take care of yourself and concentrate on your family and beautiful wife. In the end these are the people who really care about you and of course your fans. I miss and love your show but I can wait till it comes back. Within time things and people will get over it. God has forgiven you and that is what counts. I wish I could talk to you on the phone because you have thousands of fans in TEXAS. Hang in there and stop apologizing. Look at that Monique (in my book she is a snake) look she is on the tabloids selling liquor to minors or purchasing it. Let her apologize to the kids family and put her on National Enquirer she will get what is coming to her in the end they will pay for what they have done to you.

2486 days ago

Sheila Yvonne Legrande    

Rev. Sharpton Sir,
I sent you an envelope concerning my son Kalvin Michael Smith. He was wrongfully convicted and the Duke Innocence Law group has been trying to get, the DA here in Winston-Salem, NC to drop his charges to no avail. If you would please call me at 336-293-7853 any time after 6 in the evening. We need help and hopefully you would publize this issue. My son case is on the internet @kalvin Michael Smith Silk Plant Shop. All evidence show the
DA had the right man , a white man and let him leave the state. There were wittinesses
that identified this man and the detective withheld evidence. My son is in the worst prison camp in the state Caldonia in Tillery, NC. The DA will not do anything unless this issue is brought to public attention, I feel. I begging you to please give the case a few moment of you reading time. A desperate mother. Ms. Shelia Legrand ,1153 E. 15th St. Winston-Salem, NC 27105.

2482 days ago


your the best!!!! i love you!!! keep up the good work!!! it will all be ok!!!!

2512 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

Duane Chapman is a convicted murderer, and belongs in prison.

2512 days ago


WHO CARES? BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After this March he still be a rasict. GET OVER IT,

2512 days ago


Regardless of what was said. Why does everyone 'repent'? Sorry but forgiving is nowhere close to forgetting. Everyone will remember.

The Dog house is closed here.

2512 days ago


That mullet will be quite the bright yellow bullseye.

2512 days ago


I think its too late. Kissing ass isn't going to help now.

2512 days ago



2512 days ago

jimmy jam    

Dog wasn't convicted for murder numbskull.
He was convicted of being WITH a person who commited murder.
Learn your facts or shut thee pie-hole.

2512 days ago


Rick Fox can spill precious fuel but people care about what the Dog said. Why?

2512 days ago
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