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11/3/2007 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Walters made a special appearance on TMZ TV this week, and "The View" den mother was pissed.

Paris Hilton went postal in a Toronto porn store -- tearing the place apart after spotting a cardboard cutout of herself promoting her sex tape.

One booty-shaking drunk gave Britney Spears a special performance, after she got pulled over as she left Winston's.

Duane "Dog" Chapman was caught repeatedly using the N-word on tape this week, but his pastor tells TMZ the bounty hunter is not a racist.

Willy Wonka was nowhere in sight, but a bunch of Oompa Loompas ran amok in Vegas, getting serious action from a group of hotties.

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Paris in the skeleton suit is awesome! The clerk thought they were being robbed, bet they wish they were after she showed her face. LOL

2514 days ago


Barbara Walters is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. TMZ is the most vicious and mean-spirited site on TV or Internet. They thrive on making people look their worst. I know these celebrities put themselves out to be ridiculed, but Barbara Walters IS a journalist and she is 77 years old. She paved the way for every female journalist working today and the cheap jokes put on by TMZ at her expense was revolting. None of the female staff at TMZ would have a job if not for Barbara Walters you're not fit to carry her water. That bit was the lowest of lowdown, dirty little home movies that this piece of $H!T tabloid rag has ever produced. I hope you little snots sleep well knowing you hurt a woman who gave you your jobs.

2514 days ago


What kind of relationship could you have possibly had with your son - if he secretly tapes you off guard and sells it to the media, knowing it would ruin your career????????????????????/

2514 days ago


Good for Barbara. TMZ and other sites always trash those celebs who don't give them ammunition, i.e., drug use, DUI's, bed-hopping, nip slips, street brawls, etc. The bad boys and girls in Hollywood are worshipped by the writers on this site as long as they have great bodies. A celeb who is talented, but clean living is vilified. It happens all of the time and most of you join in to bring them down. Sad.

2514 days ago


Barbara Walters is a class act who paved the way for many in the broadcast industry.
Perhaps more people should try to learn from her.

2514 days ago

Janice Fan    

I think it's GREAT that she got a taste of what it is like for many of these young celebrities, INCLUDING BRITNEY SPEARS, who she passes judgement on every chance she gets BASED ON THESE TABLOIDS. So finally she sees how things can spin to be something they were not. NOW LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!

2514 days ago


IMO, Barbara Walters must have her hearing aid turned off (if she uses one) when she is on the View, because those women on that show can be just as mean spirited as any one else. I am sure the Views devotees will disagree. Got news for you. IMO, the women on the View can not possibly relate to the every day Joe or Jane. If you honestly believe they can, then IMO you are sadly mistaken.

2514 days ago


Suze...if you hate TMZ so much...why are reading it and why take the time to post something?? Dont be such a hypocrite!! You know you love it!!

2514 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

poor babwa

2514 days ago


TMZ - You can't find anyone else to boost your ratings? Picking on Barbara Walter is sort of like egging the house of an elderly couple and expecting it to be funny. Leave her alone - you're scraping the bottom of your barrel and it's rather sad.

2514 days ago


#2--VERY Well said!!!! That is the truth and that is all I have to say on the matter. Ditto #2.

2514 days ago


TMX is viscious as is

but they do know how to make a buck !!! Smut sells, smut sells.

2514 days ago

Juicy Couture    

Shame on you for picking on Barbara Walters. That is a low blow. And she does look fantastic for her age. She deserves an apology.

2514 days ago


Her new name should be Barbara Whaa-Whaa. This aged yenta thinks the paparazzi are making her life so miserable. Babwa made a spectacular living for 40 years because of the media. A little bit of media criticism aint gonna kill ya Babwa. Buck up and take it like a man.

2514 days ago

Brittlicker, NOT!    

i don't like Barbara walters, but i think she's right, TMZ trying to make news out of nothing is guys suck donkey meat! I'm done with your site. The Superficial is WAAAAY funnier, has less garbage, and doesn't waste time trying to "fill the pages" with crap.

2514 days ago
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