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Britney: I'm Tannin', So I'll Park Where I Want!

11/5/2007 2:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears may have several different maladies, but being physically handicapped isn't one of them.

But that didn't stop the popwreck from parking her car in a handicapped spot in front of a tanning salon in North Hollywood on Saturday.

When mama needs to get her tan on, she can't be bothered with signs!


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This chick makes nearly $1 million a month and can't/won't buy her own tanning bed? Makes me wonder what she's really doing in those places.

2513 days ago


Oh my god I usually defend her from the usual paparazzi harassment, but this is ridiculous. She is in desperate need of a psychiatric evaluation.

2513 days ago


Get alife ya'll, It is my world and I will park wherever I want!!

2513 days ago


lol funny conky

2513 days ago

Hip, but no ties    

Mama always said, "Stupid is, as stupid does."

2513 days ago


She should have her license revoked already!

I have two children with autism...we have a handicap placard. To look at us, you wouldnt necessarily think we have a disability..but we do. Its sad when i get judgemental comments from other people assuming we are parking there because we are lazy..i dont feel the need to explain in front of my children why we have a placard..people need to learn tolerance for others if they dont know the situation. In Britneys case, we all KNOW she doesnt have any diisabilities which makes it all the more outrageous at her gall.

2513 days ago


Are You Serious? This bit#ch is a self-absorbed brainless mess.
Pleeeeese...she is just too stupid!! They better give her a ticket, better yet,
put her in jail for a few days for impersonating a model citizen and a loving mother..

2513 days ago


Please no more reporting on this fallin pop tart wreck. She is a disgrace to the human race and it's no longer news that she's a bimbo with money-until it's all gone, then she's a bimbo.

2513 days ago


you'd think with all her money she could afford her own freaking tanning bed and do it at home!!!

2513 days ago


"real world" I'm a native Californian, and I've never heard or seen a city named that anywhere. Do you know something we Californians don't. I dare you to find a place of that name in any atlas. Get a Grip

2513 days ago

hannah montana fan    

Maybe she needs reading glasses

2513 days ago

Amy Silverman    

She never stops thinking she is better than everyone else-white trash probably does it for the attention-tow her car and ticket her azz and the ban her from the roads-why doesn't she have a tanning bed at home with her $250 million dollars-loser and $770,000.00 per month coming in. She has a real problem for any attention good or bad. She is really a nut case!

2513 days ago


....At least she puts food on the table for photographers and journalist....:)

2513 days ago


Just another act of "I can do what I want" attitude and I am sure the judge of her custody case is running out of ink jotting all of these down. It is obvious she doesn't care about anything or anyone buy herself. No matter what your lot in life, have some decency to respect handicapped accessibility.

Why aren't the local people who live in these areas she frequents so often angry? Yes, she has the right to go about her business the way she wants, however, she could do it gracefully and respectfully.

Eventually, she is going to hurt some innocent bystander by her ridiculously mundane constant movements for silly items, shopping, tanning, etc. It is apparent the police/authorities are not acting on the part of the safety of the citizens this ridiculousness affects.

2513 days ago


Another day, another ticket. She is SOOOO ignorant. The paps should have called the cops - there would have been MORE photos to take! That is a disgrace and she should know better. Handicapped spaces are FOR THE HANDICAPPED. She may be brainless - but that is not a physical handicap.

2513 days ago
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