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Copperfield Secret Document

How to Pick Up Chicks

11/5/2007 7:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained portions of a secret document from David Copperfield's shows, outlining in extreme detail how the magician's assistants were supposed to rope in the women that David found attractive -- and hold their boyfriends and husbands at bay.

David Copperfield
The document, titled "Show Participation," requires the people who work David's shows to arm themselves with clipboards, a Polaroid camera, a digital camera, brochures of David's islands in the Bahamas and "Blank photo(s) of David (if one of the girls is a scorpion)." "Scorpion" refers to women David brings onstage as part of his act.

The document describes how the assistants need to be heads-up for attractive women whom David can meet backstage after the performance. We're told the plan is to keep boyfriends and husband in the arena, adding "from time to time, boyfriends and husbands will give us a hard time and refuse to stay. If that is the case, try your best to get them to stay and refer to the "What to Say" sheet for help."

And it gets creepier.

According to the document, "On occasion David will have you pull in both scorpions even if he is only interested in one of them, just for comfort."

But wait -- it gets worse. The assistants are told to sell the women before David arrives backstage. They're supposed to say: "Do you know that David has recently bought some islands in the Bahamas? Well they are BEAUTIFUL and we are doing a lot of project (sic) for these islands: Ads, TV, Radio and many other promotions. So we like (sic) to keep in touch with you in case there is a job in the future we think you would be interested in."

According to the document, the women are then supposed to fill out a questionnaire -- "Where are you from... What hotel are you staying in. How long are you in town. Who did you come to the show with? Husband? Boyfriend? Friend?"

And then there's the threatening letter David's lawyer sent to David's employees -- after the investigation was revealed -- telling them they had a duty never to talk about what David was really doing at his show. The plot thickens.

David has been under investigation, after a woman who was in the audience claims he flew her to the Bahamas and allegedly raped her. He denies it.

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#260 You say that people are posting friendly emails fro David...where can I find these?

David does 500 shows a year and he has been doing this for many years. If he was so "creepy" as some of you put it, then don't you think someone would have talked about it before now? But NO ONE HAS because nothing they didn't want to happen, ever happened. Just because you read it on this site does not mean it is true.

People like to hear dirt on celebrities more than they like to hear about all the good they have done. Has anyone here written about all the wonderful work David has done for disabled people with Project Magic? No because it is not about sex and we all know sex sells. Lay off him and wait till this all comes out in the end and then hang your heads in shame for talking about someone you don't even know. Most of you are making comments and have never even been to a show!!

He is human and so what if he see's someone in the crowd that he likes. Guys pick up women in bars all the time and no one cares. David is always working and doesn't have time to hang out in bars, so he does the next best big deal!! As a female magician I would love to ask guys out that I see in the audience, but because I am not famous and a female it just wouldn't work as people have double standards. Every nerd reading this and saying he is "creepy" is just wishing it was them.

The bottome line: David would NEVER rape someone, he is just not that kind of person.

2543 days ago


it takes twi people to ruin a marriage/relationship- Copperfield is a creep , but these married/ in a realtionship women who allow their egos to be stroked by him show how shallow and easily manipulated they are. Like all great creeps before him, Copperfield knows the best way to lure these girls is to flatter their egos.
However, if he did rape someone then that's a whole `nother story.

2542 days ago

Are you for real?    

To #264

What are you talking about? Do you even know?

Your comments "It's never a good idea to think that you are ABOVE or GREATER than any other human being or ABOVE the law", "Sorry DC, you did it to yourself"


2542 days ago


To: Are you for real?

YES, I'm for real!

Did you not read that DC is being accused of rape?

Rape is illegal, which means if he did it, he acted ABOVE the Law. If he did it, he may also consider himself BETTER than another person, because he would of had to over power someone and forced himself upon the Victim.

If he is proven to have raped someone, he has no one to blame but himself, and his own actions.

And, by the way, not all of us feel as if DC is guiltless in this matter.
I read your post, sounds like you really like DC, and thats your opinion.
I might add, we are all entitled to our own opinions!

2542 days ago


funny how almost everyone that has commented on this here is saying he's a creep and to lock him up, etc...when you have no idea as to whether it is actually true or not

2542 days ago


For all womans sake I truly hope this girl is telling the truth. Because if not, she is ruining the credibility of all victims of rape for a few bucks.

