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Britney - "Immune" to Getting Knocked Up?

11/2/2007 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears doesn't want another "adorable mistake" to join Sean and Jayden just yet, but it looks like she's been rolling the dice with her birth control for a while.

Life & Style reports that Brit-Brit was getting Depo-Provera injections every three months as a contraceptive, but thought it was making her gain weight, so she went on the pill. Problem is, "She's constantly forgetting where she put them," says an insider, "She seems to find it amusing -- she laughs at how scattered she is."

But some alleged hookups with "pals" Sam Lufti and JR Rotem could lead to yet more little Brits. Says a friend, "She seems to think that just because she isn't in a formal relationship, she's somehow immune to getting pregnant." Where do them little booboos come from, y'all?

Did Dog's Kid Sell Him Out for $15K?

Could the pup have thrown the Dog to the wolves? Duane "Dog" Chapman's lawyer says that it was Tucker Chapman -- the object of Dog's racist invective that was just revealed by the National Enquirer -- that sold the tape of his father's voicemail to the tabloid, for $15,000.

Brook Hart tells the AP that Tucker was pissed at his dad for his angry rant, and went to the Enquirer with the tape , just as Dog feared he might. Dog apologized to his son and his girlfriend, and learned how the tape got leaked. Wonder what his bark sounded like then.

Santana's Marriage Not So Smooth

Guitar hero Carlos Santana and wife Deborah have filed for divorce after 34 years, according to court docs.

Deborah filed for divorce in Marin County Superior Court on Oct. 19, citing irreconcilable differences, and she's alleged in the past that Carlos has been unfaithful. Even Carlos has admitted mistakes; he has said, "I sincerely apologized to her and to my kids when I wasn't in my right mind and did something hurtful."

The Santanas have three children, ages 17, 22 and 23.

Party Favors: Winehouse Will Appeal Pot Possession Fine ... Zeppelin Reunion Delayed by Jimmy Page's Busted Finger

Amy Winehouse's lawyer says that she didn't know that paying a fine for a marijuana bust in Norway was the same as a guilty plea, the latter of which could create problems for Winehouse working in the U.S. So, reports People, she's going to appeal the $714 fine. ... That big Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London on Nov. 26? Not happening until Dec. 10, because Jimmy Page fractured his finger, says FOX News.


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first britney needs to be put away. no one seems to see the danger here. next, i do not agree on what dog said.however its a shame to publish a private conversation. its no ones business. again, i dont agree in what he said, but i would go after anyone ,his son, reporters etc, anyone who had something to do with letting his home phone conversation leak. we dont even tape known terrorists.

2516 days ago


Dogg is a racist pig and deserves what he gets. Karma is a bitch. I have no sympathy for him. That said it was private conversation to a family member not public. If he said it in public i would definately say he deserves to have lose his job. But because it was private he has the right to believe whatever he wants...even if its arrogant,ignorant and generally disgusting.

2516 days ago


By the way i am a african american college educated man! i just believe Private thoughts and conversations should remain private. Dogg is just as ignorant as he looks though. I and hopefully all his fans have lost respect for him.

2516 days ago


Britney have all the sex you want really is no one's business. The only people that it seems to bother are the lonely hearts women that wish they were you ,and the loser males that wish they could bang you.............

2516 days ago


It's really a sad situation when your son sells you out for a few dollars. Perhaps Dog and his son need to work out their problems privately.................because this is a private matter...................not Al Sharpton's

2516 days ago

kim suck    

dear blam220--poor boy! you are a loser !! i know you hate alll white people! so F YOU!

2516 days ago

The Queen    

Actually, Amy may be saved thanks to John Lennon and his John Lennon law. This means that so long as it was under an ounce she may be ok. If she was arrested that might change it.

2516 days ago

mickey lou    

Whatever happened to family loyality?

2516 days ago

mickey lou    

Hey Tucker, how does it feel to bring the old man down? $15,000? How long will that last ya? Should of asked for a million, idiot!

2516 days ago


Tucker - you sold out your father for $15,000 - what a piece of garbage you are and for a person of another color to boot. Remember this Tucker, you can only have one father and one mother - wives, girlfriends - no matter what color, can be replaced. Was the $15,000 worth it? Nah. Enjoy it and remember what it cost you.

2516 days ago


It may be a personal choice, however....

BOTH Britney Spears and Kevin Federline should strongly consider never reproducing (with others) children again!

Britney, have a tubal ligation and, Kevin, get a vasectomy! The educators of the world already have FOUR of Kevin's offspring to manage as they enter either the public or private school system! The teachers and administrators are going to be pulling their hair out!

What would many young people do with $200,000 today? ....get a college education and, yet, many are struggling and/or dropping out due to the fact they can't sustain the interest rate of the college loans.

Britney Spears AND Kevin Spears are absolute (uneducated) riff-raff no matter how much money they have for their Hollywood and Las Vegas whoring parties and Starbucks! Their children together would be much better being placed for adoption by truly caring adults who would give them a real chance at life!

The only reason Shar Jackson emotionally and publicly supports Kevin with being a "good baby daddy of children born out of wedlock" is the fact that she reaps the MONETARY benefit of his current status of being on the long-term Britney Spears gravy train!

2516 days ago

He's Boring now    

So we dont have to hear any more of Carlos Santanas near worship remarks about how wonderful his wife has been to him and saved his life from drugs, etc, blah blah.

I know a relative who was 15 at the time and was approached by this phoney baloney Maharishi wanna be for sex.

Doesnt surprise me he hasnt been faithful to the one he claims he worships.

Plays great music, but preaches too much between songs about how we all have to love one another----Practice what you preach at home first/

2516 days ago

Yes I Said It    

V (#27) what's the problem that his girl was "of another color"? Would it have been less offensive if it was a person of the same color? Why should her color matter, idiot? People are people.
Obviously you have a problem with that. Just show's your hidden (or not so hidden) prejudices that you have for people "of another color" . Shame on you.

2516 days ago


What an ungreatful son. Not only has dog rented a house he also gave him a job in the family business. He would not have anything without Dog. Who would hire a drug dealer who just spent four years in prison. They way we grew up we keep family issues in the family. But Tucker the Ex-con figured money more important then family. What an idiot he will lose more then the 15k he got for the tape. In Hawaii how far will that go. He won't have a job a place to live and a family. Because if I was Leland Duane Lee or Lyssa I would not speak to him because it should have stayed in the family. It is going to cost them everything. He did not think that he wouldn't hurt only his father but his entire family. What a jerk

2516 days ago


Good thing he lives in America where it's ILLEGAL to record a conversation without the consent of both parties; then use that conversation to publicly defame someone. Get out your lawyers kids. Time for a lawsuit.

2516 days ago
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