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Brit Ran Over Another Foot -- This Time, It's a Cop!

11/2/2007 4:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears drove over a Los Angeles County Sheriff deputy's foot when she left the courthouse at her last custody hearing! Drivin' properler is hard, y'all!
Britney Spears
TMZ has learned that an officer on duty at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in L.A. was trying to help Brit leave her custody hearing, when Brit rolled over her foot! The officer was one of the brave souls helping Brit maneuver through a crowd of photogs as she pulled out of the garage. In the video, broadcast live on TMZ on Oct. 26, you can hear an officer yelling at Spears to "Make a left, make a LEFT!" -- but the Pumpkinmobile ding-danger went right!

Sources tell TMZ that the victim has no broken bones but is hobbling around the courthouse on crutches and has been reassigned to light duty. Just a week earlier, Spears ran over the foot of a TMZ photog in Beverly Hills.

TMZ will try to get the officer's sock to sell on eBay.

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Yep I agree people should have enough common sense to move out the way.

Its not like she plowed through the crowd , I'd be tempted to if everywhere
I went there was a sea of photographers in my effing way.

2549 days ago


While I believe this girl is a psycho...... This one may not her fault.

2549 days ago


Must be a slow day TMZ!! Gosh I do believe that pedestrians are supposed to be on a sidewalk. Did your mother every teach you not to play in the road. You guys need to give it a break and give her some breathing room let alone room to drive..

2549 days ago


Oh my god papparazzi! I can't believe you haven't pushed her to suicide. If you weren't all attacking her car w/bodies and flashbulbs, the court officers wouldn't have to be so close to her car trying to direct her out. BACK UP ALREADY IDIOT PAPARAZZI!!!!!!!!! ugh

2549 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

next time someone tries to help her, she needs to listen!!

2549 days ago


1. Oh my

Posted at 3:06PM on Nov 2nd 2007 by Jess

Wow Jess ,thats all I can say also .Oh My ...Oh my ...

2549 days ago


she probably couldn't hear the officer yelling because of the ridiculous amount of people with no lives surrounding her car. a race car driver would have problems leaving a scene like that because, well, there's nowhere to go.

britney spears isn't stupid. anyone who has marketed themselves, in the way that she has, obviously knows what they are doing. so you can mock her and "ding dang" her all over the place, but she could buy your asses ten times over.

know why? because her new cd is going to be #1 and you, tmz, are almost fully responsible for that one.

2549 days ago

Not that Bad    


Not her fault.

2549 days ago


Take away her drivers license, ya'll!

2549 days ago


Okay, you know what - I've had it. This girl is obviously a mess of her own making - she's ignorant, trashy, snotty, and arrogant, but you paps are only making a bad situation worse.

Frankly, it's the paps fault she ran over the cop's foot. I mean, really how can you think Britney Spears is going to know left from right, but she wouldn't need a police escort if everyone would leave her alone.

We get it - she's a train wreck. Do we really need a picture/video of every move she makes? Enough is enough.

2549 days ago


If all those damn fools would just let the girl drive rather than mobbing her car, these accidents wouldn't happen.

2549 days ago


Yes, people should back away from the vehicle. But why, why, why, WHY hasn't she hired a driver? For God's sake... everything that happens while she's at the wheel is her fault, as long as she insists on driving herself.

At least the kids weren't in the car.

2549 days ago


not that I am defending brit-brit but c'mon, these guys are practically on the hood of her car, she can't manuever the vehicle and then people wonder why their feet get ran over. There should be a law that the paps have to stay at least 3 feet from her car. surrounding her is just ridiculous. it's insanity.

2549 days ago


Please stop calling her car the pumpkin mobile...

2549 days ago



2549 days ago
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