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Britney's Really, Really, Really Bad Timing

11/4/2007 4:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears, Mark Vincent KaplanSo Britney Spears and K-Fed's lawyer walk into a bar ... no, it's not the beginning of a joke.

Our spies were there when Uber-lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan was at the bar at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bev Hills at around 6:30 last night, when guess who walked in -- Britney, Alli Sims and Brit's manager, Sam Lufti. Imagine her shock when she came face-to-face with the man who engineered the custody miracle for K-Fed -- in a bar!!

As the stunned trio faced Kaplan, the barrister said, "Nothing to worry about. I'm not on duty." With that, Brit and Co. walked out. BTW, she wasn't drinking.

One more thing -- there's a hot rumor that K-Fed is doing "Oprah" -- mind out of gutter please -- her show. It's not true.


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OMG how big is LA anyway? Everyone is always running into everyone else. Can't she drink in the valley. Its not like she has kids to worry about or anything. That's what nannies are for, right!!!

2513 days ago

just wondering    

..A Legal Mind.....she isn't allowed to drink 12 hrs BEFORE seeing her kids..( or something like that)...NOBODY said she couldn't drink !...and when was the last time ANYBODY saw her drunk since these orders were put in place...she obviously is trying to stay in line and get back on track....whats so wrong with sitting in a nice hotel bar and having a drink???...nothing against the law there...

2513 days ago

tax junkie    

Get a life...stay home...your kids should be the main thing in your really are the picture of the worst Mom in the attention your puchie some more..its a sign of GIMMEE MORE BITCH!!!....Grow up and stay home disgust me..
LOOK AT ME.... LOOKAT ME... LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!! I NEED ATTENTION!!!! IM BRITNEY BITCH!!!! YOUR A WASTE OF LIFE BITCH!!!!.....the kids would be better off with Madonna
and im sure she wants nothing to do with you selfish I Only want to think about me.... fat, bitch that you are...have fun with your lawsuits....there are alot more to come........carma is a BITCH!!!! and you will get it , and be a broke joke...PS keep up the fantastic sergery' look like HELL

2513 days ago


why don't you all print the trash on KFEd oh yes he has some to he doesn't take care of his kids you never see him with them. Bet he can't change a diaper come on write about him and leave britney along.

2513 days ago


Hey JR. Get a life ! One she is still ordered to test once a week! So the weekend was good timing , two he was in the (Bar) first ! guess you think he's a mind reader! It's a free country! Get a life and stop protecting her... we all read your stupid statement's, did you! And by the way, I can't buy the poor Britney thing-ever, A concerned Paren t would fight like hell to keep their kids! She should have shown more interest while the her kids where with her, not the day before they went to court! I'm not a K-Fed fan, but he has two other children (4) total and I haven't heard a word about any problems! Have you?

2513 days ago


wow that's kinda weird. I'd be freeked out

2513 days ago


So Sam Lufti is her "manager" now? LMAO. Seems she just hires ANYONE!!!! Nothing to do with having a great resume' lol.

2512 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

She could have shown some class and just sat down and had a drink, but not our little 12 year old Britney, all she does is run away like a little girl.

2512 days ago

tax junkie    

She is a joke....Hell of a Mom..

2512 days ago


"Nothing to worry about. I'm not on duty." Sheyster speak for "My rates only begin when I have something to charge for, and since it's 6:30pm on a weekend I can charge double time, and in this setting my drinks, food and lap dances are included."

2512 days ago

tax junkie you have a brain?????

2512 days ago


And there is no video on it?

Please be more thorough.

2512 days ago


Did she babyproof her homes yet?? Nov 4...

2512 days ago

tax junkie    

Are you in a different part of the world for it to be 6:30??? or are you a stupid bitch

2512 days ago


#16, the reason they don't print anything bad about KFed is because there's nothing to report. Even Britney's favorite site, X17, which monitors him DAILY, has not caught him doing anything wrong. If he was doing anything wrong, believe me, it would be on X17 in no time. Instead, all they show is pictures of him getting in and out of his car.

He hires good people to work for him (like nannies who really ARE nannies, not party buddies like Britney hires for nannies). And, the reason you don't see him being photographed with the kids is because he wants to protect them from the paparazzi. You all continue to judge Kevin by the person he was 2-3 years ago. But, no one has been able to show Kevin doing anything wrong for over a year. Even Britney has not complained about Kevin as a father.

2512 days ago
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