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Britney: I'm Tannin', So I'll Park Where I Want!

11/5/2007 2:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears may have several different maladies, but being physically handicapped isn't one of them.

But that didn't stop the popwreck from parking her car in a handicapped spot in front of a tanning salon in North Hollywood on Saturday.

When mama needs to get her tan on, she can't be bothered with signs!


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Does anyone one know if this was in Malibu or Los Angeles? As a handicapped individual I am sending copies of this photo to the LAPD or Sheriff's Dept. with a letter of complaint. I will also cc the judge in her case.

By the way, not all handicapped people have visual signs of a serious problem, ie heart transplants, lung diseases, liver cancer some can walk fairly normally like Miss Britney that has a jackasses brain. Time to buy a tanning bed and get a personal driver - both better ways to spend $700K a month.

2551 days ago


Just because someone can walk, doesn't mean they are excluded from using the disabled parking. Educate yourself.........there is MD, MS and a variety of other illnesses that prevent sone from walking long distances. The person may walk "normal" to you, but who are you to decide if they're disabled or not? Idiot.

Oh and Britney, buy a freakin clue already. Step up and be a parent.

2551 days ago


Like she doesn't make enough money to own her OWN tanning bed??? I don't get it. Seems like she's just hungry for ANY kind of publicity! What nerve!

2551 days ago

Democrats are evil    

This is a perfect example of what she thinks of herself as compared to others. Her S**t don't stink. This is what happens when you give money to human garbage. As far as I'm concerned, I enjoy every day of misery that will come to this loser in the future. She may have money, but lots of rich people grow old and miserable just the way she is destined to. I'm still hoping she does a Anna Nicole Smith. Life would be good and Just if so.

2551 days ago


If she had a tanning bed and a coffee maker she would never leave the house. And then WHERE would she get the attention she craves so badly. She is like a child - one who is so insignificant they use bad behavior to get attention. She needs to learn that GOOD behavior also gets attention. She needs to be committed ansd taught how to live in polite society. Starting with wearing underwear.

2551 days ago


Degenerative arthritis, MS and other similar chronic pain illness aren't always visible handicaps. These illnesses cause horrible pain, drain people of their energy and prevent them from walking even short distances, but you would never see these issues unless you were looking at someone's grimacing face who is in terrible chronic pain. Not everyone who is disabled is in a wheelchair.

Unfortunately for Brit Brit, being a dumb-assed moron isn't a qualifying handicap. She deserves every bad thing that happens to her. She's a dispicable person.

2551 days ago


Is this really news worthy information, WHAT CAME FIRST ? BRIT OR TMZ, It seems that they thrive off of each other,, how bout TMZ focus on interviews with those that recently lost there homes in the fires and floods. Its funny what the new groups consider news worthy now days. Brit is washed up, she has been driving in the carpool lanes while alone, running red lights , Soon she will be having a tragic accident where she hurts someone or kills herself tragically, the poor girl is on the road to self distruction because nobody sat her down and explained the rules of living in todays society. You would think that with all her money she could avoid all this attention by hiring a nanny and driver. I think she needs mental help. Money cant buy a new brain, its apparent she is losing hers or she never had one. I never got attention for parking in a handicap zone. It is apparent that she is socially handicaped. But that doesnt give her any rite to break the law.

2551 days ago

Jusst saying    

somebody need to slap that *itch

2551 days ago


Hey Kate, nice behavior to be teaching your daughter... I hope someone keys your car.

2551 days ago

Look for obvious    

Can someone please explain why what Britney does is news worthy?
And her contribution to mankind is what? Oh , yeah, MONEY!

2551 days ago


are you serious ppl? like no one has ever done that before. they are on her like white on rice and you ppl are retarded ......

2551 days ago


They have the photo, so lets see the ticket. LAPD do your job.

2551 days ago


Ms. Spears is selfish, self centered, self absorbed and so much I cannot write here. Parking in a handicapped parking spot is a perfect example of that. Why should she care that she parked in a handicapped person's spot. It's all about her. The world evolves around her and no one else. Again, it's all about karma, Brittany. ALL of this will come back to much to regret later on. You had so much and are slowly giving it all up. Given the fact that you are putting none of your assets aside for your children says much about how selfish you really are. It tells me how important they are to you.

2551 days ago


Who in the HELL does she think she is?!? Just because you're rich and famous doesn't get you special treatment. But, on the other hand, she got away with the Hit & Run charge, so.......

2551 days ago


#64 i will refrain from the n word if you could see it in your heart to stop referring as us to WHITETRASH

2551 days ago
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