From my experience with him I can honestly say that I don't put it past him. He is a very creepy man. What that person said earlier about his creepy eyes...that's his thing, his "Blue Steel" haha! He gives you "the look" but creepier, he stares at you and doesn't blink.

I met him at a strip club when he did some shows in Alaska a few years ago. We went there as a group for laughs and entertainment (VISUAL: AK strip clubs are ALOT different than lower 48 ones) but to our surprise we walked in and my fiance' saw Copperfield in a booth with some people. My girlfriend and I went up to him to say hi, he made room for me on the booth next to him and we all ended up talking for awhile, he kept giving me "Blue Steel" which I remember was creepy at the time, and he ended up offering us tickets and we gave our #'s......We never thought for a second he'd actually remember to call. I got home the next day and there was a msg. from his assistant. I called back and talked to her for a bit, she told us there'd be two tickets at the door and to bring a girlfriend with me, no guys.....I thought that was a bit weird, but kind of blew it off. Not even thirty seconds later I got another was David Copperfield himself, he asked me out to the movies after the show. I reminded him that I was engaged...remember, you met my fiance' last night..? He said he remembered but kept insisting that I go to the movies with him afterwards alone...weird feeling. Then he asked who I was going to take with me to the show, I said that I was going to bring my fiance' but he insisted that I couldn't do that and to bring my sister or my Mom with me instead since I would be in the front row and he needs women in the front row...blah, blah, load of crap, blah..... Anyway, I told him I would call them.....another weird feeling.

We went to the show, free tickets, front row. Both my friend and I brought our men. His assistant came up to us before the show and told us to wait around afterwards because Copperfield wanted to see us. As soon as he came out I could see his eyes on us and a little glimmer of anger about us bringing our men. He did his show. Afterwards, his assistant came up to us and told us that Copperfield had to go so he wouldn't be able to meet with us....apparently he was pissed we disobeyed him...

A week later, he did a show in Fairbanks, Alaska. Two young 18 year old girls dropped out of school at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and flew to Vegas with him. Apparently he told them he could make them stars. Their parents were scared and worried. Don't know if anything came of that...just thought it was creepy.

Now this rape I said, I wouldn't put it past him.

Oh and by the way...some of the people he was with at the club were the people he "randomly" pulled out of the audience....

2539 days ago

That Girl    

Wow! Some people must be die hard David Copperfield fans to think that he is flawless and NOT a creep. I posted an experience I had with David Copperfield on here, only to be attacked and called a liar! The truth is I am telling the truth. David Copperfield IS a creep. I have first hand knowledge of this and witnesses. When I say held against my will, I'm referring to being told by security that I could not leave the theatre. How the hell am I supposed to know I can leave if I'm told that I can not? And for the record, I didn't go to the police, because I was NOT raped. I ditched the creep before he could lay his slimy hands on me, but not before turning down his multiple attempts at getting me back to his hotel room.My friend was not so lucky. David was pawing all over her before we ran out on him. The only person blowing smoke in mirrors is David Copperfield... Those of you who want to fight his battle are flat out fools...

2537 days ago

going anon    

I heard through the grapevine, from someone who used to to do the hair for the mother of his children, that David has illegitimate children with more than one woman. He pays for their lifestyle to keep them quiet. Gives them a house, car, everything. Just so they won't go to the press.

Would it not be a lot better if he were to come out and be honest about it? Obviously he's not going to marry any of these women, so why not come out and say, "Yes, I have children. No, I'm not married and don't intend to marry any of these women." I swear that would be a better way to go. At least he wouldn't have to keep paying for the upkeep of these gold diggers. I really think living a secret life is getting to him.

If people can forgive Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, is David's secret that much worse?

1357 days ago

going anon    

Someone here claimed he doesn't treat his animals well. I've seen the bird interactions onstage. Birds are not dumb. If he abused those animals, they would have run away. Birds recognize people and they know who is good to them and who's mean to them. The duck I saw onstage was not making much of an effort to run away. That part of your story is not believable.

1357 days ago

robert helms    

Dudes THAT AIN'T NO NEWS. I seen ole Cop-A-Feel in Singapore in '94. Took my kids thru the meet-n-greet after the show.. That's 20 years ago and even back then his handlers hustled everybody thru, 'cept the pretty single girls, who were invited back to his hotel room for the party. He does have a very specific type, I'm sure that hasn't changed. Only reason he has them meet-n-greets is to scam the honeys. Cop-A-Feel is now and has always been a horn-dog!

592 days ago
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