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Rev. Al to Dog Chapman -- March With Me!

11/1/2007 1:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a letter that Reverend Al Sharpton has sent to Duane "Dog" Chapman, after Dog contacted him yesterday. Here's the full text:

Dear Mr. Chapman:

I received your call while on the road promoting a March I am leading on the United States Justice Department on November 16th in Washington, DC, against hate crimes and racial attacks around the country. The revelation of your conversation came at a time that is most frightening to a lot of people because we are in a state of crisis with the proliferation of racial attacks, hate crimes, and bias incidents in the United States and abroad. In fact, Abraham H. Foxman, the Executive Director of the Anti-Defamation League and I released an unprecedented joint statement today because of this climate. Even more concerning to me though is that the Justice Department and the federal government have failed to intervene in cases all over the country of racial bigotry and hate which is the reason we are having our march on Nov. 16th in front of the Justice Department.

As a minister I would be inclined to meet with you despite the racist and grotesque things I heard you say, but I am not willing to rearrange my schedule around the country building up for this march to do so. If you wish to meet with me somewhere on the road that is fine, but be assured that I will not sanitize the kind of hate language that leads to the hate action that has left so many people vulnerable in America today. The company that airs the show has the right to take steps by any means when there is a public display of a character of bigotry. We did not call on your company's action but we will not call against your company's action, because what was said in private is now public, and they have a right to deal with their public perception.

If you are sincere that this does not reflect you, you should not only meet with us, but you should march with us on November 16th and call on the government of the United States to protect people, that unlike you don't have publicist, don't have lawyers, and don't have any protection. They used to have the protection of the United States government.

In Progress,
Reverend Al Sharpton
President of National Action Network

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Did I miss a meeting or something? When did Al "Twaana Browley" Sharpton become the moral compass for rasism in this country? and why do people think by kissing his butt, they will be absolved of their racism?

I guess it takes a racist to absolve a racist...

Truthfully, I'd rather live with the stigma of being racist than kiss the "so-called" Reverend's flabby, fat butt...

2551 days ago


what if DOG is in on it....what if, him and his son wanted the big story for National Enquirer, to make some dough....Though, knowing it would tarnish his public image, he would have to apologize, those who forgive him do, those who don't, don't. but i'm sure the pay day was big. Why the hell would his son turn on him, when they work together and everything else. I'm just saying.

2551 days ago


I knew it was only a matter of time before Al Sharpton was on this... What Dog said was not cool but there are so many good things that he has done and continues to do that it would be a shame to lose this show over a stupid and greedy move by his own son and his girlfriend. The fact is that Dog has always been someone who openly makes mistakes and learns from them and uses that to show others by his example. Maybe this can actually be a good thing and progress can be made instead of just another show cancelled or radio DJ fired because of a greater issue.

Oh, and the Enquirer should be ashamed for paying for something that would knowingly cause even more racial tension. The day will come when all of these celebrity rags will get what they deserve.

2551 days ago


Well, here we go again. Celebrity loses it, goes on a tirade where he/she uses racial epithets, then apologizes and promptly has to kiss Al Sharpton's golden ring. Cant a celebrity just apologize and make amends without having to give Al Sharpton more airtime and publicity? Who appointed this guy the Grand Poobah of race relations?

2551 days ago


Sucks for Dog but he should not have given his son such a hard time. If his son wanted to date a black girl then the DOG should have simply stopped using the N word and support his son and showed both of them Love....this is the part that everyone should be mad about. All of you hot headed people are mad because he used some word?!?!?!....come on people

The dog is saying he was mad at his son for many reasons not just the dating issue....i know that when 95% of people get mad they run off at the mouth meaning nothing they say. It is really ahsame that this tape was made public...if his son wanted to do the right thing the last thing he should have done was sale the tape...maybe it is to get back at his Dad, and he knows how to make him mad?!?!? people jump to conclusions to fast.

2551 days ago


Comment for "get real", lets not forget who sold their own people into slavery, its tired already. It is SERIOUSLY time for black people to get real and get over it. Why should I pay for something that I did'nt do. Move on, or stay in the past. We ALL know how slavery started. And who cares anyway, this is the 21 century. It happened, but it will never happen again. You call us racist pigs, I don't see any white american month. If we have white pride we are either KKK or skin heads. You are a joke and so are your screwed up views. what a joke, there are starving people all over the world and y9ou people are worried about a stupid word. IDIOT

2551 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Let it go people, let it go!!

2551 days ago


Racism is just WRONG, whether it be in private or not. Ones private conversations, especially when it involves a family member, reflects true feelings. A&E should never let Dog make any more shows, or be on TV under A&E name at all.
I happen to be Caucasian, have never been a racist, and do not associate with anyone who is. We are all human beings, and GOD does not see color!
Just my opinion, and I am entitled to it.

2551 days ago

how dumb    

#1 - I am absolutely appalled that A&E has suspended Dog's show over this (if, in fact, that is true). Regardless of how offensive he was, this was a PRIVATE conversation between him and his son. Its not fair that because someone taped and aired it, his job is now in jeopardy.

People keep saying "because its public now"..... well, that was NOT Dog's choice for it to become public. Does that mean that EVERYONE should face consequences at their jobs (or anywhere else for that matter) because of private conversations they have in their homes?? Someone could easily tape record YOU and play it for YOUR BOSS.. how many people would keep their jobs then??

Also - I watched a Chris Rock special last nite.. he must have used the words "cracker", "honky" and "n*g*er" a million times. Why is THIS OK?

2551 days ago


First of all, let's hear it for REV Al. you rock!!! Cut that mullet , oop's extention wearing fool.
Who cares what race your son is dating! Get a grip, and move on dog!

2551 days ago


I don't know what to think, it is hard to believe he is truly racist considering most of the people he helps are not white and it would be hard for him to pretend not to be bothered by these people but you cannot mistake the horrible things he was saying! I for one really am shocked.

2551 days ago


man.... al sharpton.... a joke of a man! HE doesn't care about helping Dog... all he wants is more ppl for his rally! If he doesn't want to help him he should say so and not suggest he should come to a march where he will be ridiculed and hated on and threatened. That won't do ANYTHING. What he did is WRONG and sharpton has all the right in the world to tell him NO I DON'T WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU, but instead he is turning this into a campaign. Sharpton KNEW that this would be leaked to TMZ, (I bet his ppl leaked it too) so this is like a commercial for what his march. He is nothing but a callous businessman.

2551 days ago

All American Girl    

It was a private phone conversation. He really owes no aplogy. It never should have been taped for the public to hear.

2551 days ago


Al Sharpton can do us all a favor and march into the sea and its O K with me if he takes Dog Chapman with him, now get back to Britney Spears !!

2551 days ago



MORAN is not a race...are you really that stupid?

2551 days ago
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