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Brit Under Investigation by LAPD

11/2/2007 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD is conducting an investigation into a traffic mishap Friday, when Britney Spears ran over an L.A. County Sheriff deputy's foot.
Britney Spears
We're told the "traffic collision complaint" was filed by the Sheriff's Department and the LAPD is conducting an "active investigation." We're told the LAPD is looking at the possibility of hit and run.

The incident occurred as Brit was leaving the L.A. County Courthouse after her custody hearing.

UPDATE: The LAPD tells TMZ "The LAPD is aware that Britney Spears was leaving the courthouse. We are also aware that a deputy was injured. The LAPD is unable to confirm the details on the deputy's injury because the investigation is in its initial stage."


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MAMA didn't school her y'all....pimped her out....Brit's a MoRoN.....No one cared.

2485 days ago


why doesn't she just hire a driver,,,
oh that is right, she likes the attention...

her driving skills are lacking to be in the types of environments she puts herself in...

2485 days ago


I still can't believe she makes 737,000 dollars a months and spends it all! that would take me like 20 years to make that much money!

2485 days ago


is this over running over the sheriffs foot??? come on...this is getting old!

2485 days ago


What do they expect with so many people surrounding her car!! Another thing any smart person would keep your feet away from the tires!!!!!!!

2485 days ago

Dawn Day    

You better believe that if I had her money that I'd never be behind the wheel again! But remember folks, SHE LOVES THE PR. While most of us would think it a luxury to be carted around in a limo, she wants to be SEEN. She's an attention whore. I believe she places her self worth on everyone in her face no matter what she might be doing. Something I'll never understand.

I mean c'mon, there are LOTS of celebrities and the SMART ones have figured out how to stay out of the 'limelight'. She craves the attention....just like Paris Hilton. Remember when all eyes were on her with her jail sentence, etc.? These people know exactly how to be in and out of the paps view if they want!

2485 days ago


Keep it up TMZ and the rest of your morons who chase her everywhere she goes. Someone's foot getting ran over is going to be the least of the problems that's waiting to happen to an innocent bystander. She's a trainwreck - there's breaking news for you. She's the next Anna Nichole Smith - there's a news flash for you! Leave her the hell alone. We get it already.

2485 days ago
38. Freebies & Deals    

OMG i think its time to hire a driver and only go out when you have to otherwise just hide in your house for a few months.

How can someone have that much bad luck?

2485 days ago

Really now    

If what TMZ is reporting about the Sheriff's Dept and the LAPD is true, these places must be filled with complete idiots. In all that confusion somebody's foot is likely to be run over and the truth of it the driver of the vehicle would not necessarily even be aware that it has happened. Hit and Run indeed! Thanks to this site which is consistently referred to on CNN you now have a global audience. Please dont embarass the country anymore with this nonsense. In fact the police should have set up barriers so that the paps could only take their pictures from a distance. Imagine accomodating such a clear security hazard in close promity to a court of law. "Land of the Free" and "Home of the Brave", this kind of bootstrapping to try and destroy celebrities and other successful people is not the way. Small wonder why so many US companies are outsourcing.

2485 days ago


with as much money as she makes...she could hire a damn driver! Even she must be sick of running people over

2485 days ago


Can you leave the F**&^%$ girl along. IT was an accident. You had stupid ass people following her car in the middle of the street what the helll do you expect. THIS JUST MAKES ME MAD... SHE IS HUMAN TOOO. NOT A ROBOT, SHE HAS FLAWS LIKE EVER1 ELSE, THE ONLY THING SHE'S IN THE SPOT LIGHT.

2485 days ago


We need to stop giving this pathetic creature ANY type of recognition or publicity, then hopefully, SHE WILL GO AWAY FOREVER!!!!!

2485 days ago


Well, if people keep bumping into her car of course she will eventually run over a foot.

2485 days ago


That cop from the sherriff's department looked like s/he was having a hard time manuvering between the car and mobs of people, and got ran over on accident. Not another hit and run!

2485 days ago


Los Angles county has way to much time on their hands apparently
Britney is now caught in their web, Her own doing but still now nothing will be to small or ridicules to focus on her or charge her with.

2485 days ago
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