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The Order That Changed Everything for Brit

11/1/2007 8:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BritneyTMZ has obtained another document in the Brit/K-Fed custody war, and we turned up the order that may have changed everything.

It was signed on September 28, 2007 by L.A. County Court Commissioner Scott Gordon. We know Gordon signed it after he heard evidence that Britney might have been driving without a valid license. The order, scribbled in handwriting, reads, "At all times, the minor children shall be transferred in a properly insured and registered vehicle, which shall be driven only by a properly insured driver who has a current and valid driver's license. In all vehicles, the minor children shall be restrained in an age/weight appropriate child safety restraint."

The order was signed the same day -- a Friday. The following Sunday, TMZ got a shot of Britney driving her kids in Malibu -- without a valid California license. The next day, K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went into court and, citing the TMZ video, moved to suspend Brit's custody rights. The judge granted the request. For Britney, it was downhill from there.


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I think they need to leave her alone it is her business what she does as long as she is taking care of the babies they need their mother and she needs them. If she is going to get through these issues she needs her boys and family around. Kevin needs to support her no RAKE THE BANK he wouldn't have anything if it wasn't for her she made him who he is and righ now that is nothing.

2512 days ago

patsy stone    

If she only knew how lucky she is to have two healthy kids... people never know what they have.....

2545 days ago


Drop Dead you Cat Funt!

2545 days ago

Monitor all your favorite celeb gossip sites at !!

2545 days ago


can't we move past her screw ups and move onto his. for christ's sake, he cannot possibly be a better parent than she is... they're both kind of screwed up. he just wants as much of her money as he can get his lazy ass hands on... where are his other two children... doesn't seem as interested in them or making the other baby momma look bad. she doesn't have brit's assets. of course brit's gone wild. so who wouldn't with her money, power, and years of being suppressed by first the controlling managers, a possible stage mother, and then that lazy money grubbing low life. he must have something special between his legs is all i can say. brit! honey, get a couple of fabulous nannies and tell the world to go to hell. xoxo

2545 days ago


Thanks to Harvey Levin and TMZ once again. Harvey's training as a lawyer and his journalistic skills rack up scoop after scoop in legal cases. THANK YOU HARVEY.

2545 days ago


And so TMZ, you feel justified and satisfied for stalking Britney with your mental midget pap's?

Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttt.

2545 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

That judge is being WAY to hard on her .. I have a grip of friend that don't have Valid Drivers License .. and they got pulled over with their kids in the car and the cop just let them go with No ticket or anything .. Brit was Driving without a license but she didn't even do anything wrong for the police to pull her over .. she was just video taped driving perfectly safe .. and he throws the book at her .. total BS!! She needs to Appeal

2545 days ago


that's just stupid. she had a valid lic... Granted, that you need to get a new one when you move to a diff. state in so many odd days. But it's not like she was an Unlicensed driving (never lic.) or suspended driver.. her insurance would have still covered if an accident occured. to lose your parental rights for that is ludacris. and any first time parent will be the first to tell you they have screwed up too.. and some, More that her.. it's parenting you learn. leave her alone..

2545 days ago


Are you people 12 or something? Who the hell wold want children in the care of Britney Spears?

2545 days ago


#9, you are totally clueless. IT WAS A JUDGES ORDER.

2545 days ago


KGB = KFed and Gordon watchin Britney!

2545 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Congrats, tmz. Keep touting your own horn - blow it hard. Feel better that now the Spears children are in a safer environment? Did your good deed, huh? Well then, I'd say your work is done here, time to move on wearing your red capes to save all of the unfortunate innocent children out there - there are many, many worse off than the Spears children - go for it and give this one a rest.

P.S. Why didn't Britney's lawyers go in and cite tmz's story about Kevin lighing up on the set of whatever that show is?

2545 days ago


Dios mio! dejen a esa chica en paz, no se puede ser tan sensacionalista, Britney es un ser humano que comete errores ccomo cualquiera de nosotros. No somos perfectos, al menos en Puerto Rico si tienes licencia extrangera y esta vigente se te permite conducir, hasta 120 dias. hello!!! la licencia es valida!!!!!!!

2545 days ago


This Judge is being way to harsh... She should have shared custody of those children, she has passed drug tests, more than 1,,,,,,,and the monitor found no type of abuse in the home. This seems so ridiculous on Hear Say...... the Facts are in, she has passed those tests why are her children being held from her? That is the question I would like someone in Law to answer. And why Has Mr. Kevin not been given the same tests and if he has what were the results..This judge seems very uncomfortable with making a ruling and being Judged himself...and he has taken a very safe and wait and see attitude. If there is a reason for this I would certainly like the Judge to tell us all why this mother can not have her children back where they belong, and with their mother whom loves them very much that is obvious to any one that is a mother who sees Britney with her boys..We take our kids out with us all the time, that is nothing unusual. Britney Spears more so than other stars is being followed and hounded, the other stars obviously don't care for it, she has decided to have fun with it, she knows it isn't going to change at the moment so she has to roll with it the best way she can...

2545 days ago
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