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Britney - "Immune" to Getting Knocked Up?

11/2/2007 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears doesn't want another "adorable mistake" to join Sean and Jayden just yet, but it looks like she's been rolling the dice with her birth control for a while.

Life & Style reports that Brit-Brit was getting Depo-Provera injections every three months as a contraceptive, but thought it was making her gain weight, so she went on the pill. Problem is, "She's constantly forgetting where she put them," says an insider, "She seems to find it amusing -- she laughs at how scattered she is."

But some alleged hookups with "pals" Sam Lufti and JR Rotem could lead to yet more little Brits. Says a friend, "She seems to think that just because she isn't in a formal relationship, she's somehow immune to getting pregnant." Where do them little booboos come from, y'all?

Did Dog's Kid Sell Him Out for $15K?

Could the pup have thrown the Dog to the wolves? Duane "Dog" Chapman's lawyer says that it was Tucker Chapman -- the object of Dog's racist invective that was just revealed by the National Enquirer -- that sold the tape of his father's voicemail to the tabloid, for $15,000.

Brook Hart tells the AP that Tucker was pissed at his dad for his angry rant, and went to the Enquirer with the tape , just as Dog feared he might. Dog apologized to his son and his girlfriend, and learned how the tape got leaked. Wonder what his bark sounded like then.

Santana's Marriage Not So Smooth

Guitar hero Carlos Santana and wife Deborah have filed for divorce after 34 years, according to court docs.

Deborah filed for divorce in Marin County Superior Court on Oct. 19, citing irreconcilable differences, and she's alleged in the past that Carlos has been unfaithful. Even Carlos has admitted mistakes; he has said, "I sincerely apologized to her and to my kids when I wasn't in my right mind and did something hurtful."

The Santanas have three children, ages 17, 22 and 23.

Party Favors: Winehouse Will Appeal Pot Possession Fine ... Zeppelin Reunion Delayed by Jimmy Page's Busted Finger

Amy Winehouse's lawyer says that she didn't know that paying a fine for a marijuana bust in Norway was the same as a guilty plea, the latter of which could create problems for Winehouse working in the U.S. So, reports People, she's going to appeal the $714 fine. ... That big Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London on Nov. 26? Not happening until Dec. 10, because Jimmy Page fractured his finger, says FOX News.


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Hey 49.
"The public is getting VERY tired of the blatant hypocrisy."

How about a guy who calls everyone "my bra" and proclaims to be such a shining example to the people of Hawaii and in 2007 still uses the "N" word? I'd call that blatant hypocrisy.

2515 days ago

my2cents would appear that Dog's son Tucker's motive is not about concerns of racism but making money since he could have made the tape public without selling it to the Enquirer. LOL! Also, Imus used his position to make public remarks. Dog has not used his show or position to promote racism and his remarks were intended to be private. I am open to hearing HIS side and not just the son's who sold him out for money instead of out of concerns about racism. He has also apologized and seems sincere about wanting to make this right. I do not care for the word he used nor do I approve of anyone using it but this is a free country and we do have freee speech.

2515 days ago

name withheld    

Britney ain't that stupid. she'll abort the next mistake

2515 days ago


Odd how the entire DOG debacle has come and gone without even a word from Sharpton - clearly his not a big enough celebrity!

2515 days ago



Check your facts. It is not illegal in every state to record conversations. Especially those not between attorney and client.

2515 days ago


Tucker Chapman just got out of prision and is a total assh****. No matter what is said between a father and so it goes NO further than that.. TUCKER you better watch you ass my friend.. Leland and the rest of your brothers should kick the holyness right out of you. Granted what dog said was BAD BUT it was said behind closed doors NOTHING like Michael Richards or Imas IN PUBLIC.. Tucker your a tool..

2515 days ago


brits played out and run thru at such a young age....would ya hit it???...nope!!!

2515 days ago


Dog is white trash, and so is his family. This should be obvious to anyone who has ever watched his show. If he didn't have his own show, this would have played out on Jerry Springer with the rest of the trailer park contingent. LOL

2515 days ago


I will personally kick the ass of anybody on this blog who badmouths my favorite band, Led Zeppelin!

2515 days ago


it goes without saying that the bounty hunters comments are disgraceful, but the fact that his own son sold him out is a clear indicater that they are cut from the same thread.

2515 days ago


$15 K for selling out your own father, the Enquirer got off cheap, but I'm sure this little idiot thought it was a good pile o cash. Enough to keep him in his trailer for a year. After that, maybe he and his girlfriend will have to find jobs. Good luck with that.

2515 days ago


18. Dogg is a racist pig and deserves what he gets. Karma is a bitch. I have no sympathy for him. That said it was private conversation to a family member not public. If he said it in public i would definately say he deserves to have lose his job. But because it was private he has the right to believe whatever he wants...even if its arrogant,ignorant and generally disgusting.

Posted at 10:32AM on Nov 2nd 2007 by blam220

...ITA! the fact that he's a racist pig should not interfere with his right to say what's on his mind. you don't have to agree with what he says, but you shouldn't stifle him, or his right to say it. however, i don't think a&e had much choice but to axe the series. it's all about advertising dollars...

2515 days ago


brittany, I'm no MD, but I do not that taking the pill and smoking is dangerous.

2515 days ago
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