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Copperfield Secret Document

How to Pick Up Chicks

11/5/2007 7:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained portions of a secret document from David Copperfield's shows, outlining in extreme detail how the magician's assistants were supposed to rope in the women that David found attractive -- and hold their boyfriends and husbands at bay.

David Copperfield
The document, titled "Show Participation," requires the people who work David's shows to arm themselves with clipboards, a Polaroid camera, a digital camera, brochures of David's islands in the Bahamas and "Blank photo(s) of David (if one of the girls is a scorpion)." "Scorpion" refers to women David brings onstage as part of his act.

The document describes how the assistants need to be heads-up for attractive women whom David can meet backstage after the performance. We're told the plan is to keep boyfriends and husband in the arena, adding "from time to time, boyfriends and husbands will give us a hard time and refuse to stay. If that is the case, try your best to get them to stay and refer to the "What to Say" sheet for help."

And it gets creepier.

According to the document, "On occasion David will have you pull in both scorpions even if he is only interested in one of them, just for comfort."

But wait -- it gets worse. The assistants are told to sell the women before David arrives backstage. They're supposed to say: "Do you know that David has recently bought some islands in the Bahamas? Well they are BEAUTIFUL and we are doing a lot of project (sic) for these islands: Ads, TV, Radio and many other promotions. So we like (sic) to keep in touch with you in case there is a job in the future we think you would be interested in."

According to the document, the women are then supposed to fill out a questionnaire -- "Where are you from... What hotel are you staying in. How long are you in town. Who did you come to the show with? Husband? Boyfriend? Friend?"

And then there's the threatening letter David's lawyer sent to David's employees -- after the investigation was revealed -- telling them they had a duty never to talk about what David was really doing at his show. The plot thickens.

David has been under investigation, after a woman who was in the audience claims he flew her to the Bahamas and allegedly raped her. He denies it.

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Dr Bendover    

I'm no magician, but I bet I know where he hides his "sausage"...Sicko! Isn't he married??

2551 days ago

Jon kauffman    

If he ever tried anything with my wife like that I'd pull a magic act on him and make him disappear like Hoffa

2551 days ago


Did anyone consider the possibility that this could have been taken out of context and seriously misconstrued. It seems many people are simply, blindly believing TMZ's take on this.
Having been to a couple of Copperfield shows, and being in magic myself, I happen to know that David Copperfield is extremely obsessive compulsive about his magic, and extremely overprotective about protecting the methods behind his tricks and illusions. Whenever someone is picked as an assistant for an illusion they are scrutinized before and after to make sure the secrets (of the trick or illusion) are protected. For instance, having other magicians help out is an absolute no, no. So this is one of the things determined before having someone come to stage. And he doesn't allow other magicians during the meet and greet. Taken out of context this obsessiveness about the magic, while absurd in itself, can be easily misconstrued.

2551 days ago


Do people not realize that this man is a magician and that a certain element of magic and illusion involves SERCECY? I have been on stage, I've been a 'special guest', and I've received the 'photo' - I've gone through all this stuff. There was nothing sketchy about my interaction with David or his assistants. They are all professionals. I did learn some aspects about the illusions that the public is not privy to -that is what the 'secrecy' conversation is all about.

2551 days ago


Uhm... if what the lawyer says is true then, that was a really calculated revenge plot that I would assume was done by a women or a Gay Man!

2550 days ago


what a creep! this guy has some real issues. guess i won't be going to any more of his shows.

2550 days ago


I will admit he definately sounds like a real creep, but what isn't being mentioned here is that most of these women are to blame also. I mean come on, how can they agree to do to his island and not know what's up? Are these women really that gullible?!?!?!?

