Clooney vs. Davitian: No Contest

11/4/2007 1:30 PM PST
A TMZ photog was faced with a tough dilemma last night: continue interviewing "Borat" star Ken Davitian or ditch him mid-sentence to go after George Clooney. He chose Clooney, so he gets to keep his job.

TMZ was outside of Dan Tana's last night, talking to Davitian about his new projects, when Danny Ocean himself came strolling out. So the lensman did what any photog worth his salt would do -- ditched Davitian to follow Clooney and his girl to their car. Well played, sir.

Georgie didn't stop to chat, so the photog made the walk of shame back to Davitian to pick up where they left off -- which, after laughing it off and begging for George to come back, Ken was happy to do.