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Seinfeld to King: "Do You Know Who I Am?"

11/3/2007 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's hard to tell when comedian Jerry Seinfeld is joking and when he's serious, but he looked a bit perturbed when Larry King mixed up his details about Jerry's classic show. What's the deal with that?

On Thursday's "Larry King Live," the King asked Jerry if "Seinfeld" was canceled back in the day, and Jerry seemed genuinely shocked that Larry (his "Bee Movie" co-star) didn't know. "You think I got canceled?" Jerry shot back. "=I was the number one show on television=, Larry ... 75 million viewers in the last episode." Clearly, Larry is not master of his domain.

As Larry played it off and went to commercial, Jerry threw in one last zinger: "Can we get a resume in here for me for Larry to go over?" Zing!


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Larry is getting very mentally slow. The worst thing I saw him do was call Denise Brown "Nicole." she took it well. She corrected him. period. I have seen him mess up peoples names as well. Larry needs to retire.

2491 days ago


Come on Jerry let's not be too arrogant and ruin a good thing! And by the way that 75 million was for the last show, not every episode! I know as you can see my name in one of your credits, you know the one with the big boobs.

2491 days ago


Seinfeld sounds a little like Michael Richards when he demands respect based on his past glory. Jerry should shut up and get back to work on something better than 'Bee Movie.'

2491 days ago


...He's obviously joking.

2491 days ago

Jerry who?    

Jerry who? I never watched his show and don't even know it there are reruns. What an insecure, arrogant stooge. Uh, aren't comedians supposed to be funny? In any case neither of these people had crossed my mind until I stumbled onto this stupidity. Now whenever I hear about this idiot (Germain? Seinerflim? Whatever...) this bit will come to mind. Go back to Brooklyn. No one knows you here.

2491 days ago


I love Jerry Seinfeld, he's a genius. And I loved the show - as do millions. We watch those hilarious episodes over and over and they still make us laugh. And why wouldn't anyone be a bit ticked to be told their show was cancelled when indeed they made the decision as to when it would end, and after nine glowing years..
Jerry Seinfeld is a very successful man, and a little ego is a healthy thing.

2491 days ago


Without Larry David, Seinfeld is NOT funny.....he's just annoying.

2491 days ago


Larry is an embarrasment when it comes to interviewing people! He's too old! He's so out of it with pop culture! and he asks the stupidest questions! Time to retire Larry.

2491 days ago



2491 days ago

Jerry who?    

And by the way, King didn't say the show was cancelled. He was giving Jerry an opening for a comment. Not a fan of King, was just turned off by Germain. Jerrod? Jerky? He's as big an a$$mole as Tom Hanks.

2491 days ago


Man, that Seinfeld is so freakin' hot! I can barely stand it....

2491 days ago


Thank you for the laugh....Gee ,speaking of life imitating art.. Jerry's reaction would be perfect for his buddy on Curb Your Enthusiasm, which by the way is one of my favorite shows......Larry, tsk tsk, I bet Jerry doesn't reward you with over twenty pair of designer shoes like his wife did with Oprah for plugging her book. In the name of greed, when is enough ,enough Seinfeld? Take, take , take even someone elses you hide the newspapers from your kids Jerry? Is tricking them to eat veggies what really matters?

2491 days ago


Sorry, TMZ. This segment between King and Seinfeld came across asnothing more than joking banter to me.

2491 days ago


I met Seinfeld, by chance, in a St. Louis elevator in 1990.....he was arrogant then, he is arrogant now. I say this as a person who loved his show then and watch Seinfeld reruns frequently.

His remarks to Larry King were flip, not funny or humorous....................bordering on rude and embarrassingly disrespectful.

The person who played the part on TV is the same person in real life. Self centered, self absorbed and an ego the size of his income.

2491 days ago

Seattle Dude    

Seinfeld's extended and egotistical eruption was uncalled for. Larry made a humble misstatement and tried to apologize, but Jerry ranted on and on, acting like it was a major and intentional slap in the face. In spite of his money and successes, if Jerry were able to keep track of everything that Larry King currently knows, reads, and talks about with hundreds of people interviewed on his show from this complicated world, I would be greatly surprised (even with Jerry being a much younger person).

I was left with the impression that Jerry Seinfeld is an ignorant brat. A person with class would have responded with a brief clarification, chuckled together with an embarrassed Larry, and moved on with the interview.

I like good comedy, but knowing that the performer is a arrogant buffoon, will now have me looking for entertainment from someone that I can respect.

2491 days ago
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