2550 days ago

creeped out    

Point #1 David Copperfield has always been creepy, this is just some solid evidence of that.
Point#2 What type of wife/gf leaves her husband/bf whom she is vacationing with to go backsatge alone in the first palce, never mind flying to some private islands ... again without their other half,
are the naive? or just convincing themselves that DC is not interested in sex? then why the request for no hubby or bf, maybe he is afraid of getting his little face punched in when he atsrts getting inapropriate.
what a joke, whatever happend to "chivalry" from the mans perspective or how about "stand by your man" from the woman's perspective.
my thoughts and prayers go out to anyone, both women and couples who have been hurt in one way or another by this type of scheming hollywood nature, it makes me feel sick.

2550 days ago


C'mon people..........we have no idea if any of this is even true.

2550 days ago

That Girl    

OMG! I once was held against my will by David Copperfield too! A couple of years ago, I was given a couple of free tickets to one of David's shows by a member of his staff who had come into the hair salon I was managing at the time. Two girlfriends of mine came along and after the show security told us we could not leave. We tried to sneak away anyway, but security stopped us again and insisted that we stay in our seats. We didn't know what was going on, but figured maybe we had to sign some kind of release or something since we had been pulled on stage as extras. David came out after the theatre had cleared out and much to our protest, invited himself to hang out with us. He was a real creep and kept saying really slimy things to us while never looking away from our breasts. Finally, we "went to the bathroom" and caught a cab the hell out of there, but not before he and his roadie ran out after us. We made our get away, but the next day David went into my work and was handing out videos, posters and other junk that no one wanted while harrassing a couple of my cute lady coworkers. What a creep! I tell this story at parties all the time and while it's funny, it still makes my skin crawl. Why didn't I think to sue him? How Un-American of me....

2550 days ago


Hey #251.... i call BS. You would have gone to the Police immediately if you were held against your will, regardless of who it is... what crap!! Your whole story is BS.. pretty funny to slam someone because of a claim now and you suddenly remember this.. please!! Give your head a shake!!

2550 days ago

Are you for real?    

It's pretty funny that people still believe what they read in the press and form opinions about these twisted facts.

Worst case scenario is that David meets girls at the shows and has someone request for them to fill out a form about their interests (at their own free will). What is so shocking and wrong about that? He's a good looking rich single celebrity. They obviously liked him enough to spend over a hundred dollars on a ticket to his show. They could have left at any time, they were never forced to meet him afterwards. He didn't touch them or force himself on them. In fact, from the interviews on TMZ, he barely had any interaction with them at all. People are posting professional friendly e-mails from him which in no way are crude, or insulting thanking them for participation in the show.

I mean seriously, what is so creepy or such a moral issue here? If David has such a system for picking up girls, and he's a bad guy then I think there would have much better stories from girls other than "he stared at me during the show, it was creepy."

It's obvious that David is the victim here.

Any by the way, if you blame David (or anyone) for your girlfriend or wife leaving you, then you are seriously troubled. If someone is cheating on you, I wouldn't put it past them to also lie to the other person about their availability. People make their own choices.

2550 days ago


I;m tired of seeing celebrities getting away with their crimes.I'm not saying he is guilty(that remains to be seen) .. but damn! lots of people think that victim is only after their (rich peeps) money and when something serious happens a lots of people don't take it serious.
Regardless if women accepted to go to Bahamas and be part of the show that doesn't give him right to sleep with them if they refuse to do so.I don't care if he is David Copperfield or my neighbor Bob.. whats even more sad is most of us know how this will come out already he will pay off his way out and soon this will be forgotten.Like TI ,Paris Hilton and every other celebrities that screwed up so always no justice! Sad..

2550 days ago


Why does everyone assume that all of these stories are true?

2549 days ago


What a sick PIG, DOG, add any dirty animal name here!
He's is disgusting. Too bad he thinks he is "IT", has he looked in the mirror lately?
Oh yes, he must, otherwise he wouldn't have to try so hard to find women!

His Career is OVER! Magically, watch it disappear!

Sorry DC, you did it to yourself.

It's never a good idea to think that you are ABOVE or GREATER than any other human being or ABOVE the Law.

Welcome back to Reality DC!

2549 days ago
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