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Britney's Really, Really, Really Bad Timing

11/4/2007 4:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears, Mark Vincent KaplanSo Britney Spears and K-Fed's lawyer walk into a bar ... no, it's not the beginning of a joke.

Our spies were there when Uber-lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan was at the bar at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bev Hills at around 6:30 last night, when guess who walked in -- Britney, Alli Sims and Brit's manager, Sam Lufti. Imagine her shock when she came face-to-face with the man who engineered the custody miracle for K-Fed -- in a bar!!

As the stunned trio faced Kaplan, the barrister said, "Nothing to worry about. I'm not on duty." With that, Brit and Co. walked out. BTW, she wasn't drinking.

One more thing -- there's a hot rumor that K-Fed is doing "Oprah" -- mind out of gutter please -- her show. It's not true.


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if she just stayed HOME for ONCE instead of running around like a street walker looking for her next meal ticket then things like this wouldn't happen. but of course, that concept is lost on that skank. i'd like to see kevin on oprah, that trainwreck has had her chances to speak out and its fair he gets his.

2510 days ago


smart dude, so let me guess what your skin color is. What a silly comment. Why read the blogs with so many 'white folks' writing. Must be offensive to your little mind.

2510 days ago


Poor christy, do you use that foul little mouth in public?

2510 days ago


#37, TOO RIGHT! I hate maneaters. Unfitney should pay for her flippant attitude. She thinks everything is just sooo damn funny, and that she is entitled to behave like a cheap ignorant brat. If Kevex makes out financially by stepping up, he deserves to have financial support. She has only her own stupid self to blame.

2510 days ago

richard pierce    

C U Next Tuesday!

2510 days ago


He may be a good father, so far no proof that he is not. There is plenty of "talk" on the internet about him smoking dope. His luck that there was not a disgruntled employee to testify about seeing him smoking dope.

He should be tested as well as her, and if that ever happens and he is positive then the judge gave the children to the parent using dope. That reality is his best protection. There is no proof, just testimony in a hearing that she ever used, and a judge is allowed to take her kids away.... yeah thats fair.

He abandonded his other kids to suck up to her for her money lets see Opra ask about that.

Then ask about if she were to die and the money dried up how he would care for them.

And last lets see her ask just how much of the 15 thousand each month ends up in his lawyers hands.

2510 days ago


Since Brit has no career these days, what is scuzzy Sam "managing"? Her daily trips to nowhere??

2510 days ago



2510 days ago

just wondering    

...doesn't matter how much K-fed ends up in $$ from Brit....that won't make any difference to her with her fortune....but it would be very sad for their boyz that their mom couldn't see the light and get help for whatever her problem is spend at least 50/50 with both parents....I fear though that this fighting will go back and forth for years to come because of all the money she has....whatever settlement is reached it will never be good enough and some lawyer will keep in touch with k-fed all the time to fight for more...just the way it works now...

2510 days ago

Elvis Presley    


2510 days ago


Brit you are getting so screwed by the judge and GayFed in this deal............

2510 days ago


Amazing the high number of $$$$$$$$$$$ transactions with lawyers & managers & PR people so many celebs are involved in - it is easy to see how they get in trouble because ot their neoliberal behavior & wealth!

PS - lucky me with wealth but I keep a super low profile & have $10M in liability & related insurance coverage ... plus am super respectful of all & am a big tipper $$$$$.

2510 days ago


Brit running OUT of a bar? Now..That would have been hilarious to watch..

2510 days ago

Jusst saying    

Who cares !? When this has-been doesn't do anything really stupid or show her private parts you still print something about her. You on her PR payroll, or what?

2510 days ago


#13: Nothing's wrong with just drinking...unless you have an order for mandatory testing and are seeing your kids within twelve hours. Both are in question.

Let me put it another way. If a judge didn't see an existing problem, a judge wouldn't order mandatory testing. And a certain ding dong can't seem to understand that there's some scrutiny going on about her life and her parenting.

2510 days ago
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