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Katie Finishes Marathon, Thetan Level Remains the Same

11/4/2007 7:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes ran the 26.2 miles of the New York City Marathon today, but that still wasn't far enough to outdistance herself from hubby.

Cruise was waiting at the finish line for Katie, along with the couple's Scientolotot, Suri. Katie finished the marathon with a time of 5:29:58 -- good enough for 34,195th place. Looks like she'll have to audit the marathon again next year.


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All you fat slobs criticizing Katie Holmes who finished a very difficult run should try it yourself. But then you'd have to actually leave your home, computer and your Doritos behind. The only thing you actually do in life is criticize others because of your misery and self hate. Get a life and start finding things to actually make your life worthwhile!

2542 days ago


I thought there were only 34,195 runners in the marathon. That would mean she finished dead last, kind of where Tom's movie career is heading.

2542 days ago

Fook H. Eng    

Katie, tell the world you ran the NY Marathon in 329. That is more impressive sounding and true. Your time was indeed three hundred and twenty nine minutes.

2542 days ago


I'd do her, she's cute.

2542 days ago


That contraption on her wrist is a two-way radio for communicating with the Hale-Bopp comet (actually, the spaceship behind it). It appears every 10 years. I think. The last appearance was in 1997. You can run (as Katie chose), but you can't hide.

To Julie G: are you ok? You're scaring us.

Hakuna Matata! (that's alien for "beam me up")

2542 days ago


She looks really uncomfortable. Yoga top with no support, oversized cotton ball cap perched percariously on her head, not to mention absolutely no muscle tone in her upper body... No way she is a runner. As evidenced by her 5:30 time.

2542 days ago


Who the hell cares!

2542 days ago

just wondering    

....GOOD for Katie!!! Congrats!!! to know how she got her training in without the paps...I gues in Germany!!...good for her.

2542 days ago


A lot better than most people could do.

Why is her cap so high up on her head?

2542 days ago


She doesn't run very fast. Now we know how Tommy girl caught her.

2542 days ago


YIKES.... She wears headphones... NO Bra "and" forgets her stick on nipple covers! I bet Tommy Boy is pissed! That photo will go all over the world and be the butt of countless TV Hosts jokes, etc.! This poor couple just can't win... They can have 10 kids, plaster themselves having cozy dinners on every tabloid known to man, however, they won't ever be accepted by the majority of the public because of his religious beliefs and HER total lack of having her OWN personality. KATIE HOMELY is NOT a SUPERSTAR... Tom, yes! What was once a cute, intelligent, fun spirited young woman, has turned into a MATRONLY ROBOTIC little Tom Slave..... Katie should have just kept running when she reached the finish line!

2542 days ago


Oh My God, I just figured it out! THOSE ARE NO REGULAR HEADPHONES... Her husband TOM was reading L. Ron Hubbard's book to her as she ran.... !

2542 days ago


While it's admirable that Katie ran the marathon, I for one am really sick of this couple. Good Lord, what makes them so special? So he's old and she's much younger, who cares? They're not the only married couple with a big age spread between them. I still think there's something strange about their marriage but if it works for them then who am I to judge? Let them have some peace and let's focus on someone else for a change. How about we give up on TomKat, Britney, Branjolina, and LiLo and find some new celebs to follow around for a while? These celebs are old news.

2542 days ago


All hail lord XENU!

2542 days ago


Hell, if I ran that thing I would probably just now be dragging my butt over the finish line!!
I'm sick of them, too, but nice job, Katie.

2542 days ago
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