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Winehouse Bombs on European Music Awards

11/2/2007 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse was a last-minute addition to this year's MTV EMAs ... but she wasn't necessarily a good one.

The embattled, beehived singer performed her song "Back to Black" on last night's telecast, mumbling her way through the entire song -- rendering it barely recognizable!

Amy did manage to walk away from the show with an award, looking confused as ever when she was presented with the Artists' Choice trophy. For her acceptance speech, she managed to mutter a dazed "Thanks."


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I hope she gets help.

2549 days ago


Toooooooooo much wine????????????????????????

2549 days ago


To # 18 Whamo (& others)

I'm stunned that you (and many others) wish death on celebrities.

Why? Many times their lives are screwed up, just as ours are. Their screw-ups are caught on tape and paraded around for the world to see....which would obviously make it more difficult for them than those of us who have the ability to deal with our problems in private.

Yeah, she's a screwed up individual. Britney is a screwed up individual. Look around. There are lots of them.

But to take some sort of perverse pleasure in their pain is a little sick, don'tcha think?

My God. You'd think the human race wasn't far descended from flesh-eating monkeys who run amok, raid nests and devour the flesh of their own offspring.

2549 days ago


To OCD>>>>>>A bright star? Are you kidding me? This woman is not a bright star. Bright people don't look or act like her. I have never seen the fascination with her. Why doesn't she just go ahead and od already.

2549 days ago

Jane M.    

See what crack does kids?

2549 days ago

Sir Patty    


2549 days ago


TO # 22 Beefcakes

You don't have to approve of her looks or her lifestyle to be able to appreciate her voice.

Sinatra was a great singer although he was hooked into the mafia and was a profligate womanizer.

Dean Martin was a drunk and a womanizer.

The Beatles were talented musicians who toked, snorted and screwed their way through music history.

Elvis was a walking pharmacist.

Bob Dylan. The Doors. Jimi Hendrix. The list goes on and on.......

We're talking some of the biggest musical names in history.

They had talent. What they didn't have in their lives was a little self-control or sanity. Some gained it later, but all suffered (and those around them, too) because they didn't always have it.

Listen to the music. The trainwreck behind it is just the sad, personal sideshow.

2549 days ago


6. another 2 year's she will have a overdose.

Posted at 10:33AM on Nov 2nd 2007 by big joe from new york
Big Joe -by the look of it I'd say 2 years is a very generous prediction ,I'd say more like 2 days ,2 months tops .Wow that was more awfuller than Twitney ...lmao .

2549 days ago


ACTUALLY OCD.....there ARE people who act like flesh eating monkeys...(didnt know monkeys eat flesh...but whatever)....and there ARE people who run amok, raid nests, and devour the flesh of their own offspring. Soooo...we're already there!!! Welcome to earth!!


Happy Friday!

2549 days ago

Merry Christmas    

If they can ridicule Brit Brit's performance, they can certainly ridicule Winohouse. Hopefully, Wino won't breed!

2549 days ago


I walked past Amy Winehouse In London's Carnaby Street a few weeks back and everybody was like, Oh my god, is she OK. She was walking very fast and looked drugged up . So it comes to no surprise she messed up at the MTV Awards, my girl needs help or she will be dead soon.

2549 days ago


If anyone ever needed an intervention to save them from impending death, it is this poor girl. Such a pity.

2549 days ago


Hey, at least she showed up this time.
You people expect way too much from a crackhead.

2549 days ago


# 25 OCD ! HEY # 25 OCD !!!!!!

Couldn't have said it better myself. No one can make an intelligent argument otherwise!

Now everyone please shut the F up lol.

no no - before you start typing.... just shut the F up LOL

no really, there is nothing else you can say without only solidifying your own ignorance.

2549 days ago


Very pathetic. Here's a girl who was right on the verge of becoming a music star, but she's crashing and burning, all because of drugs. How sad is that.

2549 days ago
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