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Drew Carey's Got the Right "Price" for Pot

11/3/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget controlling the pet population, new "Price Is Right" host Drew Carey has his own cause -- medical marijuana. Come on down!

The funnyman teamed up with to take a look at the trendy area of Brentwood, Calif. to show how someone can find a place to buy an alcoholic or heavily-caffeinated beverage on nearly every corner -- while the federal government is cracking down on something that can treat the effects of cancer, glaucoma, HIV-AIDS, chronic pain and nausea. Let's see a mocha frappuccino do that!

Carey is hoping the government will reclassify medical marijuana so that those who need it can get it. Maybe he should just give an ounce away in the Showcase Showdown!


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d malt    

i'm not a doctor but i play one on T V

2543 days ago

d malt    

i forget ...whats the question

2543 days ago


Beefcake have you been thru or have had anyone that has had the pain that they want to legalize it for, well I have been in that situation so you cant tell me how I should think. Its not to get high you idiot So YOU shut Your piehole

2543 days ago


My uncle had colon cancer. He underwent Chemotherapy AND Radiation he had his rectum removed and reconstructed. He was so sick. They had him on so many pills and he dropped to about 120lbs. He is like 6'3" tall. He started smoking pot once or twice a day and stopped taking all of his pain pills. He started gaining weight again, and he LOOKED healthy. His oncologist told him to keep doing what he was doing even though she couldn't authorize it. He is now in remission and feeling healthy! He quit smoking the pot now that he feels better.... Please don't lie to me and tell me that pot isn't good for things! IT HELPED HIM.

2543 days ago


It is hard to understand why medical marjuana is important, unless you have seen a child on chemo puke his guts out for a day or more after chemo, when you know that you have seen another child having the same chemo asking for a sub sandwich after chemo because of marjuana. It is hard to understand if you have not been around someone in constant pain due to a dvt that was in their leg for over a month, and it killed, and abused all their nerve endings. You are watching them on morphine or opium, knowing it is killing their kidneys and liver, but you know they could not function without it. You know they are not using it to get high because they are on a time released version that only releases a small amount at a time, just enough to keep the nerve endings busy, but not enough to get them high, and still they are always in a bit of pain. The insane part is that there is a drug that has been used for thousands of years that might offer a safer solution, but because of how much less the drug companies would be making it is getting blocked. Then the sad part is there are people who are led by the nose to overlook all the suffering people, and just decide on the spot, that anyone who wants medical marjuana properly tested, has to be someone who wants to get high. If someone wants to just get high they can go sniff glue, paint, whiteout, or even cow patties. They do not have to risk getting arrested by having something illegal.

2543 days ago

The Marian Movement    

I totally agree. Once it is legalized more research will be done on it and it's effects. Like any "drug" some people can tolerate it with minimal side effects, others - the pain outweighs the gain. While it's illegal no one knows. I'm sure it has a place in the medical field. Pot numbs pain receptors. The problem is it is "natural" so you can't patent it so it has no $$$ to Pharmaceutical Companies. Hence it has never been recognized.

As an observation I would say it's the same as alcohol. Some people are cool, some due to their DNA end up bipolar. Not all people can drink. This does not mean pot doesn't have a place. Until it is legalized no one knows. For those that say legalizing will lead to abuse, I say legalizing will lead to awareness and an educated decision. Until a $$$ is attached no research is done.

Same as Echinacia. Indigenous Australians have been using it forever as an antibiotic but western medicine is reluctant to recognize it because it is natural and non patentable. We have naturally occurring drugs with less side effects, God was smart but big pharma rule the planet???

2543 days ago


Celebs and wealthyman on hold that it's not fair. I don't know how they live without Pot.

2543 days ago


Thanks Beefcakes, now you've done it. We can't get rid of her, can't kill her. Anybody got a joint? I don't smoke but I'm gonna star, er I mean, start now.

TO: d malt -- close enough for me (ha ha)

2543 days ago


Sure I can tell you how to think. But you can't reason with a pot-head. I do know that first hand. So go on being a drug addicted pot head and being the loser you probrably are. Ha! I understand if someone you know may be in chronic pain. That may be the exception. Maybe ythey should consider a move out to Cali if that is feasible. However, this sounds more likely than not your desire to smoke up. Now go put your mouth over your bong and choke up.......

2543 days ago


Echinacia is great. but the problem with many "natural" products is that they have effects on people using other medications that are not totally understood yet. We are about 100yrs worth of research away from understanding all of the effects. Case in point:Echinacia severely lowers the effectiveness of Insuline if your a type 1 diabetic. So, lets say. you just took Echinacia one hour ago. your eating now. You take some insulin ,3 units. Now, without Echinacia 3 units would do the job and lower your glucose to a normal level, However, with Echinacia you see your glucoes is going up at an alarming rate so you give yourself 7units. That does the job. Now your Echinacia effects start to wearoff 20 minutes later and that nearly triple dose of insulin now is forcing your glucose level so low now your about to go into a diabiec coma...............see, this happens every days to thousands of people using natural drugs. We just dont know not only the effects the yhave on all of the prescribed drugs, we dont know their strength of effect or duration. Also, My father had colo rectel cancer, he is 6'5"......he went down to 110. Very scare for me to see my dad fade a way like that. But he got better. without pot. See, he also had been using blood thinnning drugs,we wanted his blood thin, but he needed to keep up his iron levels because he has a skin desease. Pot, would have thined out his blood too much and would have depressed his iron levels. IN short words., if my dad used pot. He would have died. What I am tryingto say. Pot isNOT the miracle drug people here are tryingto get people to beleive. Also, you DONT need to smoke it to get the pain reducing effects. You can get it in shot form or pill form, You soon will be able to get it as a patch. The only problem is you wont get high. ,,,,,,Ah, there lies the rub! What do you wont more? to get high or to reduce pain?

2543 days ago


Some of the comments made by people here are just ignorant and plan stupid.
You really think legalizing medical marijuana is just an excuse to smoke weed? You are a fool and obviously don’t have a medical reason or know anyone that has a medical reason to smoke weed.
Medical Marijuana is far better for you and your body then ANY man made prescriptions, without a doubt. It’s natural and comes from the earth which God created. Medical marijuana has helped in ways that prescriptions can’t and has far less side affects.
I wish more celebrates would step and be an advocate. We have Montel Williams and now Drew Carey.
And the whole alcohol verse weed debate……remember people, alcohol at one point was illegal. It just became legal before marijuana did and now more research is being done that will one day shed the light on the wonders that Medical Marijuana can do for people.

PS-Beefcakes-you are truly a blind individual and live in your small self centered world….I feel sorry for you.
What a horrible way to live life.

2543 days ago


Drew Cary sucks but at least him being on the Price is right we don't have to see that sick show any more or worry about Rosie being on the Price is Right and having to watch that pig and listen to that big mouth bitch!

2543 days ago

Green eggs & ham    

YOU GO DREW - I am proud! The people who are in need, should have weed indeed...

2543 days ago

oops why alcohol is legal and pot not

2543 days ago


#37 comment about the "kid" driving high on weed and drove off a canyon. Let me ask you many "kids" drank and ended up killing themselves or others? Now how many "kids" smoked weed and ended up killing themselves or some homework before you add comments like that...what the hell is wrong with you?
Your screen name really suits you............good choice.

2543 days ago